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3.0 Bruiser Methods & Techniques


This section will give you
advice for your bruiser career.  Do keep in mind that it is all
subjective.  Each of us plays our bruiser differently, and have developed
our own play styles.  It's important with any class that you play, that you
take the time to get to know your character, and the spells and combat arts that
you receive.


And above all else, have


3.1 Combat Methods



Do Bruisers make
good tanks?

This question is asked a lot and the answer is yes, we
do. With a high avoidance and excellent DPS combined with taunts and stances, we
do pretty well as a main tank. With a decent healer backing you up, you can be
almost, but not quite, as good as a plate tank.


Can Bruisers Main
Tank Epic level or Raid Mob’s?

This question is debated and complex. As a Bruiser, your
avoidance drops when you go up against higher level mobs. This means that the
advantage which balances Bruisers out with their plate wearing cousins isn’t
as much of a factor anymore. It makes it difficult to justify being a MT in a
Raid environment, but there are a few out there that do it and do it
effectively. As always, in a situation like this, a good healer is the best
armor you can have.


Are Bruisers
effective in a PvP environment?

They are extremely effective at the lower to mid levels.
The amount of damage you can put out combined with your stuns makes for quick
work of your opponent. As you reach the higher levels though, you begin to even
out. Against a Berserker you may not fare as well, due to their high mitigation
and high DPS where as against a Wizard you might be awesome due to his low
mitigation, as long as you can keep him stunned and interrupted.


Do Fist Wraps
count as weapons or just fist only?

Fist wraps count as weapons. They have stat buffs and
an attack speed that differs from just straight fists.


2 Handed Weapons
vs. Duel wielding. Which is better?

As with a lot of classes this has a lot to do with your
play style. There are many Bruisers who prefer the slower hitting, higher damage
2 handed weapons, but when you crunch the numbers, duel wield weapons will do
just about as much damage, if not more,  because
they hit more often. Also, it will depend on how you decide to choose your
AA’s now as they are dependent on weapon usage. Wielding a Bo Staff (2H) while
spending points into your Strength line of AA’s (bare handed) won’t do you
much good.


Is there a class
that Bruisers duo with better than others?

There are a couple of trains of thought on this. As always,
duoing with a healer class is your best bet. Defilers probably have the most to
offer as a partner, but Furies can be a great class to duo with as a Bruiser
too. Oddly enough, Monk’s are a good class for a Bruiser to duo with as well.


What CA’s are the most useful as I go up in levels?

If you plan to go solo or play the role of the DPS in groups, then the Rapid
Swings line for more damage, the Jolting Fists line for extra damage for up to 5
hits, and your offensive stances line will be your bread and butter. These will
allow you to do extra damage during a fight. If you plan to play the MT role,
then you’ll want to upgrade your Defensives Stances, your group buffs like the
Intimidating Orders line which will increase the group’s attack damage, and
your Taunting Slap/Jeer taunt lines for keeping single/group aggro on yourself.
All Bruisers should look to upgrade your Ignore Pain line, Roughhouse line, any
stuns/knockdowns like the Haymaker line, and at lvl 65 your Knockout Combination
as this spell will allow you to stun your opponent every time you hit him with a
CA for 20 seconds. A great way to grab or maintain aggro.


3.2 - Combat Abilities Progression

This gives you a break down of your combat arts, what they do, and when
they are upgraded.  It's a good format to see what line of skills you may
wish to upgrade, and which are of less use to you.

Self Buffs & Stances

Greatly increases
defense, deflection, physical and poison damage mitigation at the cost
of offensive melee skills and combat attack damage. This is the
bruiser's primary defensive stance
Brawler's Stance
Bouncer's Stance
Stance: Bouncer

Stance: Retaliation

Retribution (58)
Bodyguard (72)
the bruiser's offensive melee skills and engulfs the bruiser's hand in
flames, granting a chance to deal heat damage with every successful
melee hit, at the cost of decreased defense skill. This is the bruiser's
primary offensive stance
Heated Fists (4)

Stance: Fiery Fists

Stance: Lava Fists

Stance: Magmatic Fists

Stance: Blistering
Fists (63)

Smoldering Fists (75)

Increases the
bruiser's physical mitigation at the cost of health over time

Bruising Spirit (26)

Strapping Spirit (40)

Deadly Spirit (54)

Vigorous Spirit (68)

Resistant Spirit (78)

Stuns the bruiser in
place while greatly increasing trauma mitigation

Heavy Scarring (40)

Calloused Skin (54)

Rock Skin (78)

 This stance
combines some of the elements from the bruiser's primary offensive and
defensive stances, granting increased physical damage mitigation,
deflection and offensive skill, and a chance to deal heat damage with
every successful melee hit

Stance: Fire Stance (44)

Stance: Provoking
Stance (58)

Bruising (71)

 Increases the
bruiser's strength and agility

Dodge and Strike (12)

Bob and Weave (26)

Battle Fury (40)

Battle Lust (54)

Battle Frenzy (68)

Battle Ready (79)

Group Buffs and Protective CAs

the fighter to protect an ally from taking damage, by absorbing some of
the damage an ally would otherwise take

Intervene (6)

Intercept (20)

Intercede (34)

the non-combat art attack damage of the bruiser's group

Brutality (9)

Intimidating Orders (23)

Rousing Cry (37)

Stirring Cry (51)

Rabid Cry (65)

Grants the bruiser a
chance to shield an ally from melee attacks, by allowing the target a
chance to use the bruiser's avoidance check after their own avoidance
check. This also increases the bruiser's agility

Staggering Stance (18)

Overtaking Blows (32)

Shrug Off (46)

Shake Off (60)


Taunts & Taunt-Attack Abilities

Increases the
target's hate towards the fighter

Taunt (1)


Interrupts and
increases the hate of all enemies in an encounter towards the bruiser

Impose (8)

Jeer (22)

Boast (36)

Abuse (50)

Oppress (64)

Vilify (76)

 Increases the
target's hate towards the bruiser. This ability can be used while the
bruiser is stifled or stunned

Brag (9)

Taunting Slap (17)

Slurred Insult (31)

Instigate (45)

Pressure (59)

Boil (72)

Increases your chance
at an additional attack with increased hate every time you strike in melee

Roughhouse (22)

Brawl (36)

Quarrel (50)

Rumble (64)

Manhandle (76)

increases the target's hate towards the fighter

Rescue (25)


Knockdowns, Stuns, and Stifles

A melee attack that
does additional damage if the target was recently affected by a knockdown
effect and knocks them down again

Stamp (10)

Crash (24)

Merciless Stomp (38)

Barbarous Stomp (52)

Callous Stomp (66)

Double Stomp (77)

A melee attack that
knocks the enemy down and stuns them for a short duration on a successful

Shoulder Charge (13)

Fierce Punch (27)

Hammer Fist (41)

Uppercut (58)

Steel Fist (69)

Adamantine (79)

Prevents the target
from doing anything and removes them from being affected by area of effect
spells for a short duration. It will break if the target is struck for
damage. This ability shares it's reuse time with the Instill Doubt line of
combat arts

Intimidate (24)

Strong Arm (38)

Unnerve (52)

Scared Still (66)

Trepidation (77)

Launches a punch
attack that knocks down the target on a successful hit

Haymaker (30)

Crusher (44)

Iron Fist (55)

Chin Break (72)

For a short duration,
any attacks that the bruiser successfully deflects will painfully shove
the attacker to the ground

Knockout Combination (65)


 A powerful
melee attack that dazes the target.  It must be made from behind or
to the side of the target

Sucker Punch (32)

Dirty Punch (46)

Kidney Punch (60)

 Gut Punch (73)

Attacks Plus Debuffs / DoTs / AoEs

A melee attack that
strikes nearby enemies surrounding the bruiser

Blazing Strikes (7)

Whirling Blaze (21)

Beatdown (35)

Bone Crusher (49)
Slap Around (63)

Body Flail (75)

A powerful kick attack that deals crushing damage and continues to deal additional heat damage over time

Burn Through (11)

Break Through (25)

Burning Lunge (39)

Flaming Lunge (53)
Blazing Lunge (67)

Blaze Kick (77)

The bruiser's fists
become energized with static, unleashing magic damage with every
successful melee hit for up to 5 attacks

Thundering Fists (15)

Jolting Fists (29)

Shocking Fists (43)

Storming Fists (57)
Lightning Fists (71)

 An extra attack
that decreases the target's accuracy on a successful hit

Eye Gouge (28)

Eye Rake (41)

Eye Pluck (56)

Eye Gash (70)

Eye Rip (80)

Using this ability
will cause your enemy to flee in terror

Instill Doubt (30)

Instill Panic (50)


A high fire damage
over time stunning attack that costs health

Meteor Punch (45)


A series of quick
attacks that strike all nearby enemies. If one of these attacks misses on
a target, the successive ones will miss automatically on that target

Savage Blows (50)

Savage Bruising (70)

Savage Assault (80)

Heals and Feigns

Dispels hostile
mental effects. This ability can be used while stifled or stunned

Indomitable Will (13)

Burning Will (27)

Cerebral Will (41)

Resolute Will (55)

Tenacious Will (69)

some of the bruiser's health

Ignore Bruises (3)

Ignore Wounds (10)

Ignore Pain (20)

Ignore Hurt (34)

Ignore Agony (48)

Allows the brawler to
sometimes trick enemies into thinking that the brawler is dead

Feign Death (14)

Play Dead (28)

Stop Heart (42)

Stilled Life (56)

Last Breath (70)

No-Fluff Attack CAs

A melee attack that
does some extra damage

Jab (1)

Knuckle (15)

Blitz (29)

Pummel (43)

Pound (57)

Hammer (71)

A high damage melee
attack that costs the bruiser's health instead of power

Bruising Fist (2)

Bruising Strike (17)

Grapple (31)

Meteor Fist (59)

Comet Punch (73)

A kick attack that
deals crushing damage to the target

Kick (5)

Throat Kick (33)

Roundhouse (47)

Dropkick (61)

Front Kick (74)

Launches a flurry of
attacks that cause high damage to the enemy. If any one attack misses the
series stops at that attack

Rapid Swings (19)

One Hundred Hand Slap (33)

Crushing Fury (47)

One Hundred Hand Punch (62)

One Hundred Hands (74)


Suggestions?  I'm always looking to add more useful information to this
guide.  If you are a bruiser, and would like to add tips, tricks, or
helpful advice, please drop me a note at [email protected]!

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1.0 -
Bruiser Basics

2.0 -
Combat Arts & Training Spells

3.0 - Methods & Techniques

4.0 - Where to Hunt

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