Betrayal Continued - Gaining Freeport Faction


Gaining faction after betraying is sometimes a true test of patience. It's a long process no matter what, but knowing which quests work out a little better than others helps a lot!

These are the Freeport faction quests given by Gol M'Tun in Antonica outside the North Qeynos gates along the road. He gives small tasks and large shows of loyalty. I happen to like the highest faction reward quests, particularly if you play a class that has the ability to invis or stealth. The Bounties are also fairly easy to do but all the travel can be really tedious, especially if you don't have Kingdom of Sky and cannot take the shortcut through Tenebrous Tangle, but they still award fairly nice faction. Not many wish to be an exile for long, so the quicker you can gain favor with your new home city, the better!

**please keep an eye out for an update providing the smaller sabotage quests and more bounties**


Really Showing Your Loyalty

These quests give you 5000 in faction towards Freeport. They are a bit tougher and take more time, but worth doing, particularly if you have invis or sneak and can get in and out of the city a bit easier.

Alchemical Hazards - This quest is one of the easier to gain faction. Sneak into Qeynos through the route of Antonica to the Peat Bog, then Vermin's Snye, the Down Below, then North Qeynos. Stick close to the wall and move northeast keeping an eye out for guards. Guards will path along the road, so be sure to duck and cover when you see one coming. The instance is located behind the new Ironforge location (previously the furniture shop). Invis ability is a HUGE help here, if you don't have that, get to clearing those mobs!

First find the recipe. This is found through the 2nd door from the stairs where the desks and stoves are. Kill the scribe and take the recipe from the desk behind her.

Next find the used temper to contaminate with. This spawns in the forge room further down the instance away from the stairs. It seems to pop up in random spots, but it will be on one of the shelves.

Now head back to the doorway that is closest to the stairs with the chemistry tables, you'll be using the temper on the big barrel in the room. If you're invis'd you can pull the mobs to the backside of the barrel without getting the attention of the guard. Contaminate the mixture and you are done!

Spreading The Truth - You will be sneaking into North Qeynos to an instance located on the outside of the Clothspinners building. You're trying to avoid killing too many people, but I don't know how many is too many. I killed 2 on the first floor, then avoided the rest to get upstairs, then killed the 2 upstairs. Once inside, quickly move to the room through the door on the right. Take the key from the guy by right clicking on him. Kill as few mobs on the first floor as you absolutely need to to get to the stairs, they path around and don't have a huge aggro range, so waiting a few minutes will give you a fairly good path to the stairs from the door. Once upstairs, kill those two mobs and change the sermon on the pedestal.

Close the Door Behind You - Sneak into South Qeynos and down towards the mage tower. If you stay along the wall and dodge guards, this should be pretty easy. Most of the guards do not see through invis here, so that makes it much easier. The instance is located on the wall west of the mage tower. After zoning in, head to the room directly to your right. In here you will need to kill the keeper. If you pull him into the corner near the door, you can avoid aggroing the other mobs in this room. Loot the item you need from him and head up the stairs.

Pull the summoner to where the mirror is to avoid having to kill the other mobs in the room. Kill the summoner, then kill the beast that spawns after. This was the easiest 5k faction quest if you have invis or sneak.

Practice Makes Perfect - Sneak into North Qeynos and stay along the wall until just before the bridge going to the castle. Drop down into the water and swim under the bridge to the dock area. You'll find the zone in to this instance there along the wall. Either kill or invis past the mobs in the first room and move through the door to the right. You need the contestant for the ticket to get upstairs. I haven't been able to kill him without aggroing the other mobs in the room so be prepared for a battle! Once you have the ticket, head upstairs. This is sort of a controlled ring event. Hailing the Arena Master will cause one of the mobs around you to turn aggro and attack. Heal up during fights, kill each one, then kill the Arena Master herself.

The Seed of Tunarbos - Sneak into Eldar Grove and find the instance behind the fletcher shop. Once inside you need to move up the stairs and into the 2nd floor room. You will need to kill the warden behind the shelves in order to get the key you need for the downstairs door. Go back downstairs and grab the cooking oil next to the chef, then unlock and go through the downstairs down. Kill the gardner then put the cooking oil in the barrel, then light the barrel on fire. This will destroy the tree!


Killing for Faction

These quests involve the simple task of hunting down a named mob and killing it for 3000 Faction towards Freeport. When traveling between Antonica and the Commonlands, if you have Kingdom of Sky expansion, take advantage of the portal to Tenebrous Tangle to get across the lands just a little bit faster.

Freeport Bounty: Sergeant Frakin - Found in the Commonlands loc -108, -46, 582. near the pathway leading to The Hidden Vale.

Freeport Bounty: Sergeant Vorshel - This mob is found in the same general area as Frakin, near the path leading to The Hidden Vale. loc 35, -48, 447.

Freeport Bounty: Mooboya Tailtwister - Found in The Commonlands inside the Kerran camp. loc -199, -45, 68.

Freeport Bounty: Gnawer Anklechewer - Found in The Commonlands in the dreg (ratonga) camp. loc -235, -48, -1.

Freeport Bounty: Sandrik Ignol - Found in The Commonlands at the backside of the Yapping Maze near the dervish dock. loc 1318, -31, 386.

Freeport Bounty: Altos Feustart - Found on the dock in Nektulos Forest.

Freeport Bounty: Nimbus Cogspinner - Found in Nektulos Forest alongside the the Behemoth Pond near the Commonlands zone. loc -189, 3, -223.


Once you've gained sufficient faction with Freeport, you'll be given a quest to speak with Matthias Siegemaker loc -84, -7, -182 in North Freeport within the Temple of War. Matthias will give you the following quests

Learning Your Place in Freeport - Matthias gives you a dog whistle used to call and untamed dog. First you'll need to feed and pet the dog to gain its trust. This is tedious, but basically you just randomly perform the actions until it says you have the dog's trust. Then you need to teach it to obey. Just as before, you tediously click "sit" and "play dead" until it updates. Finally, Matthias asks you to kill the dog. It's not an actual fight, so this is quickly done. This will lead you to the next quest.

Ending the Revolution - Matthias sends you to Antonica to infiltrate Shay Tivati's home base. This is an instance where the Shattered Vale is near Stormhold. Click on the entrance to Shattered Vale and choose "Squire's Vale". You can avoid the Squires throughout the zone and make your way to the druid ring and deal with Shay. This is a long kill. Everytime you get her just about dead, she resets and an elemental spawns that you need to kill. You'll get an earth, air, both a water and fire elemental will spawn, but I only killed the water, then you may finally slay Shay and get your update.

At this point, Matthias will send you to your class trainer to make the choice to complete the betrayal. You'll become your new class, and you are now a full citizen of Freeport! Congrats!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016