Caere Bay is a heavily-forested region of tall hills and deep valleys
fronting on a massive mud bowl called the Caere Wash, which was created when the
sea mysteriously receded.

  • A local tribe, the Falisci, have launched an open rebellion against Roman
    rule' they have severael well-entrenched camps throughout Caere bay, all
    housing dozens of fierce rebels willing to die for their cause.
  • Even worse, the Falisci have been raising their fallen comrades from the
    dead. Now Rom'es forces are facing legions of hateful undead insurgents as

The bloodthirsty pirates of Pravus Cove have been raiding the western borders
of Caere Bay with alarming frequency, and have now launched a full-scale attack
against the Roman forces at Excubitor Point, a valuable sentry position right on
the frontier. The winds of war are definitel blowing through Caere bay.

Levels 13-20

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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