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4.0 - Equipment

The shaman can initially wear cloth, leather and shields. Later on, the shaman can learn to use mail armor(level 40). Weapon choices include the staff, one handed mace, and fist weapons. Axes and daggers can be learned at a weapon trainer, and a talent point can be used to learn two handed axes and two handed maces.

Should I use a shield or a two handed weapon?

This depends on your playstyle. A two handed weapon will allow you to deal more melee damage, but you'll have less defense. If you want to maximize your staying power, use a shield.

4.1 - Introduction to Shaman Armor

The following section will give you a detailed overview of what you need to know when it comes to the area of armor selection for your character.

Armor Types - Mail and Mail

Selecting the right armor for your Shaman depends heavily on how you are playing your Shaman. Is he a healer, DPS or caster? What stats do you need most on him at the time? Based on this you have to select the armor that gives those stats. Some people aim for high strength and stamina while others aim for intellect and spirit and still others for intellect and stamina. It's all in how you play the class.

4.2 - Early Level Shamans

One of the key factors you need to consider is how you are you going to play your class as outlined above.

In general the three types of armor early on that you will be looking for are of the Eagle, Owl and Bear. Listed below are a sample of the 3 different types of armor. Each one has stats that will benifit your Shaman depending on their role.

Item Name Armor Type Armor Value Effects
Adventurer's Tunic of the Eagle Mail 165 Armor
  • +18-19 Intellect
  • +18-19 Stamina
  • Adventurer's Tunic of the Owl Mail 165 Armor
  • +18-19 Intellect
  • +18-19 Sprit
  • Adventurer's Tunic of the Bear Mail 165 Armor
  • +18-19 Stamina
  • +18-19 Strength
  • 4.3 - High end armor sets

    There are a total of 5 different high-end armor sets specific to the Shaman Class. Each of the 3 sets have there added bonuses. Here are the 4 sets you want to look for:

    The Elements - Tier 0

    Out of the 4 high end armor sets, the Elements set is the easiest to obtain. All of these set pieces can be found in Scholomance, Stratholme, Upper Blackrock spire and Lower Blackrock spire. This armor is meant for a healing or casting shaman as most of the bonuses are to spells, Intellect and spirit. Click here to see "The Elements " equipment set, including drop info!

    The Five Thunders Armor set - Tier 0.5

    This is the next major set a Shaman can get, it is called the The Five Thunders set. The set is obtained by upgrading the Elements set pieces through quests. It is generally refered to as the tier 0.5 set. You can find our complete guide to the quests to get this set here: TenTonHammer's Guide to Tier 0.5 Armor Sets.

    Click here to see "The Five Thunders " equipment set, including drop info!

    The Earthfury - Tier 1

    This armor set is the Shaman Tier 1 Epic armor set. This armor is only for Shamans and is much harder to obtain then the Elements Set as it only drops in Molten Core. The item and set bonuses favor Shamans who spent their time helping the group. The bonuses are aimed at healing, totems and casting. Click here to see "The Earthfury " equipment set, including drop info!

    The Ten Storms - Tier 2

    This armor set is the Shaman Tier 2 Epic armor set. This armor is only for Shamans and is much harder to obtain then the Tier 1 Epic Set. The pieces for this set drop from Ragnaros, Onyxia and bosses in Blackwing Lair. The item and set bonuses favor Shamans who spent their time healing and casting. Click here to see "The Ten Storms" equipment set, including drop info!

    The Earthshatterer - Tier 3

    This armor set is the Shaman Tier 3 Epic armor set. Earthshatter armor is superior to all other equipment sets when it comes to group support, healing, and taking damage.

    Click here to see "Earthshatterer" equipment set, including drop info!

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