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 Immunity Potion

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Quest Details

Minimum Level: 21

Quest Givers:

  • Scholar Donovan

Completed By:

  • Mineralogist Acadd


  • Infineum Earring
  • Infineum Immunity



CIS Quests


The Cloak

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    Things Are Afoot
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    Samples of Ore for Donovan

The Ring

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The Earring

The First Weapon

The Armor Set

The Legendary Weapon

  • Coming

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While we're in
CIS, we might as well complete the whole set of jewelery and go for the
earring as well.  The earring can be obtained after the ring
through one fairly simple quest.  It's a simple quest, but it
requires quite a bit of killing.  A bloodshed even.

Hail Donovan, and he'll tell you that he's gotten through a lot of
Trevorak's diary and knows how to proceed with getting you immune to

Things start to seem a bit fishy at this point.  Why would
Donovan need you to be immune to this infineum?  There's
something he's not telling you.

Confront him with that, and he'll spill the beans.  He'll
explain that the Society has actually known about the miners and the
cultists, but simply didn't know how they were becoming immune to the
infineum. he'll tell you that the infineum is still a threat due to the
very powerful cultist that was slain years ago, whose blood created the
spires of infineum.  He goes on to say that the cultists may
very well be able to bend time itself.

Donovan believes the cultist was slain further west, and "most" can not
travel there without becoming quite sick to the affects of the
infineum.  He'll tell you you'll need to become immune to the
infineum, and in order to that, you must bring Mineralogist Acadd a
bunch of ingredients.   He'll then offer the quest "Immunity
Potion," which of course, you'll accept.

This quest is pretty straight-forward in the fact that it's a simple
kill'n'loot quest.  There are several items on your list, and
all of them can be found in the infineum mines.

You'll need:
  • 2 Chunks of Animated Infineum
  • 1 Sample of Boiling Infineum Ooze
  • 5 Fragments of Infineum
  • 10 Shards of Infineum
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title="Infineum Creatures"

The Chunks of Animated Infineum can be found near the center area of
the mines.

The Boiling Infineum Ooze can be found closer to the south area of the
mines, just before chunking into the Infineum Plateaus.

The Fragments of Infineum can be found around the SouthEast area of the

The Shards of Infineum are found throughout all areas of the mine.

All of the beasts you need to kill are around the level 21-23 range and
are 4 dots, except the shards which are 3 dots. Your best bet is to
just head into the mines, start targetting various creatures, and start

Once you've gathered all your components, you can go see Acadd, who is
near the center of the north border in the Infineum Plateaus.
 She's got her gnomes JE2 suit on, so look for the big
metallic robot looking thing.

Once you've found her, hail her, and she will mix together the
ingredients for you and offer you a ring and a potion of infineum

See?  That wasn't so hard.

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title="Infineum Earrings"

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016