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 Golem Power Sources

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Quest Details

Minimum Level: 21

Quest Givers:

  • Mineralogist Acadd

Completed By:

  • Mineralogist Acadd


  • Quest Progression



CIS Quests


The Cloak

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The Ring

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The Earring

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The First Weapon

The Armor Set

The Legendary Weapon

  • Coming

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After you've
received you Immunity Potion, drink it.  It will make you
immune to infineum, which was kind of the whole reason Donovan sent us
out to Acadd.  

For the next part, you'll need to be immune to infineum to get the
quest (meaning you've drunken the potion).  Hail Acadd, who,
again, is found at the north end of infineum plateaus, in about the
middle of the north chunk line.

style="width: 600px; height: 647px;" alt="Mineralogist Acadd"
title="Mineralogist Acadd"

Acadd will tell you that she has a feeling something "bad" is about to
happen.  That can't be good.

She'll tell you that she's noticed a few odd occurances 'round these
here parts, and they may require investigation.  First, there
are the golems.  Acadd has been harassed by infineum golems,
and would like to find out how they've come into existence.  
Secondly, there are the cultists themselves.  They've managed
to forge weaons out of the infineum.  She'd like you to find
out how they've been doing it so that defenses against the weapons can
be built.  

But FIRST!  We'll worry about the golems.

Accept the "Golem Power Sources" quest and Acadd will ask you to bring
back ten infineum golem power sources for her to study; to see if it's
possible for the cultists to summon a huge construct out of infineum if
they've been doing these "smaller" ones.

The golems are pretty easy to find as they're pretty local.
 Just go up onto the plateau behind Acadd, and scattered
around there you'll find many "Beasts of Infineum."  There are
actually a couple of different types, but either will do.
 They are three dot level 23s and pretty easy to down.
 Kill ten of them (or a bit more if you don't get a power
source every time) and head back to Acadd to finish the quest.

style="width: 600px; height: 501px;" alt="Beast of Infineum"
title="Beast of Infineum"

Acadd will thank you for the power sources and tells you she'll start
the research on them.  Pretty simple and quick.
 Next, we'll head over to the cultists in part 11 of the CIS

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016