This is one of the co-first bosses of Blackwing Descent along with Magmaw. Omnitron Defense System is a council type fight comprised of 4 bosses: Arcanotron, Electron, Magmatron, and Toxitron.

When you reach their room you’ll find one of them active and patrolling around. Which one happens to be active is completely random as is the order in which they will activate. A while after you pull a second one will activate, then when the third one activates the one you pulled will de-activate; two of the bosses will be alive at any given time.



    • Arcane Annihilator – Casted, interruptable arcane damage nuke that hits a single target for a ton of damage. You’ll need two people interrupting this. 1 second cast time.
    • Power Generator – Spawns a swirling bluish vortex on the ground. Anyone standing in it will gain a large buff to damage and mana regeneration.
    • Power Conversion – Shield ability. Causes the boss to gain damage and casting speed when struck, this can be spell stolen or dispelled.


    • Lightning Conductor – Places a debuff on a target that hits nearby raid members for lightning damage. Anyone who gets this needs to move out of the raid.
    • Electrical Discharge – Chain lightning style attack, spread out to minimize damage.
    • Unstable Shield – Shield ability, releases massive AoE damage when struck.


    • Incineration Security Measure – Large, room wide fire attack that deals periodic damage to the raid. This cannot be avoided, and must be healed through.
    • Acquiring Target – A raid member is targeted for incineration and after a while Magmatron will target a burst of flame at them. There must be no one between Magmatron and his target when he casts this.
    • Barrier – Magmatron’s shield ability. Don’t attack him when this is up!


    • Poison Cloud – Spawns a green poison cloud on the ground. Anyone in the cloud will take 50% additional damage including any of the bosses.
    • Poison Protocol – Toxitron spawns 3 Poison Bombs that select targets and chase them. If they reach their target they will explode for extreme damage. They will not change their targets and must be snared and killed by DPS.
    • Poison Soaked Shell – Boss’s shield ability. Places a DoT on the attacker that causes them to take and deal nature damage. This is a double edged sword and can be used to increase damage, but beware stacking it too high!

Setting Up

Tanks: 2

DPS: 5

Healers: 3

Since two bosses will be up at any given time you’ll want to always use two tanks for this fight. The damage can get high but isn’t extreme, so the usual 3 healers is usually the right amount. This fight isn’t a DPS check as much as an execution fight, so stacking excessive DPS isn’t warranted for learning attempts.


Since which boss is active at the start and the order in which they activate is random there is no set strategy for this fight, you’ll need to be adaptable. They will be active in pairs and there are six or so different combinations so you just need to be ready to deal with what they throw at you.

The most vital parts of this fight are killing Poison Protocol adds and interrupting Arcane Annihilator. It is absolutely and utterly vital that these two things are taken care of properly because they are the most difficult parts of the fight. Arcanotron requires two interrupters to alternate interrupts in order to lock out all of his attempts to cast. He will also continue casting while his shield is active! This means that one of the DPS will have to stay on him to interrupt him whenever he is active, the other interrupter should be the person tanking him.

Poison Protocol is relatively simple to deal with as long as the adds are snared. They can have their movement speed reduced to a crawl allowing players targeted by the adds to easily avoid them while the rest of the raid dispatches them.

The general flow of the fight is that you will DPS the latest ‘tron’ to activate. When a new one activates the old one will put their shield up making them horribly dangerous to DPS. You will continue to cycle through them until one dies. They share a health pool so when one dies they all die. You’ll be able to tell which one is going to activate next because there will be a stream of appropriately colored energy linking their inactive form to a generator (lightning style for Electron, reddish for Magmatron, purplish for Arcanotron, and green for Toxitron).

Once you’ve faced all of the possible combinations and learned how to handle them this fight is very simple. Spread out, respond to AoE healing and whatever you do don’t DPS the shields!


Borealis Vs. Omnitron Defense System

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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