Grab a sword, staff, or bow and head out to battle! Your side needs you
to secure resources located inside of the Arathi Basin, just one of the
battlegrounds available in World of Warcraft. To help you on your way
to victory Mem has taken up the challenge of updating the Arathi Basin
guide with the most current information.

All entrances to
Arathi Basin are located in the Arathi Highlands. The
Alliance entrance is located inside Refuge Pointe, while the Horde
Entrance is located just outside of Hammerfall. Prior to Patch 3.1
players were forced to either use these entrances, or queue up using
one of the Battlemasters located in each capital city. As of Patch 3.1
players may enter the queue from anywhere using the battlegrounds tab
in the Player vs. Player window.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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