The area of Abellinum is vital to Roman industry. Rich in timber resources, the logging operations here supply much of the wood used to produce the goods Rome's citizens

demand. There are, however, a number of growing problems impeding logging operations in this area.

The 5th Legion, stationed at the Patientia Post in the north, is short on men, and Rome cannot send reinforcements at this time. This was the result of a bloody battle against

the Samnite forces led by General Lupinturr of the Hipri Tribe. The 5th legion was so weakened that they can no longer protect the logging operations from the Curetes that

dwell in the area.

We need to secure this area. With the current legion unable to contain the Samnite threat, and the tree demons attacking our operations, all of Rome's industries are

threatening to come to a standstill. This cannot be allowed.

Areas of Interest

Arboris Gap

The main road running the length of Abellinum starts here. You will also find that this is the only pass from the north that will get you into the Abellinum forest. Giant

Eagles nest in the cliffs, as well as circling in the skies looking for food.

Scobis Camp

This camp serves as the center of the Roman logging operations. Led by Foreman Laurus, this camp is in desperate need of assistance in dealing with the Curete that seek to stop

our operations. The camp itself is composed of a few wooden buildings, open-air storage areas, a single large building, and several large piles of timber destined for Rome.

You must be sure that, not only do we get the lumber that's been harvested, but also that the supply is stabilized.

Stipex Wastes

Located just south of Scobis Camp, this was obviously once a thick forest of old-growth trees. The loggers from Scobis Camp, however, logged it so heavily that only a wasteland

was left behind. A well-worn path runs through here on the way to Lignaria, and the terrain is littered with tree stumps and scrub brush. The remaining owls and stags wander

constantly, looking for any scrap of food that might have survived the devastation.


Accessible by only a single path, this area has yet to be completely felled by Roman axes. The difficulty in doing so lies in the the band of Fauni that have taken offense at

our attempts to cut in this area. Add to that the small party of Samnites camped in the area, and you can see why so little has been cut here.

Patientia Post

This small, military post is just across the road from Scobis Camp. The fort itself is little more than a few towers and tents, surrounded by a wooden palisade. Under the

command of Praefect Regulus Scaeva, the 5th Legion's morale has plummeted. Following a crushing defeat against the Samnites, they've turtled up, only venturing out of the fort

to patrol Scobis Camp and the area immediately around the post.

The Weald

Located at the base of a low mountain and just south of the Stipex Wastes, these woods are home to a number of aggressive Curetes which won't allow us to log further. In the

past, we did some logging here, but these Curetes became extremely hostile once the Stipex Waste was made.

Psyche's Woods

East of The Weald is this ancient forest. The Wildwoos Maenads have taken up residence here, establishing several camps throughout. The highest camp in this mountainside

forest belongs to Sobrella, the leader of the Wildwood band. These Maenads are extremely vicious, and won't hesitate to attempt to cut short your exploits.

Grove of Umbraxis

While this area consists of small groves with clearings between them, the Shadowbark Curetes call it home. This makes it a dangerous place for Roman citizens. There is also a

Fauni camp near the eastern border that you should be wary of.

Horrescossus Highlands

Shadowbark Curetes have occupied this area as well, and consider this to be holy ground. Be careful should you tread her as they will fiercely defend their altar of natural

stone. The altar is surrounded by a large ring of giant trees, leaving access only possible from the east. Expect heavy resistance as this area also leads up to Terricula

Peak, also considered holy by the Shadowbark Curetes.

Terricula Peak

This peak is the highest point in all of Abellinum, and offers truly stunning views of the surrounding countryside. It is also home to an ancient Curete, living in a primitive

hut of stone. Be careful here, Hero, as a fall from these heights would prove fatal.

Glareosus Ridge

This steep crest of rock has a series of wide switchbacks that allow us to travel from the northern highlands to the road to Torvus Woods. There are few trees here, but plenty

of giant scorpions and eagles to hold your attention.

Tapetia Meadow

This area was logged many years ago, and, while some of the trees have grown back, is mainly home to grasses and wildflowers. Large rocks have fallen from the cliffs, and are

the only real landmarks to go by here. Stags and giant eagles are the primary residents here, so it's likely to be one of the safer areas you'll find in this region.

Mulcibium Mines

These mines are a very dangerous place for us to tread. The malignant Maleficus Dactyli have set up shop here, mining a valuable mineral within the mine. Rather than do the

work themselves, they've made use of a small army of Cyclopes they've enslaved. While the mines can be accessed via Tapetia Meadows or Lunatis Pond, neither is considered an

advisable course even if you can find the hidden entrances.

Taberna Peregrini

A small, wooden inn and stable both stand here, tucked against the base of the cliff on the western side of the main road. This is also where Scrontios, a Dactyl emissary from

the Alban Hills can be found. He has been sent to learn what the Maleficus Dactyli are up to.

Lunatis Pond

While the dangers here would be considered natural, they should not be ignored. Many trees surround the area, hiding the large number of bears that wander the area. Be

particularly wary on the northern side of the pond as a small spur off the main road there leads to a particularly large den. Giant Eagles also live in this area, so keep an

eye out for them as well.

Phoenix Rise

Once a dense forest, Phoenix Rise was caught in a devastating forest fire. The road through here disappears quickly, swallowed by the charred debris. You too may be swallowed

if you fail to watch for the wolves prowling the forest floor and the base of the rise. Further up the rise, you can find the likely cause of the forest fire, as well as the

reason behind this rise's name. Phoenixes nest here, and their alpha, Bennu, is particularly vicious when intruders are about. Samnite patrols may also be encountered as they

patrol the area regularly.

Belua Trail

Leading southwest from Phoenix Rise, this road leads to Camp Celari and joins with the Via Calabria before they head into Torvus Woods. Only accessible from the north and south

ends, the narrow canyon is home to many wolves who will happily invite you to dinner. Samnites also occasionally patrol the road as well.

Camp Celari

This small, Roman camp is not visible from the road below, thus keeping the Samnites from noticing the villagers. This vantage point allows the remaining soldiers in Abellinum

to keep an eye on the Samnites while remaining hidden.

Via Calabria

The main road through Abellinum from Torvus Woods, the road is flanked on both sides by steep, impassable terrain. The only break in this canyon is in the northwest corner

which allows access to Hirpini Forest, the main encampment for the Samnites troubling this region. Your greatest concern, however, will likely be the wolves which prowl here.

Lupinturr's Hold

This Samnite stronghold consists of a wooden stockade atop a hill south of Phoenix Rise. Guard towers at each corner and the entrances in the western and southern walls make it

difficult to assault. It is heavily manned and guarded as it serves as the center of Samnite resistance to our expansion into this area. Throughout the hold are many banners

and images of wolves, the totem animal of their commander, General Lupinturr.


Three Samnite camps here make accessing Lupinturr's hold even more dangerous. Full squads patrol the camps and the roads to the east and west, slaying all Romans they find.

Under the command of Statvirri, an elite squad of Samnites can be found. For your sake, Hero, hope you don't find them! The wolves here should be avoided lest the sounds of

battle draw Samnites to you.

Hamadria's Junction

Many crossroads mark this place, with roads leading off to Latialis Vales, Torvus Woods, and Avernus Converge. A few bears and stags wander the area, but there is a local

legend that a Gigantus going by Asterios has a home here as well.

Garden of the Aeternal

Led by the Nymph Dentraeia, a group of Nymphs tends a small, woodland temple here. While not exactly friendly to Rome, they do not appreciate the violent actions of the Maenads

and Satyrs in the area. These Nymphs have allied themselves with the goddess Feronia, who lives in the south. The Nymph's concerns lie with restoring balance to the forests of

Abellinum rather than with the wanton slaying of humans. Tread carefully here lest you waken their ire.


This ancient forest is both darker and denser than either The Weald or Horrescossus Highlands could dream of being. Home to the Lushwood Maenads and Guilehorn Satyrs, this area

should be considered hostile. Both groups have a number of camps in the area and patrol the entire forest. Owls and stags wander the area, but there are no humans at all.

Many refuse to set foot here, and, those that do, are never heard from again...

Feronia's Throne

The minor forest deity, Feronia, has made this grove south of Nemoralis her home. While Feronia doesn't actually sit on a throne, she does float above the center of the pond in

the southwest corner. The pond itself is only knee deep, allowing her subjects to approach her. Peaceful bears, stags, and Nymphs attend her, and would likely become far less

friendly should you seek to harm Feronia.

Scelestus Pass

Gateway to Avernus, this road becomes little more than an animal track as it enters the pass. The reason behind this is the lack of traffic into the area, for no human in his

right mind dares to tread there! Just east of the road there, the ruins of an ancient temple has become the home of a number of Voltae. With the vicious bears who also prowl

the area, the wise man steers well clear of the pass.

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