Acadechsim: The Loots that Keep on Giving

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones (special thanks to Taea for some screenies)

Orcs, Orcs, and more Orcs, that's all Crushbone has to offer. In the early 20's this is a great place to take your friends for some xp and fun. What many people didn't realize early on was atop this might fortress is another zone, a much more challenging and dangerous place, the Acadechism. If you completed Dvinn's Throne Room, remember how Dvinn pulled a comic book fist shaking villian disapperance? Well guess where he went? This zone is designed for early 60's, and while it can be done by a group of 70's, other than AA experience you won't see much in the way of reward.

The Layout

The zone itself is fairly straightfoward. The hallways form a square which intersect in front of a room with a named. This is followed by another square intersecting in front of the final room. The final room is guarded by a forcefield which has to be deactivated. Someone will have to click all 4 of these throughout the zone to lower it.

If you are in a hurry, you can usually click these from outside the room meaning you only have to clear half the zone. There are patrolling mobs though, so pulling to a safe area in many cases is the wisest thing to do.

The Players

The War Ancient of Zek:

This 62 ^^^ heroic looks intimidating but is a lot more bark than bite. He'll lumber at you like he's going to stomp you, but drops fairly easily. Make sure to clear the adds around him and stay away from the hallway doors to either side. If you like adds and want to annoy the crap out of your groups Coercer (who doesn't right?) then ignore that.

Kelzaral the Animator:

She is a 64 ^^^ heroic and doesn't like long walks on the beach. First the room she's in has a bunch of additional encounters which should be cleared before pulling her. She should also be pulled away from the two hallways with patrolling mobs. She has this nasty tendency of knockback which has caused more than one tank to be thrown into a hall.

Bolgorak the Scourge and Akaranseth

These 2 65^'s I refer to as Beavis and Butthead. They are dumb for charging you, and get cancelled pretty quickly. It's hard to notice if they use any special abilities because they are dispatched so quickly. The only bonus is, they each give you AA and I've seen at least one master chest drop off them.


The big man himself. Elusive, dangerous, and ready to beat you like your mama never did. Dvinn is the last stop on this train of excitement and is the trickest mob in the zone. He's a level 66^^^ heroic and if you cleared his two friends out he'll come alone. First, he stuns, so have your Templar if you have one use Sanctuary. He also has a tendency to run straight at the healer or lowest level in the group. Taunt fast or you'll have casualties. After you do a little damage Dvinn will disappear and a few "Spirits of Dvinn" will show up. They are 65^ and should go pretty quickly. Dvinn will reappear once again attempting to dismember your lowest member/healer. He'll disappear, more "spirits" will show up, and once you dispatch them he'll come back for a final showdown.

The Loots

This zone has some amazing low T7 loot that drops on a regular basis. It's mostly no trade so you have to be present to win! Take a look at a few of the items:


So there you have it. Thanks for looking at the Ten Ton Hammer guide to this zone and if there are any additions/corrections please let me know by email .


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016