Up till this point the Arakkoa were a name World of Warcraft heroes reviled. Nasty, fearsome beasts, this race has typically been one we have fought against in the past. However, in Draenor, some of the Arakkoa are no enemy. Cast out of Arakkoa society, this group are considered outcasts in their strict caste system. Tossed into Sethekk Hollow, these outcasts have been cursed by Sethe, leading to their current flightless state.

Lurking in shadows, they dream of a better, brighter tomorrow. Broken and flightless, the Arakkoa in this expansion revere Anzu and Terokk. Using shadow magic, they combat the flying Arakkoa minions of Rukhmar, the Adherents of Rukhmar, who cast them out and wish to destroy the outcasts totally. The Outcasts can use all the help they can get, thus they look for able heroes from both Horde and Alliance to befriend them and take up their cause.

Arakkoa Outcasts – Earning Reputation

As previously mentioned, both Horde and Alliance players can earn reputation with the Arakkoa Outcasts. Players interested in earning the favor of this faction will have an easy time of it, much easier than earning reputation with factions in the past. Two main methods of reputation earning can be completed for this faction:


Quests will be the main resource for reputation for the Arakkoa Outcasts. However, these quests will not be the Daily Quests of the past. In fact, Daily Quests seem to have, for now, become a thing of the past. Instead quests will be of the normal variety, requiring players to quest through various zones, heading back to turn in bonus quests found along the way. Quests earning reputation for the Arakkoa Outcasts can be found primarily in:

  • Spires of Arak
  • Taldor

Unfortunately, even after completing all the quests related to this faction, players will not reach Exalted reputation. However, it will give you an excellent start to building a relationship with this Warlords of Draenor faction. This is when it is time to move on to the second form of reputation earning; killing mobs.


While many may see this as the inevitable grind to replace Daily Quests, it isn't quite that. While killing mobs is essential to earning reputation with the Arakkoa Outcasts, you can do it on your own terms. You may kill as many or as few mobs as you like and do it when you please. No waiting for a quest to reset or being unable to repeat it. While this won't be as fun as completing quests, it is a far from the worst grind we have ever seen.

Mobs that grant experience for the Arakkoa Outcasts must come from level 100 mobs inside the Spires of Arak zone. These mobs will grant reputation only after they are killed. Mobs that grant this reputation and are the correct level can be found in these areas inside the zone:

  • Lost Veil Anzu – East Coast.
  • Skettis – North, near the boarder of Shadowmoon Valley.

Arakkoa Outcasts – Rewards

Despite their position as outcasts, the Arkkoa Outcasts can offer rewards to those who earn their favor. Rewards can be purchased from two Quartermasters, both found inside the zone of Ashran:

  • ShadowSage Brakoss – Alliance Quartermaster/Town Hall, Stormshield
  • Ravenspeaker Skeega – Horde Quartermaster/ Warspear Hold, Warspear

Rewards can be purchased from these Quartermasters with Gold or a combination of Gold and Apexis Crystals. Remember, the better your reputation, the better the rewards that will be offered to your character. Rewards for the Arakkoa Outcasts include:


Arakkoa Elixir – Grants a chance to deal fire damage and increases movement speed by 5%. Lasts thirty minutes. Can only be used in the Spires of Arak.


Saberon Protector – A trinket that summons a Saberon Bodyguard to fight with you.


Wings of the Outcasts – 5 Charges of Slow Fall. Lasts 2 minutes.

Son of Sethe – Battle Pet.


Shadowmane Charger – Ground Mount.

Arakkoa Outcasts Tabard – Tabard.

Mantle of the Talon King – Exalted Achievement.

Talon Queen/King – Exalted Title.

Talon Guard Kurekk – Garrison Follower awarded at Exalted.

Draenor Archaeologist's Map - Randomizes Archaeology dig sites in Draenor.

Draenor Archaeologist's Stone – Teleports you to a random active dig site in Draenor.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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