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3.0 - Combat Methods



Many thanks to Brokain of Kithicor for sharing
his methods as an experienced Shadowknight.

Note from Brokain: This is all based on my play experience as a SK. Other play experiences may yield different results and this is purely subject to my experience as a non-raiding SK.


The Sword stance line is usually your best bet. While increasing your offensive capabilities it also gives you a boost to your intelligence that can go as high as 187 in your upper levels. This makes for a powerful boost to your casting damage and less interruptions. The Circle stance line is ok, but it doesn’t seem that the benefits outweigh the benefits of the Sword stance line.


There is a large debate about what’s better, sword and shield or two handed. Which one holds aggro better? Which one is best for soloing? Truth be told, there’s a lot of pros and cons for each style, but in the end the numbers are close enough that you can go either way so it really comes down to a matter of style. Your battle techniques will vary though depending on which way you go.

Sword and Shield technique: 

The main difference between 2h and Sword and Shield is the knockdown. With a shield equipped you get access to a second knockdown that lasts longer than the Kick line. Using both of these knockdowns, you have the ability to keep your opponent on the floor for more than half the battle, and keep casters from casting for almost the whole battle. So with Sword and Shield, your battle may look something like this.

Solo: The best way to start off any battle is with a shield bash from the Slam line. This does two things. First, it generates Hate over Time (HoT). This will come in handy for when you are acting as Main Tank (MT) for a group. Second, it has a knockdown effect. This allows you to get through ¾ of the casting time for your Blessing line without interruption, which will be the second thing you do. You’ll want to recast your blessing line as needed, but watch your power. The Blessing line is a power gobbler so manage it wisely or you’ll be stuck at little power halfway through a tough battle. Heroic Opportunities (HO) are your friend and you’ll want to invite your friend to the party often. Set up heroic opportunities every chance you get using your Vitae line of spells. These are all lifetaps and will heal you while hurting your opponent. It’s important to note that you should spam your lifetap spells. They’ll help you go deep into a long battle and they can make the difference between a struggle and an easy victory. You’ll always want to finish off your HO’s with your Promise line of spells. This is a Damage over Time (DoT) that also does HoT, once again very handy for group situations. You also have the ability to call on a pet. Use it for when you’re fighting something that may need a little extra umph to take down or when you’re soloing mobs 2-3 levels above you. He does a decent amount of damage for a temp pet. 

We, as SK’s, have access to one of the more powerful single shot damage spells in the game. The Touch line is a high powered, high refresh timer spell that can do upwards of 5000 pts of damage in a single shot. Since the reuse timer is set at 15min, it’s a last ditch spell, but one you’ll want to upgrade as soon as possible.

Group: Always start a group encounter where you are MT with your taunt. There’s only one taunt so make sure that you take it as a training spell at Master II anytime it’s available. When the mob gets to you, use your Shield Bash to start generating HoT, and then quickly cast your Blessing line. The Blessing lifetap ward is a versatile spell as a main tank and it does a few things that are important to your group. First and foremost, it creates extra damage for every hit that connects with you and that helps keep aggro on top of you. Second, it makes things a bit easier on the healers in the group as it will heal you an amount for every bit of damage you take for up to 5 hits or 24 seconds, whichever comes first. Next, you’ll want to throw in your Promise line, for the HoT effect. One of the best ways to do this is a quick HO and if you get lucky, you’ll get the Crushing Anvil HO and grab a piece of all the mob. Then, if possible, you’ll want to start in on your Area of Effect (AoE) spells. These are great spells for making sure to grab a nice chunk of hate from a mob or multiple mobs, whatever the case may be. One of the key techniques you want to use is your knockdown. By keeping the mob on the ground, you keep it from doing damage and casting as well as making it easier to hit for the group. Get into a group with a Monk/Bruiser and a Berserker and that mob will never get of it’s back.

Two Handed Weapon Technique:

Solo/Group: Very similar to the above, however you loose the Shield Bash knockdown from the Slam line of Combat Arts (CA’s). What you gain is a two handed strike that lowers your opponent’s Wisdom, making it harder for them to resist your spells and the spells of your group mates in the Agony line of CA’s. Two handed weapons tend to have a large impact but strike less often. You’ll still want to keep your Blessing line cast for the extra hate it generates and you’ll want to hit your Kick line to keep the mob off it’s feet as often as possible. Then just follow the same steps as for Sword and Shield as far as combat, just replacing the agony line with the Slam line.

3.2 - Combat Abilities Progression

This gives you a break down of your combat arts, what they do, and when
they are upgraded.  It's a good format to see what line of skills you may
wish to upgrade, and which are of less use to you.

Self Buffs & Stances

 Increases the shadowknight's offensive melee
skills and intelligence, at the cost of decreased defense skill. This is
the shadowknight's primary offensive stance
Dark Blade (4)
Dark Sword (22)
Grim Sword (32)
Plague Sword (46)
Pox Sword (60)
Lucan's Sword (73)
Greatly increases defense, wisdom, physical and
disease damage mitigation at the cost of offensive melee skills and
combat attack damage. This is the shadowknight's primary defensive

Defensive Pact (4)

Defensive Circle (16)
Lucan's Pact (30)

Malevolent Circle (44)

Infernal Circle (58)

Fiendish Circle (72)

 Curses the shadowknight's weapon, granting a
chance to drain health in combat with each hit

Unholy Weapon (10)

Grim Harbinger (24)

Unhallowed Aura (38)

Depraved Aura (52)

Twisted Aura (66)

Unholy Arms (77)

Group Buffs

Curses the weapons of the shadowknight's
group, granting them a chance to drain health in combat with each hit
Unholy Hunger (9)
Unholy Order (23)

Insatiable Hunger (37)

Unending Hunger (51)

Everlasting Hunger (65)

Relentless Hunger (76)

Places an augmentation on a group member
that drains health from any opponents that attack them. This effect can
trigger 5 times
Infernal Blessing (12)
Infernal Pact (26)

Unholy Blessing (40)

Heinous Blessing (54)

Grave Blessing (68)

Life Pact (79)

Increases a group member's melee mitigation at the cost
of melee mitigation from the crusader. This spell can't be cast upon

Offering of Armament (17)

Grant of Armament (31)

Gift of Armament (45)

Pledge of Armament (59)

Donation of Armament (73)

 Increases the strength and stamina of the
crusader's group

Contract From Below (19)
Contract of Shadows (33)
Unholy Strength (47)

Unhallowed Strength (61)


Taunts & Hate Increasing Spells and CA's

Increases the
target's hate towards the fighter

Taunt (1)


Places a negative energy shield around the shadowknight,
damaging and increasing hate with anyone that strikes the shadowknight

Dark Caress (3)

Tarnished Caress (12)

Cursed Caress (38)

Infernal Caress (52)

Innoruuk's Caress (77)

 Increases the hate of all enemies in an encounter
towards the shadowknight and decreases their disease resistance

Decree (8)

Shriek of Terror (36)

Blasphemy (50)

Sacrilege (64)

Chastisement (76)


Increases the target's hate towards the shadowknight,
with additional hate over time

Offensive Presence (9)

Diseased Threat (17)

Disease Cloud (31)

Insidious Whisper (45)

Insidious Promise (59)

Insinuate (72)

A shield attack that knocks the enemy down, stuns them
for a short duration, and increases their hate over time towards the
shadowknight. This attack requires a shield

Shield Slam (13)

Decrepit Slam (27)

Destructive Slam (41)

Catastrophic Slam (55)

Venomous Slam (69)

Hateful Slam (79)

increases the target's hate towards the fighter

Rescue (25)


Increases hate and curses all enemies with a lifetap

Decree of Decay (22)

Increases your hate
level with the target, with a chance at double the amount of hate

Goading Gesture (20)


Life, Power, and Strength Taps

A melee attack that strikes with additional disease
damage and drains a portion of that damage as health replenishment for the
shadowknight on a successful hit

Fetid Strike (11)

Fetid Grasp (25)

Baleful Smite (39)

Dire Smite (53)

Fetid Smite (67)

Siphon Strike (77)

Drains life from the target, and returns
a portion as health replenishment to the shadowknight

Consume Vitae (28)

Devour Vitae (42)

Absorb Vitae (56)

Drain Vitae (70)

Siphon Vitae (80)

Steals strength from your target and grants you some of
that strength

Draw Strength (30)

Siphon Strength (44)

Siphon Might (58)


on the power of the enemy, the shadowknight slowly replenishes power
over time
Mana Sieve (52)

Siphons health from all nearby enemies, returning a portion of all health siphoned as health replenishment for the shadowknight

Tap Veins (55)




AoE's and DoT's

An extra attack that deals additional damage over time

Painful Swing (1)

Painful Strike (15)

Painbringer (29)

Pariah's Mark (43)

Pariah's Brand (57)

Pariah's Strike (71)

A melee attack that strikes nearby enemies surrounding
the shadowknight, and slowly deals disease damage over time to them

Sickening Circle (7)

Swarming Spirits (35)

Death Cloud (49)

Unending Agony (56)

Death Circle (63)

Crimson Circle (75)

 Deals disease damage over time to
nearby enemies surrounding the shadowknight

Cruel Aura (14)

Cruel Intent (28)

Unending Pain (42)

Unending Misery (70)


Multi-enemy instant disease attack

Sickening Decay (21)




Inflicts disease damage over time to the target

Grim Coil (22)

Vile Coil (36)

Wicked Coil (50)

Putrid Coil (64)

Shadow Coil (76)

Decreases armor class on the target and surrounding
encounter members within the area of effect

Despoiling Mist (50)

Despoil (70)




Pestilence diseases all enemies over time in a large
area around the shadowknight. The damage increases on the quantity of
nearby corpses in the area

Pestilence (65)

Contagion (78)

Protection Abilities

Grants a shadowknight a chance to shield an ally from
melee attacks, by allowing the target a chance to use the shadowknight's
avoidance check after their own avoidance check.  This also increases
the shadowknight's parry skill

Evasive Tactics (18)

Evasive Maneuvers (32)

Calculated Evasion (46)

Devious Invasion (60)

Causes an ally to temporarily die, often causing enemies
to ignore that ally

Graven Embrace (21)

Solemn Embrace (35)

Deadly Embrace (49)

Mortal Embrace (63)

Allows the fighter
to protect an ally from taking damage, by absorbing some of the damage
an ally would otherwise take

Intervene (6)

Intercept (20)

Intercede (34)

Direct Damage Spells, CA's & Debuffs

Inflicts instant disease damage to the target

Condemning Smite (2)

Condemning Anger (15)

Condemning Spirit (27)

Sickening Anger (41)

Loathsome Anger (54)

Abominable Anger (69)

A kick attack that deals crushing damage to the target

Kick (5)






A powerful attack that strikes for disease damage and decreases the target's wisdom for a short duration

Cleave Flesh (15)

Sorrow (29)

Agonizing Cry (43)

Agony (57)

Anguish (71)  

A kick attack that deals piercing damage and knocks the
target down

Boot (19)

Spiked Boot (33)

Soulrend (47)

Smash (61)

Lucan's Boot (74)

Deals a great amount of disease damage to the target
that is difficult for the target to resist against. This ability does not
have a casting time, nor does it cost power, but it has a significant
reuse timer

Harm Touch (20)

Malefic Touch (34)

Ruinous Touch (48)

Pestilent Touch (62)

Death Touch (74)

Inflicts massive disease damage to the target and
slows their movement

Dreadful Wrath (40)

Baleful Wrath (54)

Abominable Wrath (68)

Pain Wrath (78)


Suggestions?  I'm always looking to add more useful information to this
guide.  If you are a Shadowknight, and would like to add tips, tricks, or
helpful advice, please drop me a note at [email protected]!

Shadowknight Guide Index

Main Page & Credits

1.0 -
Shadowknight Basics

2.0 -
Combat Arts, Spells & Training Spells

3.0 - Methods & Techniques

4.0 - Where to Hunt

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