Bree-land is a small inhabited region like an island in the midst of empty lands. Travellers of many races pass through the area, since it contains the two most important thoroughfares in Eriador. The village of Bree stands at the crossroads of the great East Road and the North Road, also called the Greenway since it is seldom used and grass-grown. Nearby are the villages of Staddle, Combe, and Archet. To the west lies Buckland, a Hobbit colony just outside the proper borders of the Shire which sits on a narrow strip of land along Brandywine River. Between the Shire and Bree is the dark, dangerous Old Forest, which was fenced off long ago by the Bucklanders with a great hedge called the High Hay. Northeast of Bree are the Chetwood Forest and the treacherous Midgewater Marshes. And to the south are the sinister Barrow-downs, where fog rises over the broken stone rings of forgotten burial sites.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016