The Aurochs

Among the beasts that roam the lands, few inspire such respect from hunters as the Aurochs. Related to domesticated cattle, these creatures are known by their massive size and long, curving horns. Once the Aurochs roamed in massive herds all across Middle-earth, but in later days were reduced to a handful of areas on either side of the Misty Mountains.
Aurochs are placid by nature and wish to be left alone, but will attack when approached. An Aurochs gives warning before attacking by twisting its neck back and forth, digging a groove in the dirt with each horn in turn.
Some believe that the Aurochs relate to the fabled Kine of Araw, the quarry of Vorondil the Hunter, ancestor of the stewards of Gondor. It is said that Vorondil took the horn of his prey, and from it fashioned the great horn later carried by Boromir, son of Denethor.
Rumors from northward suggest that Aurochs are now the quarry of hulking creatures who wear the Aurochs' long horns as part of their hunting garb. Little more can be said of these strange hunters.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016