Alright, you're back in Orgrimmar and ready to head to Vashj'ir. Go to one of the Warchief's Command Boards located throughout the city and pick up the quest Warchief's Command: Vashj'ir. Outside Orgrimmar to the East by the water there is a dock where you can turn in the quest and climb aboard a ship that will set course for Vashj'ir but may have some … complications.

Elite Alert: There are creatures called Whale Sharks that roam throughout Vashj'ir. These big guys have 10 million hit points and are not to be trifled with! Consider them to be a mini outdoor boss because, although they don't drop anything, they will require a group to kill. On the bright side, if you do kill one there's an achievement for it.

Welcome to Vashj'ir

The Kelp Forest

You awaken in a ship under water. Erunak Stonespeaker is there to help you get your "Sea Legs" and start to get oriented with questing in an underwater zone. 

Unlike Hyjal, Vashj'ir is not a huge zone. It is comprised of three sub-zones: The Kelp Forest, The Shimmering Expanse, and The Abyssal Depths. The huge amount of z-axis (up and down) space provided by questing in water makes it possible to have a rich experience in a smaller area. Therefore, for the purposes of this guide we'll be dividing each sub-zone into sections which can be considered to be quest hubs unto themselves. All quests are color coded, sorted in order, and correspond to the coloring on the maps. 

The Kelp Forest is a fairly linear zone. You'll be working your way from the North end of the area to the South and to the Shimmering Expanse from there. 

The Kelp Forest


Sea Legs
Pay it Forward
Rest for the Weary
Buy Us Some Time
Traveling on Our Stomachs
Girding Our Loins
To Arms!
Once More, With Eeling
Finders, Keepers
Bring It On!
Blood and Thunder!

Better Late Than Dead
The Abyssal Ride
Good Deed Left Undone
Gimme Shelter!
Ain't Too Proud to Beg
A Case of Crabs
The Horde's Hoard
A Girl's Best Friend
A Taste for Tail
Can't Start a Fire Without a Spark
Kliklak's Craw
Nerve Tonic
A Desperate Plea
Oh, the Insanity
Lady La-La's Medallion
Blackfin's Booty
Dah, Nunt… Dah, Nunt…
Shark Weak
A Bone To Pick
Decisions, Decisions
Undersea Sanctuary
Wake of Destruction
What? What? In My Gut…?
Come Hell or High Water
How Disarming
The Warden's Time
Across the Great Divide 

The Shimmering Expanse

To the South of the Kelp Forest is the Shimmering Expanse. It's an elevated underwater plateau that contains the ruins of the sunken city of Vashj'ir.

The Shimmering Expanse is also home to Nespirah, an undersea demigod located in the Eastern area of the zone. Nespirah is a humongous shellfish of sorts whose body can be entered through a tentacle-like construct near its mouth. Inside, the Naga oversee slaves from the Horde and Alliance as they harvest magical pearls. Nespirah's inside is gigantic and comprises a significant number of the Shimmering Expanse quests. 

The Shimmering Expanse


A Looming Threat
Backed Into a Corner
Silver Tide Hollow
Distracting Scent
The Great Sambino
Don't be Shellfish
Slippery Threat
Undersea Inflation
Crabby Patrons
Totem Modifaction
Back in One Piece
Toshe's Vengeance
Vengeful Heart
Fathom-Lord Zin'jatar
A Pearl of Wisdom
Making Contact
Slave Labor
Stick it to Them
Capture the Crab
Breaking Through
We Are Not Alone
Body Blows
Hopelessly Gearless
Still Valuable
Overseer Idra'kess
Waking the Beast
Deep Attraction
Something Edible
Shelled Salvation
Crafty Crabs
An Occupation of Time
Swift Approach
A Better Vantage
Caught Off-Guard
Upon the Scene of Battle
Visions of the Past: The Invasion of Vashj'ir
The Revered Lady
To the Fathom-Lord's Call
Build to Last
Not Soon Forgotten
Looking Forward
Clear Goals
Not Entirely Unprepared
Curious Distraction
Properly Inspired
Swift Action
Gauging Success
Fallen But Not Forgotten
Visions of the Past: The Slaughter of Beth'mora
By Her Lady's Word
No Trespass Forgiven
Stolen property
Setting An Example
Chosen Burden
The Culmination of Our Efforts
Losing Ground
Desperate Plan
Unfurling Plan
Come Prepared
Hostile Waters
Honor and Privilege
Welcome News
Visions of the Past: Rise From The Deep
Devout Assembly
HerLady's Hand
At All Costs
A Breath of Fresh Air
Full Circle

The Abyssal Depths

In the Western area of Vashj'ir lie the Abyssal Depths. The Depths are the deepest part of Vashj'ir and contain the Abyssal Maw, a breach into the Elemental Plane of Water where Neptulon rules.

In the Abyssal Depths you'll also find L'ghorek, another undersea demigod that resembles NespirahL'ghorek is infested with the Twilight Cultists who are overseen by the Faceless Ones. His energy is being drained by an immense power deep beneath the sea. Underneath L'ghorek you can see a tentacle jutting through the bottom of the ocean and piercing into him, draining his energy. This is almost certainly an Old God.

The Abyssal Depths are the final staging ground that the Twilight's Hammer is using to make ready for their imminent war on Neptulon. You'll have to intervene to stop them.

The Abyssal Depths


When in Vashj'ir
Environmental Awareness
The Perfect Fuel
Here Fishie Fishie
Die Fisherman Die
One Last Favor
Those Aren't Masks
Sira'kess Slaying
A Standard Day for Azrajar
Treasure Reclamation
Put It On
Promontory Point
The Wavespeaker
Clearing the Corrupted
Fireplume Shrooms
Into the Totem
Free Wil'hai
…It Will Come
Unplug L'ghorek
Fiends from the Netherworld
Communing with the Ancient
Runestones of Binding
Ascend No More
Twilight Extermination
All that Rises
Back to the Tenebrous Cavern
Defending the Rift 

Area of Interest: The Abyssal Maw is a 5 player dungeon located in the Abyssal Depths. You can find the entrance marked on the map in red. It is the rift to the realm of Neptulon deep beneath the sea.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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