Morheim has one big thing going for it in the way that all of the materials stand out against the terrain. You'd think leveling Vitality Extraction would be a total joke, but with how sparsely populated the hills can seem, you might see it as a daunting task. Fear not. We've got you covered in our next vitality extraction segment to carry you into the 200 range!

I hope you like Titanium. You'll be right clicking all along mountains to the west of the Havenjark Cemetary of Brusthonin. Do very long sweeps so they have time to respawn behind you. You'll have to pass over the gold for now. Most people are here for that anyway, so you should have the titanium all to yourself. Finish 130-140 with the plant life in Eastern Morheim along the pass. There are plenty of good spawns here for your skill level.

You can gather it all up here!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016