Blackwing Lair


1.0 Introduction
1.1 Razorgore the Untamed
1.2 Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
1.3 Supression Room
and Broodlord Lashlayer

1.4 Firemaw
1.5 Ebonroc and Flamegor
1.6 Chromaggus
1.7 Nefarian

The Suppression Room


With Vaelastrasz destroyed, it’s time to move onto the next challenge! Your raid seriously needs to take a break at this point. Reorganize your raid so each group is somewhat well balanced. Now, take a break! Seriously. As a matter of a fact, if you had a lot of trouble with Vaelastrasz then don’t even continue. Here’s why, at the end of the Suppression Room there is a boss. If you fail to kill this boss then the room must be done again. This room will take a new guild at least forty minutes to get through and even experienced groups will spend twenty on it, so.


You should start by clearing the path into the first cubby hole and then moving your raid into there. Then it’s pretty much a two part fight. Your Rogues need to be disarming the suppression traps nearest to your raid (while stealthed) while your tanks tank everything away from the road (but near the cubby hole not to aggro too much). Once a path has been cleared then the raid needs to move up to the next cubby hole. This continues to repeat until you reach the spot next to the Broodlord Lashlayer.

There is only one big enemy to note here and that’s the Death Talon Hatchers. These guys have an aura that stacks and does 50 damage every second but it stacks and can get to 1000 really fast. It’s got a short range, so these should be tanked in the opposite corner of the cubby hole. Once you have those under control it’s only then a matter of moving from cubby hole to cubby hole. The other enemy to watch out for is the Taskmasters who need to be killed. Just pull them and sheep two of them and kill the third one, breaking sheep on another and kill it, then breaking the last sheep and killing it. It’s really that simple! If someone in your raid dies then it’s best to hold and attempt to rez them, as the cubby holes can generally get enough breaks to resurrect someone.

Once you are at the area near Broodlord it’s time to take a quick rest and regain mana (you’ll have a little time to do it) and reorganize your group for Broodlord!

Broodlord Lashlayer



Broodlord should be dealt with in the following fashion. The casters and healers need to get next to the gate (see diagram, also avoid being infront of the gate which could aggro enemies when it opens) while your Rogues in full FR gear and tanks get in position in the corner. Simply have all of your Warriors fight for aggro and slay him! He does a knockback that will make your current tank lose 50% of the aggro on him while at the same time knocking him back. This is why he needs to be tanked in the norther corner! Your other Warriors should at that point move in with the Taunt and try to regain aggro on Broodlord. This continues until he dies.

Broodlord has a nasty little trick up his sleeve which is his Mortal Strike. It does amazing damage to a single target and can kill those without a lot of defense gear in one hit. So it’s always good to either have a Flask of the Titans on your best tank or a lot of defense gear/smart use of shield wall. Your healers should only be healing the main tank as well or whichever tank has aggro. If anyone else gains aggro on him then they need to move up to where he is tanked and die. He also has a blastwave that does moderately high damage which is why the need for high FR for anyone in melee range.

Remember that if you wipe here then you will have to fight the suppression room again (all of the elites have a 20 minute respawn). If you beat the Broodlord then the suppression room will quit respawning and eventually despawn several hours after the instance has been left.

Once he is dead, the gate to Firemaw’s room is open!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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