Never Get Lost Again

The new built-in questing tool is a work of art, but sometimes you’re lost or just can’t seem to find the quest that you need to pick up to progress. Use the color coded zone map and reference it with the colors of the rest of the quests you’re doing to find out if you’re in the right area and, if not, then it will point you in the direction of where you should be!

Use the color codings on this map and the quest lists to figure out where you need to be.

Go Deep Or Go Home!

Deepholm is the third major questing zone added in Cataclysm. Unless you’re being summoned by some friends then you are going to need to get to this zone via the Warchief’s Command: Deepholm quest. This quest requires level 82, but that shouldn’t be a problem since you’ll be coming from Vashj’ir or Mount Hyjal, either of which is more than sufficient to get you from level 80 to 82.

If you do happen to have friends willing to summon you to Deepholm then you can actually access the zone at level 81. This isn’t really advisable since most quests there are at least level 82, but it’s handy if you are trying to get an alt in there to gather herbs or mine.

Temple of Earth

Upon reaching Deepholm the first thing you’ll notice other than how awesome the zone looks is the massive Temple of Earth that dominates the center of the zone. This is going to be a big source of quests as well as the starting point in your journey through the elemental plane.

Your goal in Deepholm is to repair the World Pillar by retrieving the three fragments so that it can be made whole again. The quest lines here are divided into three lines, each of which will yield a fragment of the pillar.

First World Pillar Fragment

The Alliance Airship

The first place you’ll be sent will be the Alliance Airship. You can find it east of the Temple of Earth flying in the air. It patrols north to south and has a bunch of quests that you’ll want to do.

It’s important to do all of the quests here because the final quest in this line eventually leads to the Therazane quest chains which yield Therazane reputation. This reputation gets you the only shoulder enchants in the game worth using if you’re not specced into inscription.

Quest Alert: Mor’norokk the Hateful is one of the more annoying quests in the game. The airship is often camped, and it’s hard to get a tag on Mor’norokk. If you don’t get the tag remember all you have to do is click him once he stops attacking to initiate the second part of the quest, it doesn’t even matter if someone else hit him first!

Deathwing’s Fall

Next you’ll be sent to Deathwing’s fall and the Silvermarsh on a few easy and routine quests. Don’t get comfortable because you won’t be here for long.

Take note of the quest “Quicksilver Submersion.” This quest can be a bit tricky if you’re not sure what you are doing. When you’re around the south of the Silvermarsh killing oozes you will notice a bunch of Trogg Crates on the ground. Picking one up will put a box on your head. When you’re trying to finish the Quicksilver Submersion quest grab a box and jump in the water then swim near the tent where the ogres are hanging out. This will initiate the cinematic that will complete this quest!

Twilight Overlook

Stonecaller Mylra is waiting at the twilight overlook to send you on the last chain of quests for this section of Deepholm. You’ll be exploring the Twilight Overlook and rummaging around the wreckage of the downed Horde Airship.

Elite Alert: the Stonescale Matriarch is a hard hitting level 82 elite. To kill her you’ll want to rotate in a circle around her while dealing damage and not standing in one place for long. This will help you avoid nearly all of her damage.

Alliance Airship Deathwing’s Fall & Silvermarsh Twilight Precipice & Horde Ship
Gunship Down

Elemental Energy

The Earth Claims All

Captain’s Log

Diplomacy First

All Our Friends Are Dead

The Admiral’s Cabin

Without a Captain or Crew

Take No Prisoners

On Second Thought, Take One Prisoner

Some Spraining to Do

Return to the Temple of Earth

Deathwing’s Fall

Blood of the Earthwarder
Bleed the Bloodshaper

Question the Slaves

The Forgemaster’s Log

Silvermarsh Rendevous

Quicksilver Submersion

Twilight Research

The Twilight Overlook

Maziel’s Revelation

Maziel’s Ascendancy
Big Game, Big Bait

To Catch a dragon

Testing the Trap

Abyssion’s Minions

Block the Gates

The World Pillar Fragment

The final set of quests will send you to Abyssion’s Lair located at (70, 77). You’ll use the earthen ring banner to summon him but don’t fight him head on. Some earthen ring NPCs will show up to help and you will also want to fight him in the same manner that you fought the Stonescale Matriarch. When he casts Shadow Nova run! This thing does serious damage for the level you’ll be at and can take half your life without a problem if you are hit.

Good news though, once he’s dead you’ve got the First World Pillar Fragment. 

Second World Pillar Fragment

Your next trip starts back at Earthcaller Yevaa at the Temple of Earth. You’ll be sent on a quick kill quest for Rockslice Flayers nearby then down to Stone Hearth.

Stone Hearth

This Earthen Ring encampment is infested with Troggs that you’ll be expected to clear out. Once you are done there you’ll be sent south for two quick quests in the shattered field. After that you’ll move north into the war zone…

In the Fractured front there’s a massive battle being waged between earthen War Constructs and berserk Troggs. As you move amongst them be mindful of your surroundings. If a War Construct happens to die it’s not too difficult to get a big angry pack of Troggs on you that were being tanked by the Construct!

Finally you’ll be sent to guard a catapult on its way to the war front. This isn’t a difficult task but you’ll need to pay attention to random aggro from Troggs. The cannon will arrive at the war front in Needlerock Slag and immediately be put to good use…

Needlerock Chasm

In the chasm you’ll be assisted by a war machine that will be your companion pet. This little guy hits pretty hard but has no compunctions about running around aggroing things if you aren’t careful. Kill some big mushrooms and some big mutated ... creatures and you’ll be ready to grab the third fragment!

Elite Alert: Bouldergut is the only thing between you and the middle fragment. You’ll find him fighting Flint Oremantle at (24, 31). Help Flint kill him but try not to pull aggro! After you’re finished head back and turn in the rest of the quest line.

Stone Hearth Quest Line Needlerock Assault Line
Where’s Goldmine?

Explosive Bonding Compound

Something that Burns

Apply and Flash Dry

Take Him to the Earthcaller

To Stone Hearth’s Aid

The Quaking Fields

The Axe of Earthly Sundering

Elemental Ore

One with the Ground

Bring Down the Avalanche

Stonefather’s Boon

We’re Surrounded

Thunder Stones

Sealing the Way

Shatter Them!

Fixer Upper
Battlefront Triage

Troggzor the Earthinator

Rush Delivery

Close  Escort

Keep Them off the Front

Reactivate the Construct

Mystic Matters

Down Into the Chasm

Sprout No More

Fungal Monstrosities

A Slight Problem

Rescue the Stonefather…and Flint

The Hero Returns

The Middle Fragment

The Third Pillar Fragment

Your next journey is going to begin to the north just behind the temple of earth. This is the Therazane quest line which will eventually get you friendly with the earth elementals. Complete the quests here and you’ll be sent to the Pale Roost to talk with Kor the Immovable.

The Pale Roost

This area is home to one of the coolest quests in the zone. Start by talking with Kor and picking up the new lines. You’ll have to run around this area for a few minor kill quests but this is not a big deal since they’re all easy.

Alert: Pebble! – Pebble is a smell rock elemental that will accompany you for part of your journey. He’s very small and easy to miss and will sometimes run away if you decide to fly on your mount. He comes back when you land … usually. Get used to him because that’s where you’ll be turning in several of your quests and getting their follow ups.

Elite Alert: For the quest “Resonating Blows” you’ll be required to summon and wound Aeosera, The Stone Dragon Brood Mother. Head to (32.6, 24.3) and use the Stonework Mallet on the big green crystal. This will summon a bunch of earth platforms. You can jump between platforms by right clicking and use them to climb up to where Aeosera is. You’ll want to attack her and jump to a new platform each time she breathes fire on the one you’re currently on. This is usually fairly quick, but it’s possible to actually run out of platforms if you’re not careful so play smart!

Therazane’s Throne

And you thought she was ugly before. Once you’re finished with the quests from Gorsik the Tumultuous you’ll be sent to Therazane herself. Here you’ll get to watch a mini cinematic and get an idea of what’s going on down in the elemental plane of earth.


At this point you’re almost certainly friendly with the Therazane faction so it’d be a good time to hit up their quartermaster located nearby and pick up the tabard. This faction has some seriously nice rewards if your reputation is high enough.

Therazane will send you south to the Temple of Earth to rally the troops for a war against the Twilight Cult.

Twilight Precipice

Once you’ve got the Earthen Ring ready to go then head up to the Twilight Precipice at (63.3, 25). Therazane will send you to assassinate several elites of the Twilight Cult as well as decimate the cultists already fighting with the earth elementals.

Elite Alert: Zoltrik Drakebane is a very annoying cultist. He’ll fight normally till around 75% then he will run away to a waiting dragon. A stone dragon will show up to help you chase him. In the air you’ll have to use the vehicle ability you have to jump over to Zoltrik’s dragon and fight him. If you don’t manage to kill him in the air then eventually you’ll be dismounted on a floating rock high in the air where you can finish him off.

Hand in your quests to receive the final World Pillar fragment!

Temple of Earth

Back at the Temple of Earth the Twilight Cult is running rampant. You need to get into the battle immediately and kill 12 cultists along with an earthrager. Following that you’ll be prompted to kill High Priestess Lorthuna. She’s killable quickly but if you’re not confident then run behind a pillar when she uses her big charge up spell. It hurts.

Temple of Earth North The Pale Roost Therazane Quest Line
The Very Earth beneath Our Feet

Crumbling Defenses

On Even Ground

Core of Our Troubles

Imposing Confrontation

Rocky Revelations

Hatred Runs Deep

Unsolid Ground

Loose Stones

Violent Gale

Depth of the Depths

A Rock Amongst Many


Making Things Crystal Clear

Putting the Pieces Together



So Big, So Round…

Petrified Delicacies

Rock Bottom

Steady Hand

Rocky Upheval

Don’t. Stop. Moving.

Hard Falls

Fragile Values

Resonating Blows
Gone Soft

Familiar Intruders

A Head Full of Wind

Gone soft

Shaken and Stirred

Corruption Destruction

Wrath of the Fungalmancer

At the Stonemother’s Call

Audience with the Stonemother

Rallying the Earthen Ring

Our Part of the Bargain

The Stone March

Therazane’s Mercy

The Twilight Flight

Word in Stone

Undying Twilight

The Binding

Unlocking Uldum

Once Lorthuna is dead and you complete the ritual watch the cinematic as the World Pillar is repaired. After that you’ll be able to pick up “The Twilight Plot” from Examiner Rowe and “Fly Over” from Jes’ca Darksun. These will send you to the Twilight Terrace where there are five final quests for you to complete.

Journey to Uldum
The Twilight Plot

Fly Over

Fight Fire and Water and Air With…

Decryption Made Easy

The Wrong Sequence

Congratulations, you’re done with Deepholm! Examiner Rowe will promptly send you off to Uldum, the next big zone. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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