style="font-family: tahoma;">The Arcane Ally


The arcane ally is a halfling hybrid
class with the unusual mix of wizard, rogue and ranger.  An arcane
allies focus is supporting fellow party members.  With the
fighting ability of a rogue, the ability to disable most traps and
unlock most locks (but not all of them), and the ability to buff allies
quite a bit, they can be quite gifted at keeping a party functioning.

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It is important to note that the
arcane ally is not a primary rogue, primary fighter, or primary arcane
caster.  Instead, they can fill in quite a bit.  When
flanking an opponent, they have a +11 to hit, and do an additional 3d6
damage (or 4d6 with a flame arrow spell).  They have a good heal
skill and repair skill, allowing party members to benefit well from
shrine usage.  They can also damage opponents using spells, though
this is only used in support of other damage dealers.  Finally,
using the halfling's companion bonus, the arcane ally can make a fellow
ally a powerful juggernaut.

As a rogue, the arcane ally is
effective, but not able to handle the most difficult to disarm traps,
unlock the most difficult of locks.  But, when not dealing with
these particular problems, the arcane ally is quite handy, able to
reach 37 in disable device (before spells and the d20 roll), and 36
with opening locks.


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Halfling (28 pt) Halfling (with
Halfling (32 pt)

Str 12

Dex 12

Con 12 Con
Con 12

Int 17 Int
Int 17

Wis 13 Wis 14

Wis 13

Cha 8

Cha 8

Cha 8

Note regarding ability
scores:  There appears to be no reason for a wisdom of 14 at level
14, but this not only provides a better will save, it allows later
advancement as a ranger, gaining healing spells and barkskin after
level 14.  This in addition to levelling of rogue levels makes the
arcane ally formidable at range, and even more of a help to a party.


(Below information based upon 28 point build, level 14)

Hit Points: 108

Armor Class: 15 + Items/spells

Saving Throws:

Fortitude: +8

Reflex: +13

Will: +9

Class/Race Features:

Small Sized (-1 bonus to ac, +1 to attack rolls, +4 to hide)

+2 to jump, listen, move silently

+1 bonus to all saving throws

+1 additional bonus to fear saves

+1 bonus with thrown weapons

Sneak Attack 3d6


Trap Sense +1

Uncanny Dodge

Favored Enemy (Evil Outsiders)

Wild Empathy

Bow Strength

Rapid Shot


Disable Device +22

Open Locks +21

Search +21

Spot +19

Move Silently +9

Hide +11

Heal +20

Swim +8

Tumble +7

Haggle +3

Jump +9

Repair +19

Concentration +16

Feats: Skill Focus : Disable
Device, Extend Spell, Mental Toughness, Dodge, Enlarge Spell, Skill
Focus: Open Lock, Weapon Finesse

href=""> alt="Arcane Ally"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 217px;" align="right">Enhancements

Rogue Skill Boost 2

Rogue Search 2

Rogue Spot 2

Rogue Open locks 2

Rogue Disable Device 2

Ranger Search 1

Ranger Spot 1

Energy of the Scholar 2

Halfling Dexterity 2

Rogue Dexterity 1

Ranger Dexterity 1

Halfling Heroes Companion 4

Halfling Cunning 2

Force Manipulation 2


(DC 14 + spell level)

Spell Points: 495 (base 280 + Feats 65 + Enhancements 50 + Ability
bonuses 64)

Level 1: Magic Missile, Jump, Protection From Evil, Detect Secret
Doors, Expeditious Retreat

Level 2: Resist Elements, Blur, Scorching Ray, Flame Arrow

Level 3: Haste, Rage, Ray of Exhaustion

Level 4: Wall of Fire, Stoneskin

Spell Note: Note that spells with saves are avoided in the choice of
spells the arcane ally uses.  Also, with Force Manipulation, the
arcane ally can use magic missile to good effect.

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style="font-weight: bold;">Detailed progression by level

Level 1

Class: Rogue

Feats: Skill Focus: Disable Device

Skills: Disable Device +4, Open Locks +4, Search +4, Spot +4, Move
Silently +4, Hide +4, Heal +2, Swim +4, Tumble +4, Haggle +4, Jump +4

Enhancements: Rogue Skill Boost 1, Rogue Disable Device, Rogue Open
Lock, Rogue Search 1

Level 2

Class: Wizard

Feat: Extend Spell

Skills: Repair +5

Enhancements: Energy of the Scholar 1, Halfling Hero's Companion,
Halfling Cunning 1

Level 3

Class: Wizard

Feats: Mental Toughness

Skills: Repair +1, Concentration +4

Enhancements: Halfling Dexterity 1, Force Manipulation 1

Level 4

Class: Rogue

Ability Score: Intelligence +1

Skills: Disable Device +3, Open Locks +3, Search +3, Spot +3

Enhancements:  Rogue Sneak Attack Accuracy 1, Rogue Dexterity 1

Level 5

Class: Wizard

Skills: Repair +2, Concentration +2, Swim +1

Level 6

Class: Wizard

Feats: Dodge

Skills: Repair +1, Concentration +1, Swim +1, Jump +1

Enhancements: Force Manipulation 2, Halfling Cunning 2, Halfling Hero's
Companion 2

Level 7

Class: Rogue

Skills: Disable Device +3, Open Locks +3, Search +3, Spot +3

Level 8

Class: Wizard

Ability Score: Wisdom +1

Feat: Enlarge Spell

Skills: Repair +2, Concentration +2, Swim +1

Enhancements: Energy of the Scholar 2, Halfling Hero's Companion 3,
Halfling Dexterity 2

Level 9

Class: Wizard

Feats: Skill Focus: Open Lock

Skills: Repair +2, Concentration +2, Jump +1

Level 10

Class: Rogue

Skills: Disable Device +3, Open Locks +3, Search +3, Spot +3

Enhancements: Rogue Skill Boost 2, Rogue Disable Device 2, Rogue Open
Lock 2, Rogue Spot 2

Level 11

Class: Wizard

Skills: Repair +2, Concentration +2, Swim +1

Enhancements: Halfling Hero's Companion 4

Level 12

Class: Ranger

Feats: Weapon Finesse

Ability Score: Dexterity +1

Skills: Heal +10

Enhancements: Ranger Search 1, Ranger Spot 1

Level 13

Class: Rogue

Skills: Disable Device +3, Open Locks +3, Search +3, Spot +3

Enhancements: Rogue Search 2

Level 14

Class: Ranger

Skills: Heal +6, Spot +1, Search +1, Concentration +2
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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016