evildoers quake with fear and tremble in their too-tight boots as
your mighty hero ventures forth deeper into the world of Champions
Online! Once again, the mighty oracles at Ten Ton Hammer are here to
provide aid to you, the sinewy arbiter of justice and righteousness.
Our purpose here is to turn our gaze onto that most glorious of zones,
Millennium City.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, so did Millennium City rise from
the rubble of old Detroit. Once  a shining beacon of industry,
Detroit was destroyed by the arch villain, Doctor Destroyer, who left
60,000 civilians and numerous heroes dead in the destruction. In
defiance of that fiend, a new city was built upon the ruins of the old.
This new city would be the most technologically advanced city in the
world, with everything that a vegan hippie could hope for: renewable
windmill energy, free wifi, computer controlled highways,
sky gardens,
and unlimited twinkies! Millennium City is also home to the
world’s greatest band of superheroes, the Champions, as well
as a host of other heroes. Sadly, evil has begun to infect this
gleaming city of tomorrow by the rise of various groups of scum and
villains. Over all this, the specter of Doctor Destroyer returning to
wreak his vengeance looms large over the psyche of the populace.

Millennium City is an extremely large zone. Unlike the Southwest Desert
zone, Millennium City has only 3 neighborhoods. However, each
neighborhood is rather large, each approximately one-third of the city.
Whilst each neighborhood in the Southwest Desert or Canadian Wilderness
is home to a single group of villains, there are multiple groups
running around in each neighborhood in Millennium City. These gangs
tend to be concentrated in specific areas of each neighborhood, but
their minions could be found anywhere within the neighborhood.
Therefore, it’s advisable to not let your guard down! For
each neighborhood, we’ll highlight the various gangs that can
be found there, any spawn points, and places of interest to the
spandex-clad crowd.

alt="" src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/75653">




The City Center is the hub of the city. The main points of interest in
this neighborhood are the Renaissance Center and the MCPD. The MCPD is
located north of City Hall and is where you create your nemesis and
spend your Nemesis Tokens. The Renaissance Center is an oasis of
tranquility in the city, meaning that there are no bad guys. Located in
the Renaissance Center is the bank, the auction house, the plane for
traveling to other zones, and Unity HQ (must be level 40). There are 4
spawn points in this neighborhood: one by the plane, one in front of
the hospital, another down the street from the hospital, and one by
City Hall.

There are five different
gangs to be found in the City Center. First is the New Purple Gang,
which are typical mafia type wiseguys. Their members include Blade Man,
Earners, Hired Muscle, and Associates. They tend to be found in the
center of the neighborhood and to the north. The next gang is Argent,
who specialize in high-tech, white collar crime. Their members include
Ambushers, Counteragents, Soldiers, and Operatives. They tend to be
found around Argent HQ (no surprise there!). The third gang is the
Gadroon, who are an alien race seeking to invade the earth. This race
includes Lancers, Pacifiers, Abjudicators, Observers, and Gravatic
Initiates. These space invaders can be found in the far north of the
neighborhood. The fourth gang is Viper, an evil organization bent on
conquering the world. Viper minions include Soldiers, Infiltrators,
Demolitionists, and Squad Leaders. Viper can be found in several
locations. The last group to be found in City Center is PSI, a
villainous group whose members use enhanced psychic powers. These
members include: Mind Inc. Hypnotists, Mind Inc. Neophytes, Mind Inc.
Proctors, and Mind Inc. Slicers. PSI members can usually be found near
the PSI Building.

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/75652" alt=""
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style="font-weight: bold;">Westside



Westside is the grittier, blue collar part of Millennium City. This
neighborhood is still rough around the edges, but the forces of law and
order are working hard to clean the place up. Places of interest in
this neighborhood are Chinatown, the docks, and the prison (where an
open mission is located). After arriving in Millennium City, this
neighborhood will be your hero’s first foray into
crimefighting in this zone. There are two respawn points in Westside.
The first point is at the prison, whilst the second is located near the
WCOC building. An extremely cool place to check out in this
neighborhood is the large building where a mega-crane has crashed into
it. I find it fascinating to look at and there’s several
quests for your hero to do there as well.

There are a ton of gangs, eight in fact, located in Westside. The first
gang is our old friends, the New Purple Gang. These wiseguys can be
found around the neighborhood and specifically the Purple Gang area.
The second gang is the Maniacs. This insane posse of punk clowns
includes Slashers, Psychos, Maniacs, Loonies, and Crackpots. The
Maniacs can be found around the Westside Docks. The third gang are the
Foxbattlebots, who are loyal minions of Foxbat, the world’s
greatest, and most charming, villain. Minions include Fanboys,
Spotlights, Set Security, and Camera Bots. Foxbattlebots can be found
around the WCOC building, where you also finish a mission chain whose
grand finale is a showdown between you and Foxbat! The fourth gang the
Black Aces, whose members bear a resemblance to the goons from A
Clockwork Orange. This strange band includes Jack of Blades, King of
Fists, Jack of Pain, and Queen of Pain. The Black Aces can be found in
the western end of the neighborhood. The Cult of the Red Banner are the
fifth gang to be found here. This kung fu, oriental themed group
include Thugs, Martial Artists, Foot Soldiers, Assassins, and
Magicians. The Red Banner goons can be found in Chinatown and the
Shandor building. The sixth gang in Westside is the Escaped Prisoners.
These cons are inmates seeking to escape from the prison in Westside
during a prison break (also an open mission). The Escaped Prisoners
include Arsonists, Muggers, Hitmen, and Chaingangers. Naturally, this
gang can be found at the prison. Gang number seven is the Cobra Lords.
Members of this biker gang of cutthroats include Coyotes, Broncos,
Vultures, and Grizzlies. These bearded hellions can be found in the
northern part of the neighborhood. The last (whew!) gang to be found in
Westside are our old friend, Viper. These wannabe world dominators are
found more towards the eastern part of Westside.

src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/75651" alt=""
style="width: 250px; height: 188px;">

style="font-weight: bold;">Downtown



This neighborhood of Millennium City is the heart of the city. It is
full of grand, ultra technological wonders such as soaring towers and
gardens in the sky. An interesting site is the Battle for Detroit
Museum, which pays homage to those lost in the destruction of the city.
There are two spawn points in Downtown. The first, a pleasant glade, is
located next to the Magic Lantern Bookstore, while the second spawn
point is found just north of the Harmon Industries Lab.

There are seven gangs to be found in Downtown. Two of the gangs, Viper
and foxbattlebots, your hero has faced before in other sections of
Millennium City. The first new gang is DEMON, a demonic, black magic
wielding organization. Members of this gang include Morbanes, Brothers,
Demonlings, Inner Circle Members, and Maleficia. DEMON can be found
close to the Great Beast Bookstore. The second new gang is Destroid.
Destroids are robotic minions of Doctor Destroyer and include
Destroids, Gun Drones, and Trooper Bots. Destroids are found more to
the east and south of Downtown. The third new gang in Downtown is the
Lemurians. This lizard race, enemies of the Atlanteans, includes
Devolved Lemurians, Primordial Lemurians, Brood Mothers, and Dark
Sorcerers. Lemurians are found in the northern section of the oriental
garden in the eastern part of Downtown. The fourth new gang is the
Elder Worms. These slug-like creatures once ruled the earth eons ago,
but now they are nearly extinct. Elder Worms include Aspirants,
Followers, and Warriors. The Elder Worms can be found in the southern
section of the oriental gardens, just south of the Lemurians. The last
new group in Dowtown are the Fire Demons, which are just that; demons.
The demonic legions of the Fire Demons include Abaddon, Succubus,
Hellhounds, Fire Golems, and Hellhounds. These infernal evildoers can
be found in the southeastern part of Downtown.

Looks like a lot of villainy is afoot in Millennium City! Why are you
still reading this and not bringing those miscreants to justice? Get
out there and lay some two-fisted justice on those scum!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016