Chapter 6 - Armor

Table of Contents:
1 - Credits / The Basics

2 - Quests

3 - A Scout's HO Primer
Chapter 4
- Upgrading Your Spells
5 - Weapons
(under construction)
Chapter 6
- Armor
(under construction)
Chapter 7
- Songs, Spells, and Abilities (Spell List)

8 - Methods and Techniques

9 - Weapons Configurations (1H vs. DW)

10 - Where to Hunt

6.0 - Armor

Until level 20, you're
stuck with Light Armor (you have the ability to wear "Very Light", but to
maximize your survivability (through greater AC) you should always choose
"Light" unless the stats of "Very Light" make it the clear

6.1 - Lvl 10-19 Armor

If you haven't gone
overboard on decorating your room or buying expensive food/drink (the most basic
storebought was fine for me up until about lvl 25 or so), you should probably
have enough silver to buy Woven Cordovan to supplement your hallmark quest armor
around lvl 12. I highly recommend not buying much else in the way of armor
until you get the Medium Armor ability at lvl 20, though doing quests and
getting drops is always good.

6.2 - Post-20 Armor

At level 20 I bought a set of medium armor from a
vendor. You probably don't want to buy from the player market at this
point (unless of course you find a bargain!); there's a very worthwhile
set of armor quests (AQ) you can begin at lvl 20. Details of the
Ian's Forgotten Family quests are given in Chapter
2 - Quests

Have armor & jewelry worth noting
here? Let me
or post
in the TTH Troubador forums!

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