Chapter 5 - 1hb vs 2hb debate

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Credits / The Basics
Chapter 2 - Quests

Chapter 3 - Songs, Spells, and Abilities (Spell List)

Chapter 4 - Methods and Techniques

Chapter 5 - Weapons Configurations (1H vs. DW)

Chapter 6 - Where to Hunt (Solo)

5.0 - Weapons

Whichever you choose, keep in mind that some
weapon types are best suited to certain enemy types. For example, hammers
are great for skeletons, but piercing weapons are pretty lousy (these are best
suited to heavily armored enemies, which is the nemesis of hammers).
Slashing seems to be a good middle-of-the-road option, doing average damage on
all enemy

Dual Wield

Dual wield unquestionably gives you more
hits per second than any other primary / secondary configuration. Most scouts take advantage
of the dual wield ability as soon as they can afford
a Tin Dagger on the Isle of Refuge. The major benefit: more raw damage per second.
The animations are spectacular, too.

One-Handed Weapon +
Some Troubs are more than happy with these
loadouts and use them full time. The Qeynos Troubador quest reward is
an attuneable 1HS, so you might like to explore the option when you get it,
goodie Troubs! The major benefit: the combat abilities you use (meaning
"spells" that involve the use of your weapon, think the "Quick Stike" line) hit
for a little more damage, and the delay timer counts for combat abilities seems
to count for part of your melee delay (thereby minimizing the effect of weapon
delay if you're using combat abilities heavily).

Your shield should be the Round (medium) shield to provide
the most AC, unless a buckler (small shield) has stats to justify the AC
loss. A good reason to carry shields- the ability to shield-bash doesn't
apply to us, we don't get the ability ever. Nor do we ever get the ability
to carry symbols or 2-handed weapons.

Which to
At least in the early stages of the game, it depends
heavily on what's available to you. A nifty dropped 1HS plus a decent
shield will beat two storebought DW weapons any day, and vice-versa. As
you progress and have more options (and especially money), you'll have to
decide on which meets your needs best for the upcoming fight. Note:
depending on your playstyle you might opt to take both loadouts into the field
with you, don't feel "locked in" to one mindset..

Several threads on the
EQ2Players forums go heavily into the mathematics of the question (among these
is Syrano's excellent post here,
as well as Bynari's math- intensive thread here).
The evidence seems to be that, all things being equal, 1H provides slightly
better DPS in a typical fight if you're making maximal use of combat
abilities. And, if you're on the receiving end of the mobs' damage, the
shield your carrying helps absorb the blows. In unstylized combat (no or
few combat abilities) DW is still the choice for maximum DPS.

When grouped (and
much of the time I'm grouped), I use fewer combat abilities than solo, simply
because 90% of the time I'm not pulling (therefore the "Ambush" line of spells
cannot be used without taking up valuable melee time). There seems to be
no difference in drawing hate between 1H or DW. Therefore,
(personally) I'm still liking DW. I don't push CAs to the max all the
time, troubs aren't as well kitted-out for CAs as other scout classes too.
DW is nice steady, reliable damage so I can concentrate on my non-CA
spells. Just my thoughts though.

[Thanks to Jarkun for his
comments on weapons configurations


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