Zul'Aman Guide - Akil'Zon

Akil'Zon is the Eagle Boss in Zul'aman, one of the Loas, and a good choice for a second boss to fight.


Summon Amani Eagle

Akil'Zon calls forth Eagles that attack with Eagle Swoop

Static Disruption

This ability will deal over 3000 nature damage to his target and whoever is near him/her. It will also create a debuff that will increase nature damage taken by that person by 25%

Call Lightning

Akil'Zon shoots Lightning for 3000-4000 damage

Gust of Wind

A random person will be thrown up in the air, and dealt half their health in damage upon their crashing back on the ground.

Electrical Storm

This spell is channeled by Akil'Zon and will last 7 to 8 seconds - a person will be thrown in the air and a cloud will come over them. Any person not below the cloud will be zapped constantly for increased nature damage, so it's imperative everyone gathers up near the person with the cloud. This will happen every minute, approximately.


There's a couple elements in this fight to get through it quickly - first and foremost, you will all need to spread out the best you can to avoid his Static Disruption ability, and when he decides to do his Electrical Storm everyone needs to rush in quickly below the cloud to avoid being zapped and killed or severely damaged.

Keep everyone topped off the best you can, so you don't fall prey to Static Disruption nor his Gust of Wind and die, also make sure everyone knows to bandage or potion up if they're getting too low and see one of his special attacks coming. He will normally just cast Call Lightning on the Main Tank, so healers need to be aware of damage spikes on him once he does.

When Electrical Storm is going to be called in, rain will start pouring in the instance, and then an emote will appear notifying you that an electrical storm has appeared. Akil'Zon will shoot a random person with a purple bolt and create the cloud ontop of them - everyone will need to rush near this person to avoid the nature damage that will undoubtedly come if you can't rush in fast enough.

Once the Storm is over, resume original positioning spread out to avoid the primary ability.

Akil'Zon will sometimes conjure up Eagles into the fight, which hit for around 1500 when they use their ability, Eagle Swoop. It's best to AoE these down as fast as you can, as they will not despawn and can pile up. Warlocks and Mages are best against these packs of birds.

After not too long, Akil'Zon should die, and one more boss will have been defeated within Zul'aman!

Two "Loas" down, two to go, plus 2 final bosses!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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