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4.0 - Where to Hunt


This section is meant to provide those that are new to EverQuest II or those
that are less familiar with the lands, with an idea of the best locations to
hunt, gain experience, and make a little bit of much needed coin.  These
are gathered through my own experience, and the experience of those that I have
spoken with regarding all of our own favorite hunting grounds.

This is general advice on where to hunt. Be sure to visit our Tier Leveling Guides for more detailed advice on where to hunt.


Levels 1-8

Dirges are a neutral class, so this means that they have the option of
starting out on the Outpost of the Overlord (Freeport), the Queens Colony (Qeynos), Darklight Woods, Greater Faydark, or Timorous Deep. 
These newbie areas give a nice place for one to learn their new class with tons of
mobs, and some great quests.  My first suggestion is that you take the time
to do the quests, especially the armor quests.  These will
give you starting armor and by the time they are completed, you should be about
ready to head off into the big, bad world.

Levels 8 - 15

Once you have left the starting area, you will want to visit the
village that is the home of your chosen race.  You certainly are not
required to make your home in that particular racial village, but your call will
continue to take you there unless you do the quest to reset your call location.

Regardless of which city you choose, your lower levels are best spent in the
hunting areas located around the city or in the sewers.  For Qeynos, the
Peat Bog, Oakmyst Forest, The Caves, The Forest Ruins, and The Down Below are
the lowest level zones.  In Freeport, you'll be looking for The Ruins, The
Sunken City, Thieves Way, and The Sprawl   Timorous Deep, Greater Faydark, and Darklight Woods all will be a solid place to do your adventuring well into your late teens. Be sure to look around the
villages and outposts for quests that involve these areas, many reward with coin and gear
along with decent experience.

Getting into the double digits, you may now wish to adventure out into
Antonica or the Commonlands for solo play.  For grouping, the Wailing Caves
(Commonlands) or Blackburrow (Antonica) are great places to get some nice loot
and great experience.

Levels 15-20

In this level range, there is still tons to do within Antonica and the
Commonlands as a solo player or with a group.  The best grouping choices
are The Fallen Gate and Stormhold.  Both of these zones are beneficial well
into your 20s, and if you do your level 20 armor quests, you will find yourself
in both zones frequently.

Levels 20-30

Now that you are all grown up, it's time to venture into the Thundering
Steppes and Nektulos Forest.  Both are vast, open zones with a great mixture
of both solo and grouping content.  I spent a lot of time soloing skeletons
near the Ruins of Varsoon, or killing owlbears along the path in Nektulos
Forest.  Another great place to spend some time is within the adventure
pack "The Splitpaw Saga".  These zones are both solo and group
friendly and scale to level, starting at level 20.

For excellent grouping, the Ruins of Varsoon is a great choice.  And if
you are feeling extremely brave and have an reliable group, the first level of
Nektropos Castle is always fun and challenging.

Levels 30-40

My favorite hunting grounds at this level is by far, the Enchanted
Lands.  I've always been more fond of the vast outdoors zones for gameplay,
and there is lots to do in the way of quests (look around by the docks!), solo
mobs, and heroic mobs.  For more intense grouping, venture into Rivervale
or the Runnyeye.  Zek is also great for this level range, and includes all
the same features as the Enchanted Lands, with the fabulous group zone of
Deathfist Citadel.  And if you haven't already, you have to check out
Nektropos Castle, at this level range, it makes for great grouping.

Levels 40-50

Everfrost, Lavastorm, and the Feerrott are all wonderful zones for these
levels.  For challenging grouping fun, Permafrost (found in Everfrost),
Cazic-Thule (inside the Feerrott) and the Obelisk of Lost Souls (also found in
the Feerrott) are great locations.

Levels 50-60

To be able to advance past level 50, you will need the Desert of Flames
expansion.  With this, you will find some fun and interesting zones to
while away the hours in.  Sinking Sands provides plenty of solo opportunities
starting in your upper 40s.  The Pillar of Flames has both solo and
grouping areas that are easy to navigate, my favorite areas being with the
harpies.  For good grouping, head into the Clefts of Rujark, Silent City,
or the Living Tombs.

And if you have access to it, the adventure pack "The Fallen
Dynasty" has some very nice content for levels 55-70, including the games
currently most difficult heroic zones.

Levels 60-70

Again, another level range that can only be reached through the addition of
an expansion.  Kingdom of Sky raises the level cap to 70, and adds a
plethora of new zones.  For the upper 50's and low 60's, soloing content
is plentiful in the Tenebrous Tangle zone of islands.  For grouping, you'll
want to check out the Sanctum of the Scaleborn and the Temple of the Scale.

Through the mid levels, the Barren Sky or Bonemire are where you want to be,
with nice grouping zones being the Palace of the Awakened, the Nest of the
Great Egg, and the Halls of Fate.

Levels 70-80

If you've made it this far then congrats! To level past 70 you will need the Rise of Kunark expansion and the majority of your adventuring will be spent in these zones. I suggest starting out in Kylong Plains, then making your way through the quests there before you move on to Fens of Nathsar, Kunzar Jungle, and Jarsath Wastes. You'll find a very helpful and distinct progression through your questing that makes it easy to move from one area to another.

Thank for checking out the dirge guide.  If you have any
questions or comments, please feel free to drop me a note at: [email protected]

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016