Apexis Crystals are the new currency used to obtain pre-raid and even some raid gear, along with mounts, elixers, and novelty items. They are gained rapidly through daily questing and there are a few alternative means of obtaining them. They're primarly used in Ashran at various vendors (sometimes in the combination of gold) to purchase gear, mounts, and various items. 

Obtaining Apexis Crystals 

You can obtain Apexis Crystals starting at level 90, however, you can't really begin to earn the bulk necessary until level 100 when the second war strategy table opens in your garrison that provides you a choice between two daily quests. These daily quests come three ways: 800 AC for a solo quest, 1000 AC for group and PvP quests. You can only do one each day. 

The most you should count on in a week is 7000, assuming you get a group quest each day. The least you'll be able to earn, assuming you login each day, is 5600. There are some alternative means of obtaining AC, however, in the grand scheme of things they are not worth your time: 

  • Garrison Invasion (33/50/75 depending on result). 
  • Crates in your garrison sometimes reward a few, usually in multiples of 10. 
  • Rares and daily quest mobs drop AC. 
  • A rare mission grants 1000 AC. 

You probably won't farm up a ton of AC outside of dailies, however most of these methods work pre-100, so you should have a few hundred starting at level 100, however, rewards are very costly. 

Daily Quests

Some pro tips for the daily quests. When you arrive, don't just kill NPCs, fiddle with everything. You'll have a bar that charges up during each daily quest, so just click everything. Birds, trees, friendly NPCs, anything and everything clickable, click it! You'll either gain some cool buffs or percentage towards completion.

Spending Apexis Crystals 

AC can be used in Ashran in order to obtain gear, mounts, elixirs, and various cosmetic items. 

For gear, the basic breakdown is as follows: 

  • Crystal ilvl 630 (obtaining the gear): 3000 bracers and backs, 4000 hands and bracers, and 5000 for legs and head. 
  • Exceptional ilvl 645 (requires Crystal piece): 9000 / 10500 / 11500 
  • Flawless ilvl 655 (requires Exceptional piece): 14500 / 17000 / 20000 

As you can see, it would cost 36,500 or 36 days of doing group daily quests and another day to do a solo one. So generally, getting every piece to crystal shouldn't take very long (24,000 total points) which could be done in as little as 20 days, giving some luck with missions, rares, and the daily quest NPCs but generally within 24 to 30 days you should have a full set of crystal gear. 

Assuming you need all of the pieces of course. 

Mounts are 5k, pets are 2k, elixirs are just a single AC. 

Farming Apexis Crystals 

You can farm them off of the mobs from the dailies or off of rares, but honestly you'd need to kill something like 6 or maybe even 10 thousand enemies to get enough for a single piece of gear, which in that time you could just run dungeons to get enough ilvl to do heroics or quest in Nagrand, then move on over to heroics which drop ilvl 630 gear. 

The best method of farming these is to simply do your daily quests each day. That's it! 

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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