Bristlebane Deity Quest Guide


Bristlebane is the trickster God of of the thieves and the rogues. Causing
grief and having fun doing it is the goal of those who take on this interesting
deity. Not quite malicious, but always putting people on their guard, this God
is the perfect choice for scouts of all types, but particularly suited to the
rogues and the bards.

Bristlebane is a welcome addition to the deities of Norrath. Previously, the
scouts lacked a true and obvious choice, but this is no longer the case! I think
that many scouts are thrilled with this addition, and I hope all enjoy the
antics of this devilish creature.

Luckily for those hoping to follow Bristlebane, he is a neutral God, so good
or evil, all may partake in the fun and games!

To begin on your journey, please speak with Tobel Patadash, found on the
docks of the Enchanted Lands. Keep in mind that a few things will be needed to
progress through this series of quests. You will need to have renounced any
previous allegiance to another deity, and you'll need a harvesting skill of at
least 140. Those are things you might want to get out of the way before making
your way to speak with Tobel.

Keep in mind that these quests are meant to progress in difficulty, and
unless you are in your late 60s, you'll not be able to complete all of the
quests. But once you do, you'll have a couple of altars, some nice bits of shiny
bobbles, and a fabulous new cloak!

Trial By Pie (level 20 Solo) - He wants you to prank Garby
Gingham Gigglegibber (Loc +75.93, -0.78, +0.35) a rival follower of Bristlebane
and a self proclaimed “Profit”.  In order to do this you must bake a
“Diabolic Spiced Pumpkin Pie”, a pie made from pumpkin, spices, and insanely hot
peppers that you must gather. Speak with Roselia Goldencrust on the docks
(Loc +38, +1.5, +35). She will have you gather a few items for the pie:

  • Ginger Root - Found in the Butcherblock Mountains throughout the zone.
  • Pack of Peppers - Bought from Preston Pepperpicker, found in Joleena's
    Restaurant, for 6s.

  • Antonican Pumpkins - Found at McQuibble’s Farm in Antonica (Loc -1844.26,
    +22.27, -196.94).

Return to Roselia to have the pie made, give the pie to Garby, then return to
Tobel for your reward.

Reward: Humble Altar of Bristlebane, and 1250 faction for


Prank'd (level 35 Solo) - Garby Gigglegibber wants revenge
for the Diabolic Pie Prank that Tobel played on him and has thought up his own
clever and original little prank to retaliate. He wants you to bake a disgusting
pie and trick Tobel into eating it. Collect these pie ingredients:

  • Foul Dirt - This is found in the water of the The Foul Stench (Loc +83.46,
    +10.47, -846.51) in Enchanted Lands, just outside Runnyeye.

  • Wasp Guts - These are right there near Garby.

  • Bugbear Parts - Bugbears are found in The Butcherblock Mountains at the
    Krullkiel Encampment (Loc +178.55, +265.23, -321.11). Any Bugbears will work,
    these are the most accessible.

  • Wild Apples - This is where that harvesting skill comes in. You get these
    from the Mystical Natural Garden plants in Enchanted Lands.

Once you have all of the ingredients, return to the Enchanted Lands and to
Garby Gigglegibber. He will turn these items into an “Uncooked Gigglegibber
Pie”, which he then asks you to bake. Move to the fire located nearby (Loc
+71.69, -0.99, +20.26). Take the pie back to Tobel at Garby’s request. Tobel
will immediately refuse to eat it and tell you to take it back to Garby. After
explaining to Garby that his Prank has failed, Garby will admit that he didn’t
want Tobel to get sick anyway, and give you your choice of rewards.


Your choice of Bristlebane’s Lucky Bangle (wrist) or
Bristlebane’s Lucky Coin (ear).  You will also receive 2g, 21s and +2500
Bristlebane Faction


Coin Job (level 50 Solo) - See Tobel Patadash at the end of
the Enchanted Land docks. It seems that Tobel is a bit insulted that Garby tried
to prank him, and wants to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget. Knowing that
all goblins love gold, he wants you to sneak into the Gigglegibber Secret
Hideout and switch a bag of gold with a bag of gold foil wrapped chocolate

He gives you a bag of candy coins and tells you that the secret hideout
entrance is rumored to be in Rivervale. This is incorrect. The hideout entrance
is located under the docks in the Bobick Village at (Loc +43.47, -29.38,
+115.58) and marked by a manhole cover. Stealth or invisibility is required to
do this quest. If you are caught by the Gigglegibber goblins you will be ejected
from the instance and forced to start over again.

Inside the Gigglegibber Secret Hideout: 

Most of the goblins in the instance can see invisibility and stealth, so both
patience and sneaking skill is required. Enter the zone and immediately move to
the door at your left, sneaking in and examining the goblin vaults. The vaults
will be locked and the quest will then updated, giving you the instructions to
find the combination to the locks.

Leave this room and go back to the hallway, taking the sloping ramp to upward
into the second chamber. Stay right, avoiding the guards and climb the seat to
the makeshift “throne”. There will be a piece of parchment with the combination
to the vault inscribed upon it.

(*note* The parchment may also spawn in some of the debris piles in this
throne room, and not at the throne itself.)

Once you have combination, return to the vaults and make the switch, being
sure not to be seen by the goblins. Return to Tobel Patadash and let him know
that the job is completed. Tobel will gleefully ask you to check with Garby on
the “discovery” of the coins.

Go to Garby and inquire about the coins. The goblins are overjoyed that the
coins now “taste” better when they are cleaned by tongue, and take this prank to
be a gift and sign from Bristlebane. Report this back to Toby and receive your

Reward: 12g, 65s, and +5000 Bristlebane Status


Pie Pilfering (level 65 Solo) - See Garby Gigglegibber in
the Enchanted Lands. Garby, still trying to one-up Tobel has come up with a
master plan to prank the Halflings. He wants to switch all of the pies that
Rosalina Goldencrust is trying to sell with a big bag of gold. He is convinced
that this is the ultimate prank and gives you the bag of gold to switch with the
four pies on Rosalina’s table.

Go to Rosalina and try to trick her into leaving the table so that you may
make the switch. She will not leave for any reason, and you cannot take the

Go back to Garby and report this. Garby will tell you to give Rosalina his
Idol of Good Fortune so that she will go pray at the altar of Bristlebane, and
leave her pie stand long enough for you to make the switch. The only problem is,
Garby has lost the idol and needs you to retrieve it. The idol is located in the
Loping Planes in the Timorous Moor. (Loc -133.03, -5.31, +495.12).

Once you have retrieved the idol, return to the Enchanted Lands and give it
to Rosalina who will then leave the pies unattended so that she may pray to
Bristlebane. When Rosalina leaves, pick up all four pies and replace them with
the big bag of gold. Speak to Rosalina again and she will be extremely happy
that Bristlebane has answered her prayers.

Return to Garby who will be delighted that his “prank” did so well and you
will be rewarded.

Reward: 13g, 81s, 73cp, +7500 Bristlebane Faction, and Garby’s Altar of

Cloak info: Mischief Personified: Shrinks Caster by 30% and Decreases Hate
Gain of  Caster by 10% Mischief Amplified: Enlarges caster by 30% and
Increases Damage Per Second of caster by 10.


Bristlebane's Beloved (level 70 Solo) - See Hoppert
Barbinsteel in the Enchanted Lands at (Loc +36.89, +1.49, +44.82). A new player
has decided to step in and prank both Tobel AND Garby, to remind them of the
true ways of Bristlebane. In order to do this, Hoppert wants you to retrieve a
very rare egg from Bristlebane’s Basin in Antonica so that he may further his
prank against the two warring “Prophets”.

Bristlebane’s Basin is in the Shattered Vale instance in Antonica. (Loc
-2281.32, -14.54, -55.36) and you need to be at least level 65 in order to zone
in. As you zone into Bristlebane’s Basin, Iffatia Honeymeadow will begin to
scream for help. Talk to her and she will point out that four “Exotic Animal
Poachers” are trying to kill Bristlebane’s Beloved and she will ask you to kill
the poachers.

The poachers are single encounter fights (not linked) and consist of four
level 70 scouts. Dispatch the scouts and speak to Iffatia. Explain to her that
you need an egg from the Beloved, and she will give you “Bristlebane’s Grain” to
feed to the beast. Feed the beast “Bristlebane’s Grain” and you will receive the
“Egg of the Bristlebane’s Beloved”. Take this egg back to Hoppert in the
Enchanted lands.

Hoppert has decided that both Garby and Tobel need to be taught a lesson, and
transforms you into the legendary Beloved in order to scare both men. Return,
now as the Beloved, and chase both Garby and Tobel around the zone. Once they
both scream in terror, return to Hoppert and change back to your normal

Reward: 28g, 98s, +10000 Bristlebane Status, Summon Beloved, and the
Cloak of Mischief

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Bristlebane Pet

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Cloak Reward

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