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Pantheon of the Ancients:
 The Maw of Tyranny

style="font-style: italic;">by Machail


Quest Details

Minimum Level: 26

Quest Givers:

  • Essence of Haelifur

Completed By:

  • Essence of Haelifur


  • Mark of Haelifur



Pantheon Quests

Tyrashnira's Lair

Corridor of the Pure

Completion Quests

style="font-weight: bold;">Disclaimer:
 As of July 25, 2007, the Pantheon of the Ancients quest
series is
bugged.   Sometimes the mobs won't spawn, or the quest won't
update, or other various bugs.  Some quests may be
but proceed at your own risk.

The Maw of Tyranny

The next quest in
the series we'll cover is "The Maw of Tyranny."  Head on over
to the third cubby on the left side of Tyrashnira's Lair.
 Again, kill the two Champions blocking the cubby.
 Inside you'll find the Essence of Haelifur.

style="width: 500px; height: 306px;" alt="Essence of Haelifur"
title="Essence of Haelifur"

It would seem that
Haelifur is out playing golf or something, as he has decided
not to bother showing up.  Instead he left us with
his secretary, or the Essence of Haelifur.  No matter, we can
still accomplish the goal.  Hail the essence and obtain "The
Maw of Tyranny" quest.

Haelifur is a bit of an
egomaniac, even if he is
the Father of Dragons.  He'll tell you that
he will succumb to no one, and his offspring will rule the world, as
the deities of the Pantheon will bow to him, blah, blah, blahbiddy
blah.  Time to lay the smack down and get this boy on style="font-style: italic;">his ethereal

For this trial, you
have 20 minutes to survive four waves and the final battle.

The waves are pretty much random with what will spawn.  You'll
get a few moments between each wave to catch your breath, but you don't
want to take too
long in killing the waves, lest you run out of time.  This
time around, the waves I encountered were:

  • 1st Wave:
    Six level 27 two-dot drakes.
  • 2nd Wave:
    One level 30 four-dot dragon, plus two level 28 two-dot drakes.
  • 3rd Wave:
    Six level 27 two-dot drakes.
  • 4th Wave:
    One level 30 four-dot dragon, plus two level 28 two-dot drakes.
  • Final

Again, bear in mind that these waves can vary, and you will not
necessarily get the same waves in the same order I've outlined above.

The strategy is the same though, no matter which order they spawn in.
 You'll want to keep the champions down.  This is
accomplished by killing them just before you accept the quest.
 With them clear, you can pull the waves onto the stairs to
kill them there.  This is so you can avoid any snakes that
might want to interfere with your fun.  If you have sufficient
AE abilities in your group, AEing the waves of six two-dots works well.
 Though use caution.  If you AE too close to the
Essence of Haelifur, he will let you know it by promptly bonking the
life out of you.

Once the four waves are down, you'll face the final fight for this
trial:  The Behemoth of Haelifur.  This guy is a
level 30 five-dot and accepts no nonsense.  Be sure to keep
his aggro on the tank and you should be alright.

style="width: 500px; height: 362px;" alt="Behemoth of Haelifur"

With the behemoth down, you can then hail the Essence of Mr. Ego
(Haelifur) to let him know his boys didn't make the cut, and now style="font-style: italic;">you are well on
your way to being the ruler of the Pantheon.  Go you!
 Haelifur will put his mark on your brow, and you can continue
on your way.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016