by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

IIntelligence is an important part of the AFS campaign in Tabula Rasa and the Pools area of Valverede is no exception. While the Pools is home to various forms of Bane experimentation, a considerable amount of time and effort has been put into finding out exactly what weaponry the enemy is building. Two listening posts have been carefully established in camoflauged areas providing a secure location for data collection.

The two listening posts are located in different areas of Pools, one to the extreme south and one to the far east. Both bases provide fast travel teleporters, vendors, and medics not to mention safe locations for AFK's. The South Listening Post does not provide much in the way of missions and the primary function seems to be housing the Turpis Refinery Facility instance. You'll very likely spend a lot longer at the Eastern Listening Post.

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Listening Post

Spy Networking - This mission begins with Amee Corman near the Pyramid at Retread Camp and requires the completion of both parts of Retread Planning. They found out you are a spy so now it's time to repay the favor and use the AFS to locate some poison containers. The computer database is located in the South Listening Post.

Once at the listening post you'll speak with Corporal Sheen and send her to the first aid office allowing you access to the computer. In order to get your update you'll have to research pertinent topics which involves some common sense and sheer luck. You'll only have a minute before Sheen walks back and you'll have to start over. If you want to save yourself 10-15 minutes choose topics in the following order: Thrax Barracks, Communication, Poison Control, then download the canister locations. This mission completed for me by radio providing 5400 credits and your choice of a Pulsar Bio Armor Vest, Audiodyne Stealth Armor Helmet, Olympia Hazmat Boots, or Dynamo Motor Assist Armor Boots.

Take the Poison / Poison Control - Depending on your choices you will now receive either a radio mission, or need to speak with Corporal Sheen in the locations listed above. The Retreads will ask you to destroy the canisters, the AFS to collect and bring them back for analysis. In either mission the canisters will be in the same location but the Retreads mission will require you get your hands dirty and kill a few AFS soldiers.

Once your objectives have been completed return either to Corporal sheen or Amee Corman to receive your reward which varies based on the mission.

Eastern Listening Post - This mission begins with Colonel "Snake" Washington in The Snake Pit near -978, 406. It's easy to miss Snake as he's up in a tower near the vendors so keep your eyes open. He wants you to gather some supplies and deliver them to the Eastern Listening Post (ELP). Make your way out to the Bane Weapon Range among the artillery and Striders and look for a crate around 239, -325.

Once you've interacted with it, head to the ELP in the far eastern area of the zone. The entrance is a little camoflauged but not impossible to find. Once you are there find Lieutenant Chester inside around 1015, 330 and speak with him. He'll give you 3600 credits and your choice of Chitech Bio Armor Gloves, CryoGen Motor Assist Armor Vest, Pathogex Hazmat Armor Boots, and Pathogex Stealth Armor Legs.

Smash and Grab - This mission begins with Lieutenant Chester inside the Eastern Listening Post and requires the completion of the mission Eastern Listening Post above. Apparently Chester is appalled that Snake wants you to go into the Bane Barracks and steal their supplies but he wants their data servers destroyed as well. Sounds easy right? It's just a short laundry list of the following:

Collect Thrax Ammo
Collect Plasam Capacitors
Collect Nutrient Paste from the Bane Barracks
Destory Thrax Ammo Data Server
Destroy Plasma Capacitor Data Server
Destroy Nutrient Paste Data Server

Wow! This is a little more than we're used to being assigned but fortunately everything is in two buildings right next to each other. Head north to the Bane barracks area and look for the two buildings. The one to the north will be the easiest and shortest. You'll have to take out a named and his friends but after making quick work in the back of the building is your update. Head west into the tunnel of the other building making your way to the back and killing the other named.

After completing all your objectives be sure to head back to Chester who will grant you 7200 credits and your choice of Pathogex Mech Armor Gloves, Audiodyne Stealth Armor Vest, Luminar Hazmat Armor Helmet or Olympia Motor Assist Armor Helmet.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016