Arena Gear and Adv. Tactics Added!
Our Arena Guide has received a new update! This time, we go over why Resilience and Stamina should be your priorities, as well as overall suggestions for you no matter which class you are challenging the Arena with!

Arena weapons (and PvE weaponry) have obscenely high DPS! if you receive a critical strike head-on, it's not uncommon to see yourself one or two-shotted. It happened to everyone when Ragnaros's Hammer was first used in battlegrounds and when Ashkandis became popular to use within PvP areas. People would drop quickly without knowing what hit them. Now, with resilience, we're able to level the playing field and have a decent chance at out-maneuvering people with huge, hulking weaponry.

Come check our compiled list of new tips and tactics for the starter or seasoned arena player by going to our Arena Guide!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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