Swordsman is the latest game from Perfect World Entertainment brought over here to the North American market. One of the cool things about the game is the amount of depth to the game, so with that in mind we're putting together some awesome tips to help you get into the game. While not specific in nature, these are all of the things I had to look up or find out information about to understand slightly better as I was playing through the game at the start.

  • The biggest tip is to take everything slowly, the game will automatically teach you the important parts, so be sure to pay attention to the tutorial.
  • You can set different control styles. When you first play you get to select one, but this can be changed in the options.
  • Click quest objectives to auto-walk to them.
  • Don't be afraid to alt-tab out of the game while walking within safe zones. Your character will continue to walk once you click an objective.
  • You can try the different schools (classes) out before deciding on one. Do this for the most happy experience possible. They're all different in a lot of ways, so you may want to keep playing through the introduction and trying them all out to see which one is the best "fit" for you.
  • It is entirely possible to discourage open world PvP once you reach level 30. You can choose "Harmony" which will make you a co-op only player. If attacked, the person will become "red named" and Avengers will be able to attack them without penalty. Whenever you defend yourself, you won't face a penalty as well.
  • You can regenerate your health and chi by pressing Z (default).
  • During open beta don't forget to redeem your new player code, which should be emailed to you or offered in ARC.
  • Most of the cool stuff comes later in the game, like the Meridian/Node system and masteries and so much more.
  • At level 30 you can self-cultivate, which will play your character for you while offline. It's a very in-depth and complex system that you can set-up to do pretty much anything that you want it to. Be sure to check it out when you're level 30.
  • The "available quest" tab will highlight quests that are available to you. This is infinitely useful for quests that give you skills.
  • The game is not "dubbed" into English, there is no setting for English audio.
  • Be sure to pick-up orbs and the such as you're in the world and destroy the terrain. These can help greatly in battle.
  • In that mindset, a lot of cool things are hidden, especially in instances, behind destructible terrain.
  • There are various energy pools that determine what you can do in a day. These regenerate daily.
  • Many events in the game are locked to specific time, including quests and dungeon events. Some are on hourly timers, other are specific times.
  • Be sure to constantly work on upgrading your character. Options continue to unlock as you level up, and and quests give you tons of extra skills and feature unlocks. Stay on the ball with them!
  • You can make lots of notes and coins by questing.
  • Speaking of questing, the main story quests take you to level 40, at which point most features unlock and the world "opens up." At this point you'll start doing events and other things to level up.
  • Many have considered the first 40 levels the tutorial, in a lot of ways. Don't worry, it goes REALLY fast.
  • Money can be "bound" and "unbound." Bound money can not be traded and is used for NPCs.
  • The chat limitation (40 characters) can't be removed.

Happy questing in Swordsman!


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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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