With the mighty Tiber River snaking through, lush farms and verdant pastures abound. However, all is not as peaceful as it seems. Ostensibly under Roman control, Armentalius

is still considered to be a contested area. This area is a key base for Roman operations against the Gauls, warranting a permanent garrison in Praeneste, the area's largest

city. This garrison has to deal with, not only the brigands who have established camps throughout the south, but the Gaul camps in the northwest at Meton Vale.

The Roman Tower is Rome's main stronghold in the north, but they're having problems there as well. With a shortage of both soldiers and weapons of late, and no expectation of

reinforcements from Rome, things are looking bleak.

Bringing the Tarvalli Gauls under control once and for all would cement our hold on the area. However, forget not the Harpyiae, Minotauri, and bandits which also cause trouble

here. All these must be dealt with to secure Rome's interests in the area, and allow the Roman Legions to take the fight to the Tarvalli. For the good of Rome, brave hero,

turn the tide against our enemies, and crush them beneath your heels!

Places of Interest

Porta Euroa

This small, suburban town is just outside Roma's eastern gates. The stucco buildings here are well maintained as befits such a valuable commercial center. Fortunately, it is

also fairly secure from the bandits that plague the region.

Bustum Euroum

Existing before the birth of the Republic, this ancient graveyard is still used by the residents of the area today. However, near the entrance are the newest, and best tended

shrines to the dead. As you head deeper in, the tombs and gravestones begin to become more neglected. Residents rarely venture back this far as Larvae and other undead

creatures wander here, anxious to suck the warmth from your very soul.

Herculean Temple

North of Porta Euroa, framed by colonnades and well manicured trees, this temple boasts a statue of the legendary hero. The statue itself is epic in it's proportions, a perfect

match to the great Hercules' exploits. Nerecles leads the small group of holy men that maintain the temple, and is in need of your help. A renegade tribe of Centauri, the

Thunderhoof, have been terrorizing the countryside, inexplicably focusing their attacks on the temple.

Ripa Laeva

This narrow valley northwest of Porta Euroa runs north to south, framed on either side by steep, rocky cliffs. Ledges along the valley walls provide perfect perches for

Harpies, a fact which the Harpies themselves also realize. They've also discovered the aqueduct running through here makes a great perch as well. While the Harpies control the

skies, wolves prowl the valley floor. It seems you'll have to watch both land and sky if you want to survive your passage through Ripa Laeva.

Anio Vetus

This large canyon is surrounded by impassable mountainsides and cliffs, with an unfinished aqueduct framed by scaffolding. The project was abandoned, compliments of the Efferus

band. These Cyclopes moved in and set up three large camps, and the engineers decided it was time to leave. Harpies have also decided this is a nice area, and are taking full

advantage of the upper portions of the unfinished aqueduct.

Manes Hills

The small nooks and valleys among these hills provide homes for many wild beasts. While Bandits occassionally come through from their camp at River's Joining, the hills are

relatively safe.

River's Joining

This small, bandit compound is much larger than a standard camp would be. Small shacks surrounded by a series of low walls clearly marks what the bandits see as their

territory. There's a lot of activity around the camp, between the guards wandering the area and the bandit squads that leave the compound regularly to patrol the surrounding


River's Edge

Lying north of River's Joining and Mane's Hills, is a series of low hills between the main road and the Tiber River. Covered mostly with tall grasses and low bushes, wolves and

bears prowl amongst the sparse tree cover, a fact you'd be well advised to remember when coming through.

The Roman Tower

Garrisoned with only a small force of Roman soldiers, the tower stands as the sole defense in northern Armentalius. The road running north to Anio Bridge and south to Porta

Euroa is their primary charge, yet things are looking bleak. The Gaul camp at Meton Vale is close enough for concern, and both reinforcements and supplies have been in short

supply of late.

South Opilio Farms

Just east or the Roman Tower, this old farmstead has obviously been abandoned for a while. The eastern border of the farm houses the old villa, now in serious disrepair. The

horses which used ot be raised have grown wild, not to mention dangerous! Add to this the Thunderhoof Centauri camp near the ruined farmhouse, and this area is just one more

giant headache for the soldiers guarding the Roman Tower.

North Opilio Farms

The Thunderhoof Centauri control this area as well, using a series of encampments throughout the area. While primarily concentrated in the eastern fields, several have opted to

take up residence in the courtyard of the villa which is still in decent shape.

Anio Bridge

On the northern bank of the Tiber River, this small settlement stands. With the Gauls' main camp in the hills to the northwest, Rome has placed a minor garrison in the village.

Even with the obvious threat from the Gauls, some brave Romans have set up shop here and are going about their business.

Ruinae Harpyiarum

North of Opilio Farms, these ruins stretch through the narrow canyon. The Harpyiae which make their nests in the sides of the canyons, as well as amongst the ruins are not the

only threats here. A strange sorceress have set up some basic structures, taking control of the southern end of the canyon. None have dared disturb her as she lists among her

minions several of the dreaded Gorgons. Perhaps you would be wise to seek your glory elsewhere...

Aureus Hills

Located to the extreme north, a ridge here used to block access from Armentalius to Metallium. However, the Tiber River cleared a pass in the ridge over untold centuries. Now

the main road out of Armentalius, travellers must contend with the bears and wolves that wander amongst the trees and vegetation that decorate the area.

Meton Vale

Campsite of the Tarvalli Gauls, Meton Vale consists of two camps, separated by rocks and trees. The vale can only be reached by two small paths which lead up from the main

road. Whichever one you pick, you can expect to encounter Tarvalli warriors who are garrisoned there.

Gordian Estate

East of Porta Euroa is this large farmstead. Owned by a senator from Rome, the luxurious villa occupies the southeastern portion of the estate. Armed guards have been posted

at the entrance, and have proven to be a powerful deterrent to unwelcome visitors. The remainder of the estate houses the senator's prized bulls, held in two large livestock

pens, housing for the estate's workers, granaries, and a barracks for his private guard. Remember well who owns this place and tread lightly, young Hero.

Gordian Field

The field provides additional grazing land for the senator's livestock, as well as space for them to live. Bulls and cows have been placed in a large, fenced pen where they can

graze in peace. A small farmhouse occupies the southern end of the field, but there is little else to see here.

Infensus Stand

Bandits abound here, taking advantage of the rise between the Infensus Stand and the road to the north to hide their activities. Several small bandit camps lie here that a

brave hero will need to clear out for the good of the Republic.

Fossae Gabinae

Between Porta Euroa and Gabii, this stretch of the Tiber River features steep cliff walls on both sides of the river. The narrow path is made more hazardous by the nests of the

Giant Eagles, who see humans as just another food source.


This small town is only lightly defended. However, you can still find many tradesmen and vendors to sell you supplies for your adventures.

Petrosus Fields

The townspeople of Gabii use this area for the sheep they rely on. The shepherds camp at the southern end of the hills, driving the sheep into the hills to graze. They must be

ever vigilant for both wolves and giant eagles would love to have mutton for dinner.

Cunae Aquilarum

While the giant eagles are primarily a nuisance in most areas, here they become a serious problem. This is their main nesting area, and humans are sure to get a cold reception

if they dare tread the narrow path which leads up the mountainside.

The Wolf's Den

Hero, beware! This innocent-looking valley tucked into the mountains northwest of Petrosus Fields hides great danger. Accesable only by a narrow path at it's southern end, the

pathway is lined with large rocks, making it impossible to see what lies deep within it. However, rumour has it that the wolves, for whom this valley is named, have a great

leader. Their Alpha is said to be a dog, of sorts, supremely vicious and born in the fires of Hell itself! With the rumours that this ferocious beast has three heads, perhaps

there could be some truth to those rumours...

The Breaks

Carpeted with tall grass and doted with trees, a large band of bandits has set up camp. These ramshackle huts at the southern end are hidden by the hills which roll throughout

the area. At the northern boundary, they've established two more raiding camps to harrass travellers. Clearly, travel here is dangerous, but...well...them's The Breaks!

The Groves of Trepetus

East of the breaks, this area of once prime grazing land has been ruined by the appearance of several vicious lions. The prides hunt the area actively, searching for any food

which might happen by.

Herder's Camp

North of The Groves of Trepetus, several livestock herders make their homes. The camp is relatively quiet, only the occassional bull getting loose and causing havoc. The

animals are kept in small pens, awaiting their demise that the citizens of the Republic may eat.

The Lower Fields

When the Bloodhorn tribe of Minotauri brought an increasing number of aggressive bulls here, they ruined the land for the peaceful denizens of Herder's Camp. Now, between these

vicious bulls and the Minotauri themselves, domestic livestock can no longer graze here. Perhaps, brave hero, you would like to aid the herders, and perhaps gather some fresh

steak for yourself?

Southern Cautis

The Bloodhorn Minotauri have also spread south of The Lower Field. The camps are easy to spot and well organized. Minotauri totems and huts are arranged around a central

campfire, with squads patrolling the camp. Should you decide to take on these Minotauri camps, be sure to bring some friends!

Palilian Pastures

Here too the Bloodhorn menace has spread. They've driven out all the sheperds that once grazed their flocks here, and only a few dilapidated buildings remain to show they were

ever here.


Praeneste was foolish enough to ally with the Gauls during the Latin War, a move which cost them territory. Now, they have seen the error of their ways and the greatness of the

Republic! They've since furnished many contingents to the Roman army, and even Roman exiles were allowed to live there. The city became prosperous, and today sports a truly

impressive forum and a teeming marketplace. Be sure to stock up on supplies at this safe haven. Between the permanenet garrison and the mercenaries which are drawn here, it is

quite difficult for the Gauls to cause much trouble.

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