Brawler Alternate Advancement






Pressure Point - A melee attack that lowers
their crushing resistance.
Baton Flurry - A melee staff attack that speeds up the Monkey Guru's recovery time for a short duration Mantis Star - A ranged attack causing the target to lose stamina,
agility, and strength.
Crane Sweep - A two-handed melee staff attacks that knocks down all nearby enemies Eagle Spin - A fist weapon melee attack that spins your target around, exposing their back for a short duration
Relentless Punches - Increases the
brawler's chance to double attack.
Ambidexterity - Speeds up the Monkey Guru's reuse timers Mantis Bolt - Grants the Mantis Master a chance at additional piercing attack with every successful hit in combat Crane Twirl - Provides a chance to inflict additional damage on all enemies surrounding the Crane Sensei Eagle's Fury - Your chance to critically hit with melee is increased

Claw Reversal - Increases the brawler's
base chance to deflect an attack.

Monkey Dodge - Increases the Monkey Guru's defense Deflecting Pincers - You have increased chance to deflect incoming attacks Crane Growth - Increases the Crane Sensei's maximum health Eagle's Talon - Your chance to parry incoming attacks is increased
Chi - Greatly increases the Tiger Sifu's attack speed and damage per second, and improves speed of all
casting times, recovery times, and reuse times.
Altruism - Prevents an ally from death, instead of causing them to feign death.
Your hate positions by that encounter is increased twice.
Mantis Leap - Instantly teleports the Mantis Master
to a target player or enemy. The next melee attack will increase the Mantis
Master's hate position with the target.
Crane Flock - Crane Flock causes all auto-attacks made to attack up to 4 enemies surrounding the Crane Sensei twice Eagle Shriek - While the Eagle Expert's health is below
50%, they gain significant bonuses at melee damage and physical damage resistance.

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These are available when the specified amount of points have been spent in
the Shadows General and Fighter lines.

Tranquil Forewarning All of the brawler's taunt skills will add
additional hate.
Tactical Precision Adds additional effects to the brawler's Calm
Tranquility and Brutality lines of raid wide buffs. These effects give
the raid additional accuracy and a lower chance for spells to be
Blazing Cobra Improves the damage of the Crescent Strike and
Beatdown lines of combat arts. In addition, the brawler will cast these
skills faster.
Thunderous Strike Improves the damage of the Lightning Palm and
Lightning Fists lines of combat arts.
Deflecting Blow The brawler is able to increase their chance to
deflect incoming attacks.
Aversion Aversion improves the minimum deflection amount of
the brawler's defensive and combination stances.
Inner Focus The brawler focuses on their inner self allowing
them to absorb 2 attacks which do over 25% of their maximum health.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are level 81 or higher.

Tiger Reflexes Grants the brawler a small chance to Flurry
Monkey Wisdom Reduces the recast time of Altruism. The final
rank adds and additional trigger.
Mantis Mastery Increases the duration of Mantis Leap.
Swift Wings Increases the duration of Crane Flock.
Eagle's Patience The Eagle Expert can patiently watch their
attackers, allowing them to absorb damage when they are at low health.
Brawler's Tenacity The brawler is able to show their undying
tenacity, granting them the ability to avoid death.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016