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Coterie Infineum Sanctuary:

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Quest Details

Minimum Level: 19

Quest Givers:

  • Scholar Donovan

Completed By:

  • Scholar Donovan


  • Escalating



CIS Quests


The Cloak

The Ring

The Earring

The First Weapon

The Armor Set

The Legendary Weapon

  • Coming

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Coterie Infineum Sanctuary

The Coterie Infineum
Santuary (CIS) questline can be started at level 19 and completed at
level 28.  It is an epic questline that will take adventurers
all around the area, and immerse them into a rich storyline.

CIS is a popular
spot for adventurers to gather, form groups and either just grind out
some experience, or work on the many quests in the series. The chunk is located just west of Ahgram, and can be reached via first tier riftways as well.

The quest series offers many rewards.  It can be split into
several stages:

  1. The Cloak
  2. The Ring
  3. Infineum Earring
  4. The First Weapon
  5. The Armor Set
  6. The Legendary Weapon

The Cloak

The CIS cloak is often the first cloak a lot of adventurers will earn
in their adventuring career in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.  The
quest line introduces players to a group-preferred area; requiring team
effort and co-ordination.  Near the end of the quest players
will be pitted up in a scripted event against a vicious
Captain Fubared and his guards.  This may be one of the most
challenging encounters players will face pre-30s and it rewards the
player with a very good cloak to don on their backs.

The Ring

The CIS ring
continues the quest line forward and sends players into a new part of
the mines. Players will face new enemies, get pulled deeper into the
storyline and, at the end, will have to face another boss encounter.
 This boss, like the previous one, will take a group effort
and won't go down easily.  She has a few tricks up her sleeve
and players will need to rely on their group to get this part done.

Infineum Earring

This part of the series will ultimately end up in flagging of the
character with immunity to infineum.  This will allow players
to weild infineum weapons and wear infineum armor.  This part
of the quest does not have a boss encounter, but it does require
players to kill many various NPC types found throughout the infineum

The First Weapon

Now that the players are immune to the negative effects of infineum,
they will be able to wield their first infineum weapon.  It
won't come easily though!  New boss encounters await.
 This part of the series takes players undercover as they will
need a disguise to get in with the bad guys.  Once incognito,
they will be able to learn the secrets of making their own infineum
weapons.  But that won't be enough!  These weapons
aren't your ordinary weapons, and players will need to learn how to
wield them.  They will be taken through an all new scripted
event where they prove their worth and can then wield their weapons
with pride.

The Armor Set

No quest series is complete without its own armor set!  Not
only do players doing the CIS questline get fancy new weapons, but they
also get to build up their own infineum armor set.  There's
something for all classes, and infineum armor is the latest fall
fashion craze!

The Legendary Weapon

Finally, the end reward for the quest line is a legendary weapon.
 These are often the first legendary items adventurers will
own.  They are a challenge to get though.  During the
conclusion of the quest line, questers will be taken into the Coterie
Temple where they will need to fight not only one, but five various
encounters.  The combat escalates and comes to a thundering
climax where players will face Kronus in an epic battle in the highest
tower overlooking the entire Sanctuary.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016