The hills and valleys of Armentaria are home to many lush famrs and verdant pastures, all nestled on the fertile banks of the mighty Tiber River.

  • In order to provide adequate protection for the citizens of Armentaria, a legion of Roman troops has been stationed in the city of Praeneste. The biggest problem facing the troops is the large number of cutthroates, bandits, and thieves who have established camps throughout the rolling hills of souther Armentaria. These wandering criminals are always on the lookout for opportunities to pad their pockets.
  • Though Rome has conquered Armentaria, the vicious Gauls camped in Meton Vale have not given up the fight. They need to be taught just how futile their resistance really is.

At the southen end of the canyon known as Harpia Runia lies the camp of a most-malicious and powerful enemy of Rome. Alongside this enemy, a nefarious band of Harpyiae has built their nests in the canyon walls and the ruins scattered across the canyone floors. The Harpyiae are quite sinister and deadly as adversaries.

Levels 30-36

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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