Being a carebear in Aion is nothing to be ashamed of! Whether you regularly strive to avoid PvP combat or just want a few moments of peace every now and again, many of us will want to dodge PvP at some time.

Get a few tips on how you can avoid PvP confrontations in a PvP-centric game so you too can be a carebear, just like me.

When playing in a safe zone won’t work for whatever you need to do, you’ll end up having to make your way into one of the several rifting zones and this means you may face players looking to beat you down. It is pretty much impossible to avoid PvP completely in these areas, but you can take control and minimize your exposure. One way to do this is being aware of where the rift incoming locations are at.

With some common sense and a little bit of tricksy knowledge found in our Carebear's Guide to Dodging PvP, just maybe you can get something done without having to fight for your life.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016