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Gardens of Xia'Liu: Pruning the
Seeds & At
the Root

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November 6, 2007


Quest Details

Minimum Level: 12

Quest Givers:

  • Warseer Gnoth
  • Headhunter Dostra

Completed By:

  • Warseer Gnoth
  • Headhunter Dostra


  • coin, XP



Garden Quests

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Pruning the Seeds

This quest is one of a
series of
quests that send you to the Gardens of Xia'Liu (commonly
just called "the Gardens" because no one wants to spell Xia'Liu). The
quest can be
started at level 12. It comes third in our series because it is takes
you just a little father into the Gardens than href="http://vanguard.tentonhammer.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=793">Heart
of Clay and href="http://vanguard.tentonhammer.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=798">Spare

Pruning the Seeds
requires you to
kill Yukiona in the Gardens until you have looted 12 Softly Glowing

At the Root

We recommend doing this
quest at the
same time as Pruning the Seeds because the objective of both require
you to kill Yukiona. For At the Root, you simply must slay 15 Yukiona.

Logging the Quests

Refer to the href="http://vanguard.tentonhammer.com/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=785">Gardens
of Xia'Liu: Overview for information on getting to the quest
and the Gardens. Warseer Gnoth in Martok gives you Pruning the Seeds.
Gnoth wants the seeds to figure out how the Yukiona get the Wildgrowth
Forest to grow despite the magical barrier put in place to prevent its

Headhunter Dostra in
Encampment begins the At the Root. He believes in a more direct
approach to stopping the spread of the Wildgrowth Forest. He wants you
to kill 15 of the Yukiona to prevent them from ever planting the seeds
in the first place.

The quest dialog
for both quests is below:

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The Yukiona and Their Seeds

Once you have climbed the mountain path past all of the Clay Guardians
and Clay Sentinels you killed for Heart of Clay, you will enter the
Gardens proper. Check the water hole for
a Red Lily that spawns. This is for the Unusual Flowers quest. Take the
left path through the wall with an
opening guarded by two golems.

Beware the Silverfox that roams
near the doorway. Another Silverfox and a Tombo are over at the nearby
pool of water. It is possible to pull them separately. A Red Lily also
spawns at this pool. Head up the path on the hill. You'll see a pagoda
with a pair of golems to your immediate right. This is for the Garden
Waters quest. Your first Yukiona victim patrols near this pagoda. It
will be a level 13 3dotKill it and then take the path in front of you
on the right.

Head down the hill, slaying anything in your way and
being aware of the aggro plants nearby. They hide in the ground like
lumps of grass, but they spring up and attack when you draw near. At
least reapers can harvest them for cotton!

The lawn runs into a river and a bridge with a Red Lily or two nearby.
A pair of Tombo Darters are close, too. Step onto the bridge where you
should get to kill another Yukiona. Watch out for the Garden Dancer and
the plant
monster. Then you will find yourself looking at another garden wall
with golems. Kill them and move through.

You will find yourself on a little strip of land at the edge of the
water. This spot is crawling with mobs. To your right are some Tombos.
A killer plant is up to the left, and a Yukiona is pacing back and
forth. Look for another Red Lily here, too.

Kill the Yukiona and turn left. Follow the path and kill along the way.
It winds up a hill into a lawn full of Yukiona and Garden Dancers. A
few Red Lilies are here, too along with another pagoda for the Garden
Waters quest. The Yukiona in this area are a little tougher. Some will
be level 14 or 15, and all will be 3dot.

This is the place you want to be until you collect all the seeds and
kill all the Yukiona you need. Clear the area and let them respawn
until the quests are complete. A picture of a Yukiona and one of the
seeds is below:

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Warseer Gnoth Was Right

Return to
Headhunter Dostra in
Gulkar's Encampment. He notes that the spread of the forest has not
stopped even though you have slain many Yukiona. You still did what he
wants, so he pays you as promised. The dialog is below:

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When you return to
Warseer Gnoth
in Martok, you find that he was on to something. The seeds still glow
slightly, indicating some kind of magic at work on them. The gives Clan
Martok a clue for finding a solution to the Yukiona problem. The dialog
is below:
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