Destiny's Crucible takes the noble Guardians of the tower and pits them against one another in a variety of ruthless PVP game modes. The objectives of these crucible modes could have you fighting for control of capture points, slugging it out team battle style, or thrown into the ring solo where the only person you can trust is yourself. Whatever the mode you choose you'll need to bring your A-Game if you want to come out on top, which is where this all-powerful list of tips comes in!

Choose Your Preferred Weapon Not the Most Powerful One

If you're coming from Halo, this may be a little foreign to you, but be sure and choose the weapons that feel the most comfortable to you before loading up a crucible match. The crucible equalizes all weapon and armor stats so there is no sense in picking the guns/ armor with the best stats. Instead pick guns that have sights, fire speed, and other aspects that you find you are most successful with.

More People Faster Capture

In the control game type, the more people you have in the capture area for a point the faster that point will be neutralized/ captured. If you see a teammate capturing a point jump into the area with him to get it done faster. That way both of you can move on to defending or attacking a new point.

Group Up

Because of all the Super abilities and the fact that players take more than one hit to go down, it's always a good idea to stick with at least one more player when in a team game. That being said, if you're too closely grouped a Fist of Havoc or Warlock Super could put your entire team out of commission so be sure and put a little space between you and the next guy.

Boom, Headshot

You've probably already figured this out but aiming for the head when possible is always the best way to inflict the most damage on an enemy. This can be challenging to even the most seasoned vets, particularly if you are using a new weapon, so take it out on patrol to practice against the AI before bringing it into the crucible.

Keep Moving

Camping is Destiny is a good way to get yourself killed as the spawn points are ever changing and the maps aren't big enough that the player you just took out wont know where you were hiding. The best strategy for any map is to keep moving and avoid the center areas of the map if possible as that will usually just end up with you being hit from all sides. Skirting around the outside of the map and only entering the center to engage and leave again will give you good situational awareness of the entire map and keep you out of the crossfire.


You never run out of them so be sure to keep using them when you can. For the best results use grenades to flush out enemies in hiding, or on choke points to catch as many players as you can in it's blast radius. Some grenades even stick to walls making them perfect for attacking enemies on another level.

Super Charged

Like grenades, the best way to get the most out of your super powers is to use them as quickly as possible when they charge up. The faster you use them, the faster they start charging again which means you get as many supers as possible in the match. Too many players wait for that perfect grouping of enemies so that they can get the huge multi kill, only they wait so long they could have had a second super charged had they used it sooner.

Defend Your Points

How many times has your team gone into a control style game and not one player stayed back to defend the initial or the second point, leaving it ripe for the enemy team to back cap (which they most definitely did). Unless the enemy team is really bad and your team can hold three points easily, don't get greedy and defend your majority without rushing off to try and capture them all. Having two solidly defended points is more valuable than endangering them with light defence to try and possibly add a third.

Heavy Ammo and Vehicles

While there are no weapons scattered around the map as some folks familiar with a past Bungie title may be expecting, the maps do have several forms of collectible powerups.

You start the game with zero heavy weapon ammo but as the game progresses heavy ammo drops will occur at specific spots on the map. Like the story mode of the game, this ammo will function in whatever heavy weapon you are holding be it a rocket launcher or machine gun, making it very valuable to all players. The ammo is always dropped in the same two locations and before it is, an audible message will announce it's upcoming drop and afterwards the moment when it is actually dropped giving you plenty of time to prepare to grab it.

Vehicles are the second form of "powerup" you can get your guardian hands on and depending on the map you can have your choice of a mounted turret, a pike (sparrow with guns), or the heavy hitting interceptor. Both forms of vehicle also have a boost, which comes in very handy for splattering enemies or making a quick escape.

Pick Up Your Bounties

Before jumping into the crucible it's always a good idea to make sure you are loaded up with crucible bounties. Bounties come in a ton of different varieties from killing a certain type of guardian, to kill x amount of player with a melee attack. Filling these bounties is by far the fastest way to earn Crucible reputation and other rewards so be sure and visit the bounty droid often to refill.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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