The Batrider is a strong early game hero whose specialty is harassing the enemy laner thereby forcing them to forfeit gold. This and his fairly large selection of crowd control abilities are why he is most often played in a support role. With good communication, you and your carry can make quick work of opposing laners early on in the game setting you up perfectly for late game dominance. Before you go hopping on your bat and in to battle, lets go over some basic tips for playing the Batrider.

Embrace the Initiator Role

The Batrider is built for initiating fights, if you’re a passive type of player who prefers to wait and see what the enemy team is going to do he may not be the hero for you. Whether you’re laning or in the moments before a team fight, you should always be looking for your moment to dive in (blink dagger or firefly), grab the enemy teams carry with your Lasso and then drag them back into your team’s ranks where they should be ready to finish them off.

The Blink Dagger is a great item for the Batrider because it allows him to instantly jump on top of the carries and other targets that will be hiding behind the front lines, and then pull them back where his teammates can reach them. It is highly recommended you pick one up early on in the game.

Using Stealth

Smoke of Deceit is another must have item for Batrider. If you’re not familiar with it, when activated the Smoke of Deceit renders the hero and any nearby heroes invisible. This is perfect for the Batrider during the laning phase, because he can use it to sneak up on the enemy completely undetected and then Lasso them back towards his carry and tower.

Seasoned Dota 2 players will also become familiar with the Batrider’s blink tactic, so having a second option to mix it up will have them guessing where your next attack could be coming from. That fear can be enough to make the enemy team play conservatively, allowing your team to set the pace of the game.

Use Firefly to Ambush

The Firefly ability allows the Batrider to fly above trees and any other obstacles while raining down fire damage. The freedom of mobility that Firefly adds to Batrider complements his ambush style of play. Use Firefly to come at the enemy from the jungle by cutting across the trees. Use Napalm to slow them down and/ or Lasso to drag them back kicking and screaming into your waiting teammates.

Because the fire raining down from you also destroys any trees it touches, you can use Firefly to create paths through the jungle for your teammates.

Spam Sticky Napalm

Sticky Napalm is a low cost, low cool down ability that slows the affected enemies movements, turn radius and applies stacks (up to 10) that will cause bonus damage when the target is hit by any of Batrider’s attacks. The more stacks of Sticky Napalm on the target when they are hit, the more damage that those stacks will do, and the greater the slowing effect.

Because of it’s affordable cost and stacking benefits, it’s always a good idea to spam this ability whenever possible. The slowing effect will prevent enemies from farming at 100%, and the bonus damage from the stacks can really add up if you get enough of them on the target.

Roaming and Ganking

During the mid-game not only should you continue dominating lane with your carry, you should also look for opportunities to roam and gank other lanes. Look for heroes that are pushed up into your territory or one’s who are low on health.

When you have your target let your teammates know that you are on the way so that the gank will be coordinated. Once you’re in range use your Blink Dagger, Smoke of Deceit, or Firefly to get the jump on the enemy hero before Napalming, and Lassoing them into submission. Even with one other hero you should be able to make quick work of almost anyone.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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