Shaman Top Bugs & Issues

As of April 25, 2007

Compiled by Ralsu

This is one in a series of bug lists the Class Specialists at Ten Ton
Hammer will be compiling for review by the Sigil development team. We
are inviting the developers to respond to any bugs they feel are
working as intended or to offer any explanation of how a bug on this
list might change in the future. Ralsu compiled this list with the aid
of other Shamans on the Ten Ton Hammer forums.

  1. Bug: Pet Behavior
    1. Pet behaves erratically after multiple changes in
      commands during frenzied fights. The pet will run away long distances
      and try to attack enemies from afar.
    2. Pets don't have a default behavior that sticks.
    3. Attendant of Tuurgin does not protect unless you tell him to
      protect each time.
    4. Attendant of Tuurgin does not acquire new target after the
      first dies unless it is
      directly beating on him.
    5. Constant howling sound made by Attendant of Rakurr is overkill
      and annoying.
    6. All pets need to auto follow behind and to the right of us, or
      us a couple of steps. Pets are constantly in the way of clicking
      interactive items or trying to loot a mob.
  2. Bug: Spells and Abilities That Do Not
    Work Properly
    1. Throat Rip (Rakurr) doesn't result in any floating damage
      numbers or entries in the
      combat log so it might not be working.
    2. Vicious Bite (Rakurr) does not report it's damage in the chat
      windows, you can
      only see it from the floating numbers above a mobs head. It also does
      not damage as advertised by the tool tip.
    3. Rakurr's Grace doesn't stack with other
      classes dex buffs.
    4. Spirit Bond Krigus and Tuurgin's Vigor don't stack their
      endurance cost
    5. Frenzy is supposed to add 50% melee damage and 25% melee
      mitigation. In reality the mitigation added is 21.25%.
    6. Boon of Tuurgin is supposed to give +5% mitigation. The tooltip
      and the
      description on the trainer both state that very clearly, yet this buff
      only adds 4.25% melee mitigation.
    7. Tuurgin's totemic ability Deafening Roar ( DD+50% damage
      debuff for next 2 attacks) doesn't function in according to its
      tooltip. The tooltip says that your target can only be affected by
      DEBUFF PORTION of this ability once every 3 mins, implying that DD
      component would still work when the ability refreshes, which is about
      30 sec. This is not the case.
    8. Boon of Hayatet procs on any spell cast, even such spells
      as Lethargy and root.
    9. Spirit Orb can be right-clicked and consumed in
      battle. While it gives an error message about in-combat rez, it should
      not be consumable. It
      should work like other consumables when
      used under the wrong circumstances.
    10. Gelid Blast always seems to show a resist, though it seems like
      it is
      actually doing damage just not displaying numbers.
    11. When a levitate is stacked (Hayatet form/Bard/Boon of Alcipus)
      and one is clicked off, all levitate effects are removed.
    12. Acuity, Boon of Boqobol, Boon of Bosrid, Life Ward, and Boon of
      go away if you log off, willingly or unwillingly.
    13. Leaving or being removed from a group sometimes cancels patron
      forms and their buffs.
    14. Some Shamans report having to dismiss then resummon and dismiss
      their pet again in order to
      take on patron form.
  3. Issue: Spells and Abilities That Could
    Work Better
    1. Boon of Boqobol duration is 30 minutes when most
      other buffs are 60. Can BoB duration be upped to match?
    2. No timer on Spirit Bonds, which seem to last an hour.
      Can we get a timer on these?
    3. Ritual of Sacrifice does not seem useful enough between the
      and the cooldown.
    4. Ward spells currently do not seem to be affected by vitality or
      focus at ALL.
    5. We should get flashing icons or
      something visual to make it CLEAR that we have landed a critical and
      have the option to fire off
      Umbra Burst. All finishers go away as soon as you use start to cast a
      (even if
      you cancel it), making it hard to catch and use finisher when casting
      even remotely quickly.
    6. Invis when in patron form will make the user completely
      invisible with
      only the blue target reticle visible.
    7. Conjuration skill seems to level up mosre slowly than
      others. A player can cast Hoarfrost on every mob and only go up 4 or 5
      in a night of play time.
    8. Spirit bonds break when you run
      out of endurance. Is this intended?
    9. The Purge line of spells lacks information in tool tipsas to
      why you
      would use one over the other. Maybe it should list the level range for
    10. The energy cost of finishers seems to be on the high side for
      the damage they do. For instance, Umbra Burst does not provide much
      advantage over just casting Spirit Strike again.
    11. Change combat checks to start of spells for rezing and calling
      instead of after the long cast times getting the combat error message.
    12. Pets should be considered allies for all spell and beneficial
      to groups allowing AoE heals to affect them and group members to use
      rescues on them.
    13. Heal Icons share spell gem graphics and can be very confusing
    14. When a spell is interupted by a mob or by a self-interupt,
      the cooldown is activated even though the player did not cast a spell.
    15. Fire Claw (Hayatet) neither creates nor exploits any weaknesses.
    16. Hayatet Totem Form gives levitate which seems redundant when
      the entire
      class gains levitate as a buff.
    17. Ignite should have a lower level version to help alleviate the
      excessive amount of resists in the 20s.
    18. The endurance regen buff (Tuurgin) comes too late. This buff
      should come at lower levels to
      focus on the patron as a melee-based patron.
    19. Tuurgin form is too fat to fit through doorways.
    20. Skin of Tuurgin could add a % to mitigation instead of a flat
    21. Deafening Roar (Tuurgin) should be for a set amount of time
      instead of number
      of attacks. This would be in line with the warrior changes from X# of
      attacks to a set time.
    22. Rage of Tuurgin II does not get an increase to the melee damage
      component of the buff while Rakuur's Grace II gets an additional 2%
      increase to movement speed. The benefit of
      Rage of Tuurgin II should be in line with its counterparts so that
      the melee damage buff is increased to 12%.
    23. The Sundering Claw line (Tuurgin) only gives minor upgrades to
      the DoT component. It is possible to get a 1-2% increase in the
      mitigation component as well?
  4. Issue: Chunking Problems
    1. Pet disappears or behaves erratically after chunking.
    2. Lose patron form when crossing chunks. The buffs remain, but
      the graphic reverts to normal.
    3. Spirit Bonds randomly break when chunking
  5. Issue: Melee Progression
    1. Level 35 Shaman report melee damage around 150 or so, which
      is lower than the melee of the Attendant of Hayatet. Is it intended
      that a
      pet should do more damage than a player character?
    2. We can throw spears, but apparently we do not have skill for it
    3. The Shaman class as a whole relies on using spells and melee
      in order to generate damage, but a level 50 Shaman will be using
      outdated melee abilities and up-to-date
      spell abilities. If both melee and spell casting abilities are meant
      to be equivalent in regards to damage generation, then the final
      ability upgrades have to be consistent at the level cap.
    4. If attacking a mob that takes increased weapon damage (such as
      from blunt weapons), using skills such as Strike of Skamadiz does less
      damage than auto attack. The "bane" damage is not being added to
      special attacks.
    5. Shamans do not learn a melee finisher even though two of the
      patron choices seem geared toward melee fighting styles.

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