The super powers of the different guardian classes in Destiny are one of the defining traits of the game and offer a fun alternative mode of destruction other than the usual run and gun. However, when it comes to the crucible there has been a lot of debate over whether or not supers should be allowed due to their extremely powerful effects and that a few of them have the capability of wiping entire teams off the map in a single blow. While both sides of the argument have their merit, it seems doubtful that supers will be removed from the crucible any time soon, which is why we've dove into these supernatural powers and evaluated their effectiveness in PvP combat.



Fist of Havoc - The Titan Striker's super ability, Fist of Havoc, is an AoE ground smash that will instakill anyone caught within it's radius. It is extremely effective in the crucible for taking out grouped up enemies, say on a capture point or relic. It's probably a little less effective than the Warlocks Nova Bomb because it can't be launched form range.

FoH has some modifiers that can be unlocked including:

Aftermath: A damage dealing field is left behind after FoH which does intermittent damage to those standing in it.

Death from Above: Allows you to aim your FoH when attacking from above.

Shockwave: Unleashes a wave of damage dealing energy from the point of impact.


Ward of Dawn - While you might not think the Defender sub class would be much of a match in the crucible, the fact is their survivability is second to none and they can still dish out the damage. The Defender's super Ward of Dawn projects a dome of protective light around the Titan. Any friendly guardians within the dome will be immune to incoming fire from the outside so long as the shield persists. This is a perfect ability for point capture games and for creating strong points you can use to defend. By pairing a WoD with a shotgun, you create a nightmare that most guardians will not be able to break through.


Armor of Light: while inside Ward of Dawn, you and your allies gain significant damage resistance

Blessing of Light: passing through Ward of Dawn grants you and your allies a temporary shield.

Weapons of Light: passing through Ward of Dawn grants you and your allies a temporary increase to weapon damage.



Nova Bomb - If you see this huge purple blob heading your way it's probably already to late. In many players opinion this is one of the most effective offensive super abilities in the game because of it's devastating damage, wide area of effect, and that it can be fired from range. A key tell of an incoming Nova Bomb is if a Warlock pulls a double jump while running right at you. If you see this it's time to get out of the way.


Vortex: Nova Bomb creates a vortex which continually damages enemies trapped inside. Lasts 3.5 seconds.

Shatter: Nova Bomb splits into three projectiles

Lance: Nova Bomb travels farther and faster.


Radiance - The Sunslinger class is probably the one most geared to strikes and raiding and less to the Crucible. No big offensive bang here, instead the Super increases the effectiveness of the Warlocks abilities. The super can also be modified to have beneficial effects for allies as well as a self resurrection that can be used to quickly get back into the fight. If you're looking for damage output, or the ability to knock out large groups of enemies, this isn't the sub class for you.

Song of Flame: While active, Radiance reduces all cooldowns for nearby allies.

Radiant Skin: While active, Radiance reduces incoming damage.

Fireborn: Radiance can now be activated from beyond the grave. Doing so returns you to life.



Golden Gun - Ever find yourself instantly killed and the last thing you saw was a bright yellow flash? In all likelihood you were just hit by the golden gun. The Gunslinger's super summons a flaming golden pistol to your hands with three shots, each of which will instakill all but the hardiest guardians. While it doesn't have the AoE factor on it's side, the golden gun has range. Aim down the sights to easily pop enemies at medium range, or fire form the hip if they're close up. You don't need a headshot, just contact.


Deadeye: Significantly increases the accuracy of Golden Gun.

Combustion: Killing enemies with Golden Gun causes them to explode.

Gunfighter: Reduces the cooldown of Golden Gun, allowing it to be used more often.


Arc Blade - The Bladedancer super ability charges the hunter's knives with the travellers energy, making them one hit killers in the process. Ask any guardian even the hunters, what super ability they find the most infuriating and they will most likely answer Arc Blade. Not only does it last longer than many of the other abilities, it doesn't take that great of aim to be effective. Each time you melee strike your hunter lunges towards their target, if they come into contact with someone they're dead, simple. If that wasn't enough, once you do kill a guardian you get an increase on the lifespan of Arc Blade, meaning you can chain together kills so long as you have an adequate supply of bodies. Ohya, and the modifiers aren't bad either.


Showstopper: Press R2 during arc blade to damage nearby enemies

Razor's Edge: Press R2 during arc blade to unleash a destructive wave of energy that travels along the ground.

Vanish: Press R2 during arc blade to disappear from sight.

What super abilities do you find the most effective/ frustrating? Do you think they should remove them form the crucible? Or at least include a game mode without them. Let us know in the comments.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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