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II of the Forest of Spirits quests brings in the doctor who can help
save the forest for the encroaching evil. He will need your help to do
more research before he can make the potion the guardian asked you to
retrieve. He'll also teach you a few more gameplay elements.

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PART II - Dr. Huh

for the Forest

Dr. Huh examines the Spirit Powder you brought him and rewards
you with 60XP, 700 gold, and Healing Potion (Low) x10.

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type="checkbox"> Investigating
the Hell Soldiers

Huh requires further evidence to know what he's dealing with and asks
you to return to the Forest of Spirits. He asks you to kill Hell
Soldiers and Hell Warriors to collect ten pieces of their polluted
armor. An easy way to travel back is to open your NPC catalog (Game
Info and then NPC) and type Joo Hye in the search field. This will
result in one hit. Simply pull down the menu to select her name and
click the Auto-Move button. Your character will walk back to her
location! The Hell Soldiers are on the path behind Joo Hye leading to
the right.

Just as with the fairies you
killed for
The Strange Spirits,
these soldiers have a couple of different flavors.
The ones with orange highlights can inflict tremendous damage to a
single character with a special melee attack. The longer they stay
alive, the more likely you are to suffer from their special attacks.
The version with blue highlights can revive fallen companions. The
revived mobs will be stunned for one round and have only a fraction of
their normal health. The best bet is to eliminate the hard-hitting ones
as quickly as possible and loot their corpses before the blue ones can
revive them. Keep killing these monsters until each member of your
squad is around level seven. Then you can use the Auto-Move feature to
return to Dr. Huh, who will give you 60XP, 800 gold, and Mana Potion
(Low) x10.

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style="font-weight: bold;">When You Need Cash Fast

This simple quest asks you to
find a local merchant
and sell any item. In Pusan, that person is Kim Man Duck. You're
getting ripped off at the price you get, but the lesson here is how to
raise cash in a pinch. Return to Dr. Huh for 60XP, 800 gold, and Life
Potion (Low) x5.

style="font-weight: bold;">When Mercenaries Die

If you have been following this guide, you have not been
by the might of the Nike spell used by the Evil Sky Spirits or the
devastating blows dealt by the Hell Soldiers. Other beginners may not
be so lucky and find themselves with a dead merc. Dr. Huh explains that
Life Potions revive fallen mercenaries (the squad
retreats if your hero dies). Players need to right-click the item stack
from an inventory
slot of any living merc. A list will pop up with all of your dead mercs
and the option to revive one of them.

To complete this quest, you just need to show Dr. Huh that
you were paying attention. Type Life Potion in the blank to receive
60XP and Commodity Box (Low) x5.

the Potion

Dr. Huh finally has that potion ready for you. He asks you to
deliver to Joo Hye, who will reward you with 70XP. You can use
Auto-Move to get to her.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016