Troubador Methodology and Spell Progression

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Credits / The Basics
Chapter 2 - Quests

Chapter 3 - Songs, Spells, and Abilities (Spell List)

Chapter 4 - Methods and Techniques

Chapter 5 - Weapons Configurations (1H vs. DW)

Chapter 6 - Where to Hunt (Solo)

8.0 – Methods and Techniques

Starting Out

First, know your environs. Have an escape route ready (roads (good), zone-walls (better), and zone-outs (best)). Be especially careful when fighting waterbourne mobs (they can usually swim faster than you can, sometimes even while sprinting!) and mobs near lava, cliffs, etc. Don't be afraid to run, either. I use the 50/50 rule of thumb: if the mob's health isnt reduced to half before mine is, its time to seriously consider making a break for it. There's no shame.

We should begin with buffs, since you'll want to do this before battle. As you can see from the huge long list, Troubadors do buffing at least as well as any other class in the game.

Bows & Poisons [Thanks to Clawtia & Jimbob of Oggok for input via the TTH forums for this section!]

If you have money to invest in good player-crafted poisons, they're well worth your while. Use a poison by placing it in your activatable slot and "using" it, and note that since you have two activatable slots you can use a noxious debuff poison as well (they'll stack). Stop in Enchanted Lands to buy your arrows; you should be using the best arrows you can afford at all times (none of that tin arrow stuff past level 30 or so!).

Ideally you ought to have 2 bows. One, a heavy, hard-hitting bow for your initial shot. Use a spell (like the (30.6) Deafening Missile) on the initial shot for fire two arrows at once and deal extra damage (plus a stifle) and immediately fire a third arrow with your heavy bow. Programming a macro (see our macroing guide) assists with this. You should also have a faster short bow for when the mob closes, you can program a hotbutton or add it to your previous macro to make the switch for you. If you follow this procedure, some mobs will be dead on arrival, and tougher enemies should be at half health or less.

Kiting the mob is easy because of pathfinding; it allows you to outrun most mobs in a circular or oblong path simply if you have the space. Hit the mob with a snare spell if he starts to close, then run back a good bit and tag him with your heavy bow combo.


Troubadors can also serve up some powerful debuffs. Don't neglect to reduce your targets stats, and pay special attention to using the "Discante" line on hard-hitting melee mobs. The "Anthem" line works especially well on enemy healers, and is one of the few WIS debuffs in the game.


Debuff combos serve to reduce stats plus a little something to sweeten the deal, like snare or a health to power tap. Make as much use of these as you can; the snare effect can be key to escaping an enounter gone bad. You might be able to use these spells effectively during a Heroic Opportunity as well.


Next come the HO's, fire these off one after another in conjunction with your DD spells and scout abilities to do the most damage possible most efficiently. Remember, it's all about taking the mob down fast.

Pet Charm

Fafhrd of Najena has the following to say on using the pet charm effectively:

I pull with Sybil's Shuddering Sonnet which reduces the mobs mental
resists and snares them.  I then stun the mob using Cheap Shot (this is
a level 6 ability, and I can't remember if I get an upgrade or not) and
charm using my adept 3 Bria's Entrancing Sonnet (my jeweler "discovered"
this spell on Najena lol).  If the mob is in a group, I back away a
little and assist my "pet" which if it's a tank will get agro.  Having
my pet targeted makes it easier to recharm (or kill if it's low on
health) when it breaks.  If the mob is not grouped, I immediately pull
something else and try to kill it before charm breaks.  When charm
breaks, I redo snare/debuff, stun and charm (or kill the mob if it's
sufficiently damaged).

Currently, Bria's will charm anything up to ^^ heroic (even grey ^^^
heroic are too powerful), but I have seen a level 58 bard with a ^^^ pet
in SS using the adept 1 version of the 3 minute, level 58 charm.  I have
once charmed a ^^ heroic yellow con mob in Harclaves, and with the adept
3 charm and adept 1 debuff, the charm lasts full duration.  That
duration (2 mins, 30 seconds) was not long enough to take down a full
group of heroic yellow mobs though.

In Groups...

Grouping involves the above plus an two added considerations, switching HOs and avoiding hate. If your masterful about HOs and have a cooperative group, you can together pull off some amazing damage and grant some incredible buffs during longer battles. However, if the battles are short or the group is unwilling, you're better off crowding as many buffs, debuffs, and abilities into the fight.

You can help your enchanter, or work as a sub-enchanter, by learning to use your hate reduction spells. The "Serenade" line is especially cool, it allows you to keep mages and back line healers relatively aggro-free. Be sure to let meleeing healers, like "tanking" templars and inquisitors, know how this spell can benefit them if they step back from the fight- but only if they seem to be getting a lot of hate. Otherwise, they might just tell you to mind the music and leave 'em alone :)

Group Buffs

Increases arcane resistance of the troubador's group.
Arcane Chorus (20)
Arcane Symphony (34)
Arcane Concerto (48)
Arcane Dissertation   (62)
Increases the attack speed of the troubador's group.
Merciless Melody (14)
Gerard's Resonant Sonata (28)
Invigorating Opus (42)
Exhilirating Opus (56)
Rousing Opus   (70)
Increases the defense skill of the troubador's group.
Insatiable Ardor (18)
Daelor's Luminary Ballad (32)
Graceful Avoidance (46)
Balletic Avoidance (60)
Increases elemental resistance of the troubador's group.
Elemental Chorus (44)
Elemental Concerto (58)
Grants the troubador's group a chance to strike for additional mental damage before every hostile spell they cast on a target.
Aria of Excitement (22)
Aria of Inspiration (36)
Aria of Exaltation (50)
Aria of Acclamation   (64)
Grants increased focus and improved effectiveness of all casting techniques of the troubador's group. Increases to casting technique makes it more difficult for enemies to outright resist your group's spells and reduces the chance of spell fizzle.
Magical Boon (3)
Minstrels Luck (17)
Minstrel's Fortune (31)
Swan Song (45)
Dove Song (59)
Places a serenading song surrounding all non-fighters in the troubador's group. This song reduces enemy hate towards any of the troubador's allies that they damage, and decreases the overall amount of hate that is generated by the troubador's allies
Alin's Soothing Serenade (24)
Alin's Calming Serenade (38)
Alin's Tranquil Serenade (52)
Alim's Serene Serenade   (66)
Increases in-combat health regeneration of the troubador's group.
Quiron's Joyous Celebration (30)
Quiron's Ecstatic Celebration (44)
Quiron's Blissful Celebration (58)
A short duration song that grants the troubador's group increased intelligence and additional mental damage with every hostile spell cast. While maintaining this song, the troubador is rooted and cannot make normal combat attacks
Precision of the Maestro (58)
A song that increases the movement speed of the bard's group. It suspends during combat.
Selos Accelerando (13)
Increases in-combat power replenishment of the bard's group. This ability does stack with the enchanter's concentration group power replenishment spell.
Bria's Stirring Ballad (13)
Bria's Inspiring Ballad   (69)
A song that grants the troubador's group a chance to reflect non-physical spells for a short duration after having taken any non-physical damage.
Requiem of Reflection (52)
Increases the strength and stamina of the troubador's group
Raxxyl's Fortitude Song (2)
Raxxyl's Rousing Tune (10)
Raxxyl's Energizing Harmony (24)
Raxxyl's Vivacious Descant (38)
Raxxyl's Brash Descant (52)
Raxxyl's Brazen Descant   (66)

Single Target Buffs

For a short duration, target ally's recast timers on all abilities are reduced. Cap cannot be cast on an ally that recently had this spell cast on them for 2 minutes.
Jester's Cap   (65)

Self Buffs

Reduces the target's hate towards the scout.
Evade (6)
Divert (18)
Increases the agility and intelligence of the troubador.
Performers Talent (13)
Elise's Ditty (27)
Daelis' Dance of Blades (41)
Daelis' Jig of Blades (55)
Daelis' Frolicking of Blades   (69)


Decreases target's defense and burns their power every time they use an ability.
Lore's Shuddering Song (8)
Lore's Snapping Sonnet (22)
Lore's Lurching Limerick (36)
Lore's Magniloquent Roust (50)
Lore's Euphuistic Romp   (64)
Severely decreases target's resistance to mental and slows target's movement speed for a short time. The slow effect has a chance to break each time the target is attacked.
Sybil's Slowing Chant (7)
Sybil's Shuddering Sonnet (23)
Guviena's Disparate Chant (37)
Guviena's Slothful Chant (51)
Guviena's Apathetic Chant   (65)
Impairs the offensive combat, casting skills, and focus of target encounter. This song requires a recurrent power cost to maintain
Demoralizing Processional (55)
Reduces the strength and agility of target encounter. This song requires a recurrent power cost to maintain.
Reproaching Discante (19)
Disheartening Discante   (61)
Impairs the wisdom of target encounter and inflicts mental damage over time. This song requires a recurrent power cost to maintain.
Kian's Destructive Anthem (32)
Kian's Devastating Anthem (46)
Kian's Catastrophic Anthem (60)


A quick attack that deals mental and power damage.
Deafening Strike (1)
Deafening Blade (8)
Deafening Thrust (15)
Sandra's Deafening Strike (29)
Sandra's Befuddling Incursion (43)
Sandra's Bewildering Incursion (57)
Does a medium amount of mental damage to the target encounter and interrupts them.
Alin's Keening Lamentation (15)
Alin's Melodic Refrain (29)
Alin's Coruscating Concord (43)
Alin's Incandescent Concord (57)
Does a moderate amount of mental damage to the target.
Shrill (3)
Piercing Shrill (12)
Dissenting Cantata (26)
Exquisite Shrill (40)
Flawless Shrill (54)
Perfect Shrill   (68)
Two quick attacks that deal mental damage. If one of these attacks misses, the successive ones will miss automatically
Sparkling Blade (11)
Fulgent Blade (25)
Elegant Blade (39)
Courtly Blade (53)
Noble Blade   (67)
A short range spell that inflicts mental damage on a single target with a fast reuse.
Eli's Thunderous Hymn (26)
Eli's Thunderous Anthem (40)
Eli's Thunderous Chorus (54)
Eli's Thunderous Drumming   (68)
An attack made from the side that deals moderate damage and pwer damage.
Brilliant Blade (5)
Taffo's Brilliant Blade (19)
Walt's Thirsting Thrust (33)
Taffo's Dazzling Ditty (47)
Dancing Blade   (61)
A stealth attack that deals great damage and decreases target's intelligence.
Night Blade (2)
Luckblade (21)
Clara's Midnight Cadence (35)
Startling Shriek (49)
Clara's Midnight Tempo   (63)


Allows the bard to move undetected at an increased movement rate.
Shroud (1)
Briefly stuns the target on a successful hit.
Cheap Shot (4)
Allows you to determine a path to any nearby monster or character.
Tracking (1)
Interrupts target encounter in the area surrounding the target of the spell and blurs their vision for a short duration. This ability does not require any power or casting time. Upgrades of this spell are harder to resist.
Breathtaking Bellow (40)
Awesome Bellow (54)
Mesmerizes the target and removes them from being affected by area effect spells for a short duration. This effect breaks upon the target receiving any damage. Upgrades to this spell decrease the chance to resist the duration of this effect.
Lullaby (50)
Reverie   (70)
Allows the troubador to charm an opponent. Opponents charmed in this way can only be commanded to stop or follow the troubador. The opponent has a recurring chance to resist the charm throughout its duration. Higher ranks of this spell will decrease the chance at a periodic resist.
Bria's Entrancing Sonnet (21)
Bria's Charming Sonnet (34)
Bria's Rapturing Sonnet (48)
Bria's Infatuating Sonnet   (62)
Drains health from the target, returning a portion of the drained health as power to the troubador
Swindle Essence (28)
Purloin Essence (42)
Pilfer Essence (56)
Steal Essence   (70)
Two ranged attacks that deal mental damage. If one of these attacks misses, the successive ones will miss automatically. If every attack hits, the target becomes stifled for a short time. This requires a bow
Singing Shot (16)
Deafening Missile (30)
Guviena's Osmotic Ovation (44)
Guviena's Overpowering Ovation (58)

8.1 - Your U.I. Setup

Here’s a couple things I do, but figure out what’s comfortable for you. You’ll be amazed how much frustration is saved by taking a few moments to plan out your interface. Use at least two chat windows or tabs, one for combat and reward text and the other for chat. You can filter the messages you’re receiving by right clicking and choosing “Chat Options.” I put all player text, wornoff spell, and reward messages in one, and all other text in the other.

I would shy away from putting /yell or “Call for Help” in any hotbar, especially not in the primary one (primary uses keys 1-9). In a panic, stop melee, turn and hit numlock to autorun, then its easy to type /yell to break the encounter. Calling for help in a legitimate fight (especially on a quest mob) is a good way to build aggro on the part of your groupmates!

I use one hotbar for each type of ability. 

  • Primary- Combat abilities, useful because each ability corresponds to "1"
    through"=" keys.  As spells go obsolete, replace them with
    spells of a similar type to keep a rhythm.
  • Secondary - Self-buffs and group buffs, with the longer-duration /
    non-combat ones off to the right side.
  • Tertiary - Useful spells which are not used that often, e.g. Call of the

Check out target="_new"> for some nice ways to customize your
interface.  The Thor UI mod is a current favorite of mine- any mod
which grants mini-hotbar buttons is a must, especially if you're playing on a
lower resolution.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Credits / The Basics
Chapter 2 - Quests

Chapter 3 - Songs, Spells, and Abilities (Spell List)

Chapter 4 - Methods and Techniques

Chapter 5 - Weapons Configurations (1H vs. DW)

Chapter 6 - Where to Hunt (Solo)

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