Chicken Survival Guide Part 2:

Revenge of the Chicks style="font-style: italic;">

By Darkgolem

The “Chicken Quests” are an odd and interesting
selection of
quests found in href="">Waymeet,
which involve you turning into a chicken and doing
various tasks to help the chickens of Sandson’s farm. 
The final of the chicken quests climaxes with you traveling
across the entirety of the Eriador, risking being devoured, looking for
aid in
protecting the chicken coops of Sandson’s Farm. 

If you complete this entire chain of quests, you
gain a
special, indestructible cloak, called the Cloak of the Cluck,
emblazoned with
the Sandson crest (a chicken and some eggs). 
The cloak has a special ability, when you click it you cluck
like a
chicken for a moment.  If you have
reached the “Flying the Coop” part of the chicken quests, and you are
interested in this useless but amusing cloak, or the zany thought of
all over creation as a chicken, then you should stop at this point and
something else to do, because these quests take a lot of time, and a
lot of
patience.  I am not saying they are bad,
but you do not gain anything aside from entertainment and the cloak for
this series.

href=""> alt="Chicken Hero"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 174px;" align="right">
first few of the chicken quests are not particularly
difficult, and you will have familiarized yourself with these using the
Survival Guide Part 1 and the href="">Beginners
Guide to Chicken Clucking.

After you complete the quests so far described,
you will
have done “Flying the Coop – The Shire”, where upon you spoken to a
fox, Farmer
Maggot’s dogs, and Sally the pig, looking for allies against the threat

Flying the Coop Tips

The quests that follow these are exactly like
“Flying the
Coop – The Shire” except that you are traveling in more and more
portions of Eriador.  Remember to be
patient when traveling.  In areas such
as the Lone-Lands, the Midgewater Marshes, or the Trollshaws, you will
occasionally to plan your routes, wait for some of your abilities to
or watch for a monster to patrol away from your path before continuing. style="">  You don’t want to lose 45 minutes or more
because you died while traveling.

Also, don’t hesitate to use your speed boost while
on roads.  I constantly have my chicken
speed boost activated when traveling, the exception being in places
where the
roads are not safe, such as the Lone-Lands.

Keep your camera zoomed all the way back, behind
and above
you, so you have the widest angle of vision for your surroundings. style="">  Remember that your bob and weave button can
be activated while running, but your possum impersonation ability
requires you
to be stationary, so you will need to be stopped before you activate it.

Finally, remember that if you die, you don’t go to
nearest spawn point, instead, you die and have to start all over, so
you need
to be more cautious.  Your almost
certainly going to have to repeat a quest or two a few times, but if
you are
careful, you can avoid this from being too frustrating.

A reminder; to tell your location on a map, type
;loc, and
remember that north causes your location n/s coordinate to go lower,
and traveling
east causes your e/w coordinate to go lower. style="font-weight: bold;">

href=""> alt="Bree Land Map"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 200px;" align="middle">Flying
the Coop – Bree-Land

This quest requires a lot of travel to different
parts of
Bree-Land. You must speak to the following creatures, in any order, to
complete this quest:

  • A horse at Hengstacer Farm
  • A grey squirrel at Nen Harn
  • Sniken, a Neekerbreeker in the
    Midgewater Marshes
  • The Cow, in Buckland
  • Wink the Cat, in Bree-Town

Running from the Shire, I suggest you talk to the
animals in
the following order:  the cow, Wink,
Sniken, the horse and the grey squirrel. 
This involves the least amount of movement through dangerous

from the Shire, after crossing the Brandywine, enter
Buckland and find the cow on the roof of a house at 31.9S, 62.4 W.

back to the main road, travel east to Bree-Town, and find
Wink in a house on the Scholar’s Walk at 30.2S, 52.1W. 
It is in
a house, so you will need to look for a door which can be opened.

Sniken is found near Goblinhole ruins in the Midgewater
Marshes.  This is actually one of the
hardest parts of all the Flying the Coop quests, because there is no
safe path
to Sniken.  Keep a ready hand on your
possum imitation button, and don’t be impatient running to or from
Sniken, at
32.5S, 43.5W.

Hengstacer Farm is found next to the Eastern
Bree-Fields.  Simply travel north on the
Greenway, and find the horse at 22.3S, 52.1W. 
This farm is located at the horse picture on the map, not the
travel horse head icon.

final creature, the grey squirrel, is located at Nen
Harn, far to the east of the Horsefields. 
Travel carefully to Nen Harn, and be patient, conserving your
boost and possum imitation abilities for when you need it. 
Once you have arrived at Nen Harn, go into
the water, and look for an island at 21.6S, 42.6W. 
The island is inhabited by enemies, so approach the squirrel
the shore side.   You will find
(amusingly) that the squirrel is a megalomaniac.

quest takes about one hour if you know the area.

href=""> alt="Ered Luin Map"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 200px;" align="left">Flying
the Coop – Ered Luin

This one is very easy. 
You only need speak to one creature, a Lynx Mother in Haudh Lin. style=""> 

Once you have become a chicken, travel west along
the road
through Needlehole to Ered Luin.  You
will arrive at the Duillond after a bit traveling along the road. style="">  The road at Duillond forks, north or
south.  Head north, and you will enter
Haudh Lin (a pine forest area).  Again
the road forks, you should take the north fork. 

this point you should be near 21.6S, 94.2W.  A
short distance after this last north fork,
you will see a left turn leading up to a lit hunting lodge. style="">  The Lynx Mother you are looking for with
this quest is found here, at 21.6S, 94.2W. 
Once you speak to the Lynx Mother, you will have finished your

quest takes about 10 minutes

href=""> alt="Lone-Lands"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 200px;" align="left">
Flying the coop – The Lone-Lands

This is a little more dangerous than some of the
quests, though not the most dangerous. 
You must speak to the wizard Radaghast the Brown, who is found
at Ost
Guruth.  The only danger here is in the
Lone-Lands, where sometimes creatures are close enough to the road to
see you
even if you are staying on the road. 
Having a wide, zoomed-back camera view, being willing to leave
the road
for short stretches to avoid enemies on the other edge of the road, and
your speed boost and possum impersonation buttons recharged are key for

Travel through the Shire, east to Bree-Town, south out the
south gate of Bree-Town, and follow the road east to the Lone-Lands. style="">  Continue on the road, and be cautious at
this point.  Eventually you will see Ost
Guruth on the eastern side of the Lone-Lands, north of the road. style="">  Radaghast is found in a tower at 31.0S,
29.5W, again you will have to click on a door to enter it.

have an hour to complete this quest, it takes about 30

href=""> alt="North Downs"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 200px;" align="left">
Flying the Coop – North Down

The North Downs is a very dangerous area for a
chicken, much
like the Lone-Lands.  The road is
generally safe, though you should still keep your eyes open. style="">  Your goal is to speak to an auroch yearling
located here.

First, travel east along the road from Sandson’s farm,
through the Shire and Bree-Land until you reach the Greenway crossroads
front of Bree-Town.  At this point, turn
north and follow the road again to the North Downs. 
Make sure to go along the road, don’t stumble into the orc camps
near the entrance to the North Downs.

Once you have entered the North Downs, stay on the
passing through Trestlebridge, taking a fork at the “The” of “The
Greenway” on
the map (turning east).  Again follow
the road to Kingsfell, where you take a south turn. 
You will have traveled a fair amount of time at this point, but
if you stay on the road and keep your eyes open, you should be fine. style="">  Once you have taken the south turn, the
auroch yearling is found around the “G” of the work Kingsfell on the
specifically at 11.2S, 44.4W, on a steep hill west of the road. style="">  The road around here is barely visible, but
is much clearer on the minimap.  Be
careful after the south turn, there are many orcs and hostile spiders
the road.

This quest takes about 45 minutes.

href=""> alt="Evendim"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 200px;" align="left">
Flying the Coop – Evendim

Evendim is found to the north of the Shire. style="">  Your goal is to look for help from
Longbough, an ent found on the northeast side of Evendim, along the
shore of
the great lake here.  This quest is both
simple and hard.  Once you have traveled
to Evendim, try to cut over to the Brandywine river. 
Once you are on the Brandywine, you can simply travel along the
river (I suggest keeping your possum impersonation button in reserve,
running along the shore instead of swimming), all the way to the large
lake in
the Evendim.   There is a large
bridge with rapids underneath it between the Brandywine and the lake. style="">  Pay no attention to the rapids, you can pass
through them safely.   Even if you
see the lake on your map, it is there. 
Once you have reached the lake, aim for 6.1S, 72.0W and make
sure to
stay on the shore or in the water.

careful here. 
This is easy enough if you keep your camera zoomed back and eyes
for trouble, but this area has a lot of creatures that will kill you
with one
hit if they see you.

quest takes about an hour including slower water

href=""> alt="Trollshaws"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 200px;" align="left">Flying
the Coop – Trollshaws

You have two and a half hours to complete this
quest, but
you only really need about half of that time. 
You must speak to a Roheryn horse found in Rivendell. style="">  This is the most difficult of quests, but it
can be soloed.  I have
personally.  If you chose to, and have
someone willing to, you can be escorted, but remember that you cannot
communicate with others, so you will need to plan what you and your
escort will
do before you become a chicken.

are some specific things about the Trollshaws you
should know.  First, there are trolls
here, but only at night.  If you travel
during the day, you will not meet them. 
Second, I suggest not using your fast travel button here unless
you need
it to escape an attacker.  Your goal
should be survival, not speed.  Finally,
the truly dangerous area for a chicken in the Trollshaws (not that any
part is
safe) is after the Ford of Bruinen, where the quarters are close. style="">  More about the ford later.

travel here, travel just as you did to get to Ost Guruth
(with the same cautions about travel), but instead of turning north to
Guruth, continue east along the road until you pass the Last Bridge
into the
Trollshaws.  Follow the road east,
keeping an eye out and your finger ready to hit the “play dead” button. style="">  I personally prefer to use the bob and weave
button any time I see anything I think it is possible I will draw
from, using chicken speed and possum impersonation for emergencies.

you reach the Ford of Bruinen, you are entering the
only truly hard part of all the chicken quests.  Expect
to fail at least once here.

Traveling from here, you must zigzag up slopes, constantly
continuing up.  Watch your enemies, and see
if they patrol away.  If you can, hit
your bob and weave, run (with a wide berth) around a couple foes, and
then find
a spot without enemies, quickly using possum impersonation. style="">  Then wait for all your buttons to recharge
(watching for monster to patrol near) and repeat this. 

href=""> alt="Cloak of the Cluck"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 174px;" align="right">There
are lynxes here that are hidden hunters.  Use
your paranoia button to detect them from
father away, and remember you won’t see hidden enemies if you are using
boost.  Even if you are not familiar
with Rivendell (which is located in the north east portion of the map),
will know it’s general direction.. horseback riding adventurers will
travel from Rivendell's gates.

Once you are in Rivendell, you have succeeded.  Be
careful not to fall off a bridge, and
travel to 29.S, 6.6W, where you will find the Roheryn (who will
promptly say
“sorry can’t help you”, as expected).

Congratulations, you have passed all the Flying the Coop

Return to Wald

Return to Wald is the last quest, you get it from
George the
Chicken, if you have completed all the Flying the Coop quests. style="">  Simply talk to Wald, get some small change
and your personal Cloak of the Cluck. 
Now you can cluck like a chicken once every 5 minutes for a
second, plus
have an interesting, indestructible cloak to wear (not that I would in
adventure, mind you, it only has 2 armor).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016