On the left side of the Vault of the Shadowflame is Chimaeron's room. This three headed dragon-hydra is one of the easiest fights in Blackwing Descent once you get accustomed to his strange gimmick. Until then he's a colossal pain in the ass. 

The bizarre gnome Finkle Einhorn makes an appearance here, he's caged at the back of the room and his robotic assistant Bile-o-Tron will activate and 'assist' you once you talk to Finkle. Bile-o-Tron will spray a gas throughout the room that will make your raid immune to death so long as they have more than 10,000 hit points. Any attack that would normally kill you will reduce you to 1 health. This means that your healers are going to have to be on the ball and keep everyone above 10k hit points at pretty much all times. 

Chimaeron has some massive damage, some of which is AoE, so they will have their hands full. DPS gets to pretty much sit back and enjoy the show, there's very little finesse required on that front. Once Chimaeron reaches 20% hit points he will put out a debuff that reduces incoming healing by 99%, so it's an all out burn from there on. 


Phase One (100%-21.5%) 

    • Caustic Slime - Deals 280,000 Nature damage split between enemies within 6 yards and reduces chance to hit.
    • Massacre - Inflicts extreme damage to all enemies reducing everyone to 1 hit point or killing them.
    • Feud - Chimaeron's heads fight with each other which distracts him and renders him unable to attack for a time.
    • Double Attack - Chimaeron strikes twice on his next attack.
    • Break - Chimaeron breaks through his target's defense increasing damage taken by 25% for 1 minute. This effect stacks. 

Phase Two 

    • Mortality - Chimaeron takes 20% increased damage but reduces all enemy healing by 99%. He becomes immune to taunt during Mortality. 

Setting Up 

Tanks: 2

DPS: 5

Healers: 3 

Chimaeron has an enrage that can become a factor if your raid isn't timely about pushing him to phase 2. Five DPS are definitely recommended for this, particularly since healing in phase 2 is basically worthless. Healing phase 1 is no walk in the park though, you will need a strong healer for the tanks and a couple raid healers to get everyone above 10,000hp at all times. One tank is needed to tank Chimaeron's normal melee and another is typically used to 'off-tank' the double strikes. 


You'll start out with the raid positioned around the room with everyone at least 6 yards apart. This is done so that Caustic Slime only hits one target at a time instead of splashing. Since you're going to be death immune most of the time it's not a problem if a player eats the full 280,000 damage from Caustic Slime since they'll just be reduced to 1 hit point. During this time you can basically remain stationary and attack and heal at will. 

The tanks need to be aware of how to manage Chimaeron. He will periodically use Double Attack which will hit twice for very high damage. Since there are two strikes Bile-o-Tron's death immunity will not save the tank. This means that the tank that is taking the Double Attack needs to remain at high hit points throughout the fight. This is the only member of the raid that should be topped off. It doesn't really matter how high Break stacks on the main tank since Chimaeron's attack speed is extremely slow. That tank will remain protected by Bile-o-Tron and simply needs to be healed to over 10,000hp before the next attack. This shouldn't be a problem. 

The main thing to understand about this fight is the difference between the 'normal' Chimaeron positioning and the changes during his 'feud' state. When Chimaeron casts Massacre he will periodically knock the Bile-o-Tron offline for 30 seconds. This means that your raid is no longer immune to death during that time. 

Everyone needs to stack up during the feud phase to diffuse the damage of the Caustic Slime which he will cast thrice in rapid succession around 15-20 seconds into the feud. This will cause the entire raid to take 80,000-90,000 damage which can be mitigated by AoE cooldowns like Power Word: Barrier and needs to be met with big AoE healing on the raid. After he finishes the Caustic Slimes he will cast Massacre and go back to his normal pattern. 

When he's near 22% you'll want to get your raid at high hit points. Players should pop potions and healthstones here and AoE healing cooldowns like Tranquility, Divine Hymn, and Lightwell (Lightwell is an absolute godsend for this fight) will come in handy. When he enters phase 2 it's an all out burn. He's not tauntable, but if you're using mods like Omen that monitor threat then you'll have a decent idea of who he's going after next. Rogues need to Evasion tanks, Hunters Deterrence, Mages Iceblock etc. You get the idea. You're just going to have to live as long as possible and tank him as best you can while the entire raid, including the healers, tries to DPS him down. He attacks very slowly so if a tank can get a lucky streak of dodges and parries then it's easily possible to tank him for prolonged periods of time. This is the easy part of the fight. Once you've mastered Bile-o-Tron mechanics this fight will go down quickly and it'll be on to Nefarian! 


Irae AoD Vs. Chimaeron

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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