Chaos Tier 2 Leveling Guide

The Raven Host continues its war against the feeble Empire and their leader, Karl Franz. Having helped the armies of Chaos in Norsca and Nordland and proven to be useful to some extent, you are now sent on to Ostland and the Troll Country. There the war effort becomes more serious and your contribution will need to increase. Keeps now need to be captured for control of the zone and the Beastmen harry your troops in the wilds. You will be tasked to find something important, and deal out the vengeance of the Changer of Ways to all who oppose him. Victory is obtained only by the strong, and if you consider yourself such then you will have to continue into...


After applying yourself to the will of Tzeentch, and proving yourself worthy to be trusted with more important tasks, you're shuffled off to Ostland to continue helping the war effort there. You'll travel to the town of Ferlangen where you'll meet up with more people who are eager to continue your training in the ways of Chaos... by making you do stuff for them. Rally Master Turaanos is fired up at your arrival and mentions you helping in obtaining an artifact known as the Darkflame Sceptre for Master Tchar'zanek. Rangrith the Kill Collector is all tore up inside. Seems he had his heart broken by a dryad, and now he wants you to break their souls. A task which he'll happily pay you for.

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Seems Alvani forgot to mention the Spites would bring friends.

Alvani the Sectator has visions and in these visions he sees you doing great things... for him, of course. He's had a little Beastman trouble and wants you to head out on cull the herd a bit and retrieve what they stole from him. Brandr Hallsson has the Darkflame Sceptre on his mind as well. It seems the Beastmen have the sceptre and you need to go and retrieve it for him. While you're out and about, he asks that you deal with a few people who have chosen to work against the Raven Host instead of for it.

There's a Raven Warscout in the town as well. He'll want to enlist you at stopping the forces of the Empire, and their allies, before it's too late. For this, you'll need to go to Stone Troll Crossing, and report back the results.

Svandik the Bloody grabs you before you can head out. Svandik knows that with the many tribes that have come under the banner of the Raven host, come many customs. These customs must be honored so that the armies of Tchar'zanek are not made to look bad. One of the more powerful tribes demands that a pig be sacrificed prior to every battle. Oddly enough, he thinks you would make an excellent butcher. This will bing you into the Krul'Gor Herd PQ, so you can now kill two pigs with one stone, literally.


When you've completed all your tasks in Ferlangen, you'll be moved on to the occupied town of Felde. Felde is on the border of the RvR war zone, so if you choose to head out and take the fight to the Empire fools who dare challenge the Raven Eyed Changer of Ways, then off you go. However, if you choose to stay and continue your efforts to aid the Raven Host here, then there's plenty of things for you to do. Dangerous things of course, but plenty of them.

As you come into Felde, you'll notcie a fenced area on your right and a lady talking to herself. This would be Urzula, the Daemon channeler. Urzula isn't exactly what she appears to be at first glance. She... it... whatever, knows of your search for the Darkflame Sceptre and plans to help you find it. While you're at it, it seems there are some former allies that are no longer of use to Tzeentch's efforts, and she wants you to deal with the separation negotiations in a permanent fashion. When you leave her, you'll notice Gottfried the Kill Collector across the way. Gottfried seems to think the Beastmen would be useful under a strong leader. Guess who he thinks is strong enough to make that happen?

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The Raven God protects Felde with his mark

Gunvor, the Rally Master is not extremely happy to see you. Seems he was looking for at least a regiment and he has things to do and people to send to their deaths. Gunvor has a... bug problem and he'd like you to deal with it for him. Aurel Hoch is hanging around next to the building by the camp healer. Aurel's not very bright, but he is evil and cunning. Apparently, Aurel's been listening to the ranting of Urzula, and he knows the Empire is coming. He wants to set a trap for them, and he wants to use the screams of dying innocent Empire citizens as bait. Aurel also sends you on another task to kill his former mentor who regarded him as somewhat of a bumpkin recently and looked down on his warning. That should teach him a lesson.

In another gated area, by a cannon, you'll find Henri Kopler. Henri has been playing mission impossible and sent one of his men undercover to infiltrate the worshipers of Ulric. Now, it's time to put that man to work, but Henri's going to need a few things first, some of which can only be located in Raven's End Woods, the RvR zone.

Raven's Edge Warcamp

For those of you who want to take the fight directly to the Empire, this is the place you'll start at. Raven's Edge is your Teir Two Chaos warcamp, and it has plenty to keep you busy. From quests to kill a number of Order player enemies, to just general scouting missions, Raven's Edge will be your base of operations for the RvR side of things. However, outside of Angeli Ebonweb, the Quartermaster who sells siege equipment and standards, don't expect to find and RvR gear merchants here. You've stepped up to the real war now. If you want your RvR gear, you're going to have to earn it! RvR merchants are now located at the tops of the contested Keeps in the RvR zones.

Or you could just take the easy way out and head to the Inevitable City and visit the merchant there. The Flight master in the camp, Rizzul Wiska, could help you out with that, as well as with getting to other zones. There's enough war for everyone all over the world, and you'll be asked to do some traveling as part of your duties to the Raven Host, so be prepared.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016