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Available to: Man, Elf, Dwarf

A true master of arms, the Champion excels at combat, focusing on little other than destroying her foes. The Champion's whirling blades can strike fear into the heart of even the foulest orc, cutting down swaths of their numbers at once. While a Champion's training and armor grants her some survivability, it is not her focus, and a Champion can quickly find herself in trouble when facing several foes on her own.

The Champion is the class of choice for players that enjoy fast-paced combat with multiple options available at any given moment. Champions can use various weapon styles, but focus on using two weapons simultaneously. With their active play-style Champions are able to consistently cause large amounts of damage to both single and multiple opponents in combat. Their style of combat revolves around the idea that the best defense is a good offense.


Skills of the Champion

Wild Attack: A damaging attack. This increases fervor, allowing the use of other Champion skills.

Flurry: An attack that increases the Champion's attack speed and fervor.

Blade Storm: A 360-degree area-of-effect attack.

Champion's Challenge: A taunting cry that forces the target to face and attack the Champion.

Savage Strikes: A double attack.

Blade Wall: A frontal area-of-effect attack.

Bracing Attack: An attack which allows the Champion to brace herself against counterattack, increasing her morale by a small amount.

Battle-frenzy: Instantly increases Fervour.

Dire Need: Transfers half the Champion's morale to power.


Traits of the Champion

Here are some of the Class-specific Traits the Champion can obtain while adventuring in Middle-earth.

Call of the Wild: The Champion's Wild Attack generates additional threat and she gains a small amount of natural armour.

At the Ready: The Champion's base block rate is increased and she gains a small amount of natural armour



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016