Free polearm for new Blood Knights!

Blood Elf Paladins at level 20 are given a rather lengthy quest chain that gives them both some much needed experience and a very powerful new weapon: the Blood Tempered Ranseur. Thanks to Odess, we now have a complete guide to finishing this very long quest chain and claiming your reward!

The first part of this quest is obtained from Knight-Lord Bloodvalor who is near the paladin trainers in the northeast corner of Silvermoon, the same person who gave the quest for the paladin spell Redemption (from the quest, The First Trial). Bloodvalor commends you on your progress towards becoming a Blood Knight, and sends you on The Second Trial.

Head over to Blood Tempered Ranseur Quest Chain Guide to find out how you too can get this awesome weapon.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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