you are Asmodian or Elyos, the first 10 levels of your time in
Aion are just a
small taste of what you will experience for the length of your character's
life.  Real adventure and challenge begins once you have completed your
ascension quests, have chosen your class path, and are initiated as a Daeva.  It
is at this time you gain your wings and finally get to learn the intricacies of
your character's career choice.

There are
two ascension quest lines in game, one for each faction.  These quests are
given to you automatically when you reach level 9 and can be found under the
"Campaign" tab of your quest journal.  You can choose to do the quests as soon
as you get them, or you can wait until you've finished up your time in the
newbie area.  You won't be able to progress much further until you've chosen
your class path and have ascended, but remember that you can always travel back
to the beginner area after you have ascended if you want to complete quests or
help out friends!


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The first
order of business is to find and speak with Pernos.  If you've been questing
then you've probably already met him.  If not, he can be easily found along
Agaric Spore Road in the northern part of Poeta.  After a long dialog, he sends
you on a mission to fill a vial from the center island of Cliona Lake.  Once
you've found the location, open your inventory and right click the vial to fill

With the
full vial in your bag, you need to visit Lord Daminu in Daminu Forest.  He's
pretty much the only huge tree with a face along the road so he's hard to miss! 
He craves the nourishing liquid from Cliona Lake and you will use it to force
Lord Daminu to share his essence.  Luckily this isn't as gross as it sounds and
you end up watching the old tree cry out an apple which you will nab up and take
back to Pernos.

things are suppose to help restore your memory and reveal your destiny.  After
speaking with Pernos again, you'll be taken to a scenario.  You'll look pretty
pimp and people will be hailing you as a "Lord" as you walk up the ramp to meet
Belpartan.  You'll speak with him and Belpartan will tell you that they need
your assistance in defeating the Balaur, then your character will do a nose dive
off the cliff and go flying in a cutscene.  When you land you'll gain back
control of your character as enemies attack you.  The small group of mobs are
easy to defeat and no match for your obvious glory and skill.  The next guy is
only slightly more difficult.  The Orissa of Horror will spawn and attack you. 
These encounters are meant to be won so none of the enemies hit very hard or
take much to destroy.  Before you defeat the Orissa of Horror, you will again be
transported to a cutscene where you will witness the rest of the battle.

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All of
this is meant to show you who you are and reveal you as a powerful warrior on
the path of a Daeva.  Now that you know that you aren't simply a scout, warrior,
mage, or priest you will choose which specialized path you wish to follow.  You
choose your class then are taken back to the beginner area where you were, next
to Pernos.  He will ask you if you wish to stay and finish up your business in
Poeta or if you are ready to head to the Sanctum and complete your Deava

When in
Sanctum, you'll need to speak with the tiny little Leah who will be just ahead
of where you spawn in the city.  She will send you to speak with Jucleas in the
Lyceum.  A cutscene will take you through the ceremony which is when you are
granted your wings (yay!).  After all is done here, you will be asked to visit
your trainer to receive your gift for completing the ascension.  The gift seems
to be a weapon or off-hand item of good quality and very nice to have in those
young levels.

[protip]Get the ascension done ASAP! The quest reward, wings, and level 10 skills are all worth
earning as early as possible. If you need to go back to the newbie area, do so as a pimped out


As an
Asmodian, your ascension starts with Munin, the fellow trapped in the prison
camp.  He will start you on your journey to finding out a bit of your own
mysterious past!

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This quest
leads you to speak with three people who have cards depicting your past,
present, and future.  First talk with Urd the Taylor in Aldelle Village to
obtain the card showing your past.

Next, head
to Munihele Forest to talk with Verdandi.  She's the crazy old witch that you
encountered when you were searching for Rae in the Campaign quest.  She will
give you a card showing your present.

make your way to Anturoon Crossing.  To the west of the outpost on a cliff
overlooking the sea, you will find Skuld.  She will give you the card that holds
your future.

Take these
three cards back to Munin who will work some freaky magic and tell you a bit
about yourself and informs you that you are to become a Daeva.  He shows you how
this will all play out.  You'll be transported to an instance where you will
walk up the ramp to speak with Hagen.  He will talk of a battle taking place and
then you will lose control over your character as it takes off into flight to
join the battle.  When you land, you'll be attacked by a group of Guardian
Assassins who are easily killed.  When those are destroyed, Brigade General
Hellion will spawn and attack you.  You'll fight with him briefly and then it
will segue into a cutscene where you are stricken down.  The scene ends there
and you awake to find Munin once again with you.  It is now when you will decide
your class path.  Read the descriptions and make your choice wisely because
there isn't a way to change your class in-game.

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you've chosen your class you will be transported back to where you were at
Munin's prison.  He will ask you if you'd like to move on to the capital city of
Pandaemonium or if you'd rather stay and finish up your time in Ishalgen.  As
mentioned before, if you choose to leave you can always locate the teleporter in
the city and travel back to the beginner area.

This will
complete the Ascension quest and take you into the Daeva's Ceremony quest. 
You'll be taken to Pandaemonium and asked to speak with Heimdail who is just up
the path from where you spawn.  He will welcome you and ask that you visit the
Great Temple to see High Priest Baider.  The Great Temple is down the stairs to
the right just before you go into the main city.  Speaking with Baider will
initiate the cutscene for the ceremony where you will finally be granted your
wings!  Now all you need to do is visit your trainer to receive your gift then
you can begin your great adventure!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016