The twilight dragons Valiona and Theralion comprise the second boss in the Bastion of Twilight. These dragons take turns fighting you and share a health pool. Each dragon has a ground phase and an air phase and has a different ability set for each.

Since they alternate, Valiona’s ground phase is Theralion’s air phase and vice versa. This means that you have to deal with the ground abilities of one of them at the same time as the other one’s air phase abilities.



      Ground Phase

    • Blackout – Puts a debuff on a target that is dispellable and absorbs 20,000 healing. When this ability is dispelled or ends it will explode for 250,000 shadow damage that is split between nearby players.
    • Devouring Flames –AoE cone of fire cast on a random player. This ability does high shadow damage but has a cast time and is easily avoided.

      Air Phase

    • Twilight Meteorite – Targets a random player with a purple arrow displayed over their head. They will be hit with a meteorite after 6 seconds which does 120,000 shadow damage split between nearby targets.
    • Deep Breath – Cast when Theralion lands, Valiona breathes a vast line of fire from East to West across the room which consumes one third of the room in flame. She does this several times in a row and must be avoided.


      Ground Phase

    • Engulfing Magic – Mirrors all damage or healing done by a player inflicting damage to nearby allies that is equal to your output.
    • Fabulous Flames – Spawns a large black void zone on the ground. This abilities prefers ranged targets and must be moved out of as it does 10,000 damage per second.

      Air Phase

    • Dazzling Destruction – Spawns swirling circles of energy on the ground. These transport the players standing in them to the twilight realm.
    • Twilight Blast – AoE bombs of shadow fire hit the ground doing damage to anyone within 8 yards of their landing location.

Setting Up

Tanks: 1

Healers: 3

DPS: 6

As only one of the dragons will be active at a time you won’t need multiple tanks for this encounter. Most of the damage in this fight is also avoidable, so it’s possible to comfortably heal this fight with 2 healers. It isn’t necessary though, so when learning it it’s probably easiest to use 3.


When reading the ability list this fight may seem somewhat daunting. For what it’s worth, it sounds much harder than it actually is. This fight is very simple with two repeating phases, one for each dragon. Once you’ve got the hang of each phase then it’s just a matter of not dying.

You’ll start with Valiona on the ground, you’ll want to have your raid spread out to avoid taking too much damage from Theralion’s Twilight Blast. When Valiona casts Blackout you’ll need to collapse on the person with the debuff and dispel it as soon as there are enough people in the area. This will release massive raid damage, but can be healed fairly easily since the only other damage going out is on the tank or coming from Twilight Blast.

Valiona will periodically cast Devouring Flames, this is easy to avoid if people are paying attention. It is just a wide fire breath, so try to get behind her to avoid this.

When Valiona’s time is up you’ll see swirling patches of energy on the ground, do not stand in these! They are very easy to avoid and will not transport you to the twilight realm for quite a while after spawning. These should never be an issue.

When Theralion lands let your tank pick him up then go to work. You’ll want your ranged DPS and healers stacked and moving together for this phase since it will help out with placing the Fabulous Flames. These are large circular void zones that will be periodically cast on ranged players, you’ll want to have these void zones spawn in a circle around the boss so you’ve got plenty of room. During this phase you’ll notice random players being targeted with a purple looking mark over their head. This means that they have a Twilight Meteor coming down on them soon. As long as one other player is nearby to absorb some of the damage this ability is trivial, however it can 1 shot people if they are standing on their own!

Theralion’s other ability is Engulfing Magic. When this ability is cast on you you’re going to need to stop DPS and healing immediately and move away from other players. Once you’re on your own you can cast again, but you’ll be doing AoE damage to everything around you. This ability is particularly irritating when used on a DoT class like a Warlock or a Hot Class like Resto Druid. Resto Druids can be particularly deadly due to the massive amount of unstoppable healing they will have going when they are targeted. If you’re using one then consider having them stand apart from the raid other than when they’re targeted with Meteors.

When Valiona is about to land she will begin to cast massive lines of fire going length wise across the room. These are easily avoided because she will hover for a while in the direction that she intends to attack. Everyone will need to move away from this area because it will destroy your raid if you sit in it!

Once you’ve got this far Valiona will land again and the fight will continue with the same abilities used when you pulled her. Repeat this process until the dragons run out of life and collect your loot.


Skunkworks vs. Valiona & Theralion 10 normal

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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