Bruiser Alternate Advancements





Enhance: Ignore Pain - Increases the amount healed by
Ignore Pain
and its upgrades.
Enhance: Intervene - Improves the reuse speed of
Intervene and grants
them a damage absorption bonus for that hit.
Enhance: Abuse - Improves the reuse speed and increases
the base hate amount of Abuse and its upgrades.
Enhance: Merciless Stomp - Increases the damage of
Merciless Stomp and
its upgrades.
Enhance: Indomitable Will - Improves the reuse speed
of Indomitable
Will and its upgrades.
Enhance: Shrug Off - Improves the avoidance granted by
Shrug Off.
Enhance: Slurred Insult - Improves the reuse speed and
increases the base hate amount of Slurred Insult and its upgrades.
Enhance: Shoulder Charge - Increases the damage of
Shoulder Charge and its upgrades.
Enhance: Bruising Spirit - Increases the duration of
Bruising Spirit and its upgrades.
Enhance: Brutal Inspiration - Grants the bruiser an
alternate ability to Close Mind that can be cast on a group or raid friend.
The two abilities share a reuse time.
Enhance: Feign Death - Improves the reuse speed of
Feign Death and its
Enhance: Intimidate - Increases the duration of
Intimidate and its
Enhance: Rock Skin - Increases the mitigation
and hastens the
reuse speed of Rock Skin and its upgrades.
Soak Hit - The bruiser absorbs the next hit on one of
their allies, protecting them from harm.
Enhance: Shiftiness - As an alternative to
Manhandle, your attacks
have a chance of reducing the target's hate
toward you while in this
Enhance: Uppercut - Increases the damage of Uppercut
and its upgrades.
Enhance: Stone Deaf - Improves the reuse speed of
Stone Deaf.
  Enhance: Rescue - Your target sees you as an even
bigger threat when
you Rescue.
Enhance: Sucker Punch - Increases the damage of
Sucker Punch and its
Enhance: Close Mind - Improves the reuse speed of
Close Mind.
  Control Hate - If the bruiser's offensive stance is
active, it reduces your opponent's hate towards you. Otherwise, hate is
Enhance: Knockout Combination - Increases the damage
of Knockout
Bodyguard of Stone - After a successful Riposte,
you may become
immune to the next physical attack that lands.  All
Riposte damage is
    Drag - You can drag target enemy around for a short
duration.  That
enemy is forced to target you while Drag is

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General, Fighter, and Brawler lines.

Conquer Divide and Conquer will lock to all of the targets
and add additional hate for the bruiser.
Calming Demeanor Calming Demeanor adds a hate reduction effect to
Brutality which lowers the hate gain of all non fighters in the raid.
Deadly Assault Improves the reuse time and damage of the Savage
Assault line of combat arts.
Bruising Fury Increases the damage of the Meteor First line of
combat arts and also reduces the reuse time.
Hardened Skin Through years of training the bruiser's skin
becomes battle hardened giving them additional mitigation. Increases the
mitigation of the bruiser's armor making them slightly less mitigating
than chain maxed out.
Adrenaline Rush When the bruiser takes a hit for over 40% of their
health they have a chance to get a rush of adrenaline which prevents the
next physical hit from landing.
Impenetrable Will For a short duration the bruiser will deflect
incoming attacks and increase the amount of threat generated by taunt
Staggering Blow Staggering Blow is a large direct damage based
melee attack which also stuns non epic targets for a short duration.
Staggering Blow also causes the target to increase their hatred to the
bruiser by 4 positions.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Fists of Fury Fists of Fury increases the base damage of the One
Hundred Hand Punch line of abilities.
Debilitating Gouge Improves the effectiveness of Eye Gouge.
Mind Over Matter Mind Over Matter numbs the bruiser from pain by
increases their physical mitigation while Bruising Spirit or one of its
upgrades is active.
Defensive Aggression Reduces the penalties of the bruiser's defensive
Reversal Greatly improves the bruiser's riposte damage and
chance to riposte instead of parry.
Aggressive Beatdown While using the defensive stance, the bruiser will
be able to generate additional threat when using the Beatdown line of
Wild Beating The bruiser deals large damage in area of effect,
increasing hate position.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016